تدمير وكر

Salmaa:  This Kurdish village close to my wife’s home town of Slinfeh was the scene of a nice victory by the SAA and militia.  All of you will be delighted to hear that Turkish and Pakistani degenerates were killed among an entire regiment of rodents.  This group belonged to the awfully monikered group called the “Hay’at Al-Iftaa'” (The Fatwa-Issuing Commission) (yawn).

“Abu Al-Islam” (PAKISTANI MOUSE DROPPING. Id pending) 
‘Umar Al-Shaami
‘Umar Al-Shaaweesh
Saaber Muflihi

Another 17 carcasses could not be positively

Rawdha:  A warehouse loaded with Bandar-supplied goodies was invaded by SAA infantry and destroyed.  All rodents were killed defending their stock:

‘Abdul-Rahmaan Al-Yusuf (PAKISTANI POOP PEDDLER)

The other 11 were confirmed Turks and Pakistanis.  I have no other names.


To the left is the degenerate, Muhammad Al-A’raj, (nom de guerre: Abu Hujaami Al-Bireetaani) from the U.K. who was reportedly killed and sent to a burning Hell in Idlib Province fighting for the Jabhat Al-Nusra.  He’s from Ladbrooke Grove, specifically Notting Hill, in West London.  He joined the Jabhat Al-Nusra but worked also with ISIS. The man in the middle is a Chechen named “Abu Al-Khattaab Al-Sheeshaani” and the man to the right is a goofball from Libya.  They are all probably dead.

See our map for locations mentioned in this post:

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Old City:  Police and security chased down 3 rats and killed 2 of them.  The 3rd is not ratting on his litter-mates:

Makram ‘Unaysi
‘Abdul-Mu’min Busha’ath

Bustaan Al-Qasr:  Firefight between militia and police on one side and some FSA remnants on the other.  The result was 5 dead rats.  I have no names.

North Al-Naqqaareen:  Fighting with Syrian army cleaning up after liberating this area:

Tayseer Mahmoud
‘Alaa’ Mukattib
Muhammad Ghaali

Al-Maslamiyya:  Fighting with no details.

Icarda Building:  SAA surrounded this structure at the Icarda area and the fighting continues.  No details.

Tallat Al-‘Aani:  North of Nayrab, fighting continues as SAA exploits advantage.  No details.

Al-Layramoon:  North Aleppo.  Soon to be deloused area, rats are fighting anarchically with most sounding foreign based on intercepts.  This could be a major push against Chechens and Daghestanis.  No details.

Central Prison:  Yawn.  They just won’t stop for reasons that seem more appropriate for the Twilight Zone.  SAA confirmed killing 6 J.N.  No names.

Al-Kindi Hospital in the same area as the prison:  Ditto.  No numbers though for carcasses.  If you have an interest, Abu Ishaq Al-Kindi was called the “Philosopher of the Arabs” (Faylasoof Al-‘Arab) because it was believed he was of pure Arabian stock and could actually understand Plato – a minor miracle at that time and even moreso today.  He contributed nothing to philosophy and is studied only by hacks.

Dhahrat Al-Shurfa:  Fighting. A flatbed with the usual Bandar-Blunderbuss on the back was destroyed and all 4 rodents were killed.  None could be identified after their bodies were incinerated.

‘Anadaan:  Intimations of an impending attack by SAA.  No details about fighting other than some vans trying to resupply rodents were destroyed.

Huraytaan:  Fighting with no details.

Kafr Daa’el:  Ditto.

Kafr Hamra:  Ditto.

Dayr Jamaal Junction:  Ditto.

Kafr Naasseh:  North of Aleppo.  Fighting with SAAF strafing rats belonging to ISIS.

Castillo Road:  Fighting with SAA laying an ambush for moving snakes.  No details.


Al-Ghaassibiyya:  An attempted infiltration by remnant rodents from this town to Al-Duwayr Village met with abject failure.  According to Wael, all 12 members of a rat pack were sent scurrying to Satan’s Hospice in Hell.  No names available.

Al-Rastan Lake:  Another navigational SNAFU as rats found themselves discovered under flares with NDF 23mm machine gun cannons (captured from rats, of course) blazing at them.  Well, the story will not require any nods to Melville or Horatio Hornblower.  3 boats loaded with guns and ammo were sunk pell-mell in the water making Lake Al-Rastan one of the world’s most heavily weaponized bodies of water.  The NDF enjoyed spraying the flailing plague-carrying rodents as they tried to swim to another shore, essentially turning the event into some Coney Island shooting gallery.  No carcasses have been named.

A scene during the battle in Lake Al-Rastan.

Al-Rastan:  A few rats were caught trying to relocate weapons to the Al-Hoola without much success.  They were all killed:

Al-Wa’er:  These rodents refused to surrender:

‘Umar Suwayd
‘Abdul-Qaader Al-Saaroot
‘Abdul-Ghaffaar Sharafeddeen

Another 7 surrendered after watching the above-mentioned.

Maheen:  All arsenal now secure.  Rat weapons were found and seized by SAA.  Given to NDF.  Amazingly, a truck with over 5 tons of TNT and C-4 was found and all wiring neutralized.  It was to be detonated by remote control.  Luckily, sappers got to it on time.

Daar Al-Kabeera:  Fighting with no details.

Al-Ghantu:  Ditto.

Al-‘Aamiriyya:  Ditto.

Talbeesa Town:  A bulldozer used to build ramparts in the area of Umm ‘Anz was caught in the act and 4 rodents were killed.  Another 5 surrendered after realizing they had no place to run.

Between ‘Izzeddeen and Humays:  Heavy fighting going on.  No names, yet.

Al-Qunaytaraat:  No details.

An attempted infiltration into Homs from Lebanon at the pathways in Al-Hiswaani, Al-Mathooma and Al-Qaa’ was a failure.  SAA and border police shot and killed over 7 rats with the others escaping back into Lebanon.  

Al-Zaara Orchards:  SAA destroyed a nest of FSA degenerates:

Zaaher Hamad
Talaal Bushnaaq
Bahaa’ Ahmad

Another 10 could not be identified.

Al-Khaalidiyya:  Fighting with remnant rodents.  No details.

Kafr Laahaa:  In Al-Hoolaa.  Several nests of vipers were destroyed. Heavy SAA artillery fire killed 11 rats as a huge warehouse exploded with ordnance.

p7bnwj7g copy

Keeseen Lake:  An attempt to resupply rats with ammo and food failed in the Al-Hoolaa.  17 confirmed rat deaths.

Jabal Al-Shaa’er:  SAA has surrounded a platoon of skunks and there are negotiations to surrender. No details as yet.

Tal Dhahab:  In Al-Hoolaa.  Several nests were invaded and destroyed.  No names.

Baab Hood in the City:  SAA and police killed 22 rodents in a building near the Mustafaa Baashaa Mosque and the Islamic Charity (Awqaaf) Building.   
‘Aaref Dunyaa
Mahmoud Abu-Sirr
Majdeddeen Kan’aan
Jawaad Muhammad
Saari Al-Muhammad
‘Ali Tarhanju
‘Abdul-Rahmaan Al-Qamhi

The remainder were foreigners carrying no documents.

Jawrat Al-Shiyyaah:  At the branch of the National Savings Bank, fighting with no details.

Al-‘Aamiriyya area of Al-Mushrifa in the Eastern Homs area:  SAA has confirmed killing 8 rodents with over 30 having surrendered.

Talbeesa:  An attempted infiltration to the “Garage Checkpoint”  resulted in 10 rodent deaths and 31 arrests.


Ghadeer Al-Bustaan:  NOW COMPLETELY DELOUSED AND LIBERATED.  It can be found in the area of Al-Heeraan.  Over 50 rats were killed here both the day before and yesterday.  Major victory.

Sufooh Tal Al-Jumoo’:  15 confirmed rat deaths in an ambush slyly laid by the SAA on the road between Nawaa and Taseel.  No names.

Shaykh Miskeen:  (var: Shmiskeen)

Muhammad ‘Eid Ghazzaawi
‘Ammaar Muhammad ‘Awadh
‘Ammaar Shihaab Mubaarak

‘Itmaan:  2 warehouses filled with weapons and ammo, a flatbed with a m.g. and 4 snipers all went down the lonely trail of bad intentions.  No names.

Al-Mayaadhen:  Fighting with no details.

Dam Road near the National Hospital:  

Suhayb Muhammad
Nawaaf Al-Masaalima
Muhammad ‘Abdul-Hakeem
Muhammad Qur’aan  قرعان

Inkhil:  An attack on an SAA outpost east of Inkhil resulted in nothing but rat deaths:

Ramzi ‘Abdul-Samad
Mahmoud Faadhel Ghaziyya
‘Umraan ‘Ali Jawdat

Naaziheen Refugee Camp area:  A group calling itself the “Battalion of the Yarmouk(yawn) took it on the chin:

Ahmad Sulaymaan Al-Kurdi
Mudhar Al-Hindaawi
Khaaled Abu Turki  (How appropriate for Thanksgiving)

Der’ah City:  The SAAshot 2 Jihadists trying to escape capture.  1 was killed:

Ahmad Faakhoori (dead as a doornail)
Bilaal Faysal (serious condition and, hopefully, getting worse)

Qaaraa after its liberation from the stink and disease of Wahhabism


Interesting view of Abu Umar Al-Shishaani from a propaganda rag:

Jo6pac sends this Pepe Escobar article that mirrors what we have been saying about the Beirut blast:  It stinks of Saudi apes:


Thanks, Anonymous.

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