I am sorry I did not publish this post yesterday. A problem at the office took up my time and I misfired. Ziad
‘Uqaab Saqr, seated in the picture, is the son of a real strumpet and a cuckold father.  I mean that.  It’s true. His antics have led to a life in exile and a contract on his miserable head.  He will not live a natural life. 

Bearing a startling resemblance to Dr. Josef Mengele, Idris looks like a man about to take a fast freighter to the South Seas.  He won’t get any farther than Cyprus.  He too will not live a natural life. 

In a publicly announced communique, the FSA or the Fake Syrian Army or the Fraudulent Syrian Army or the Foreign Supplied Army has announced that it is demanding the arrest and trial of the following culprits:
Saqr Saqr, Lebanese P.M., renowned arms merchant and boy-toy for Saudi male perverts, Saleem Idrees, Commander in Chief of Nothing, former hygiene instructor at Aleppo Military Academy and Commander of the Unfaithful and Louay Miqdaad, the chief hot air merchant of the FSA, espouser of fiction and drug dealer.
The communique condemned Saqr for selling weapons to Al-Qaeda and the Syrian Army!  They condemned Idrees for his role in the massacres in Latakia now documented (finally) by HRW.  They also condemned Miqdaad for his concealing the massacres.  Well, what will Kerry do now with all this infighting?
SyrPer has been reassured that the FSA commanders (assuming there are any left after Al-Rawdha) are negotiating a return to the SAA or some other role in fighting the Saudi-funded troglodytes now flooding Syria.  This is very bad for Mr. Kerry coming on the heels of last week’s similar condemnation from FSA rodents in the South denouncing the SNC.  Let’s see how this plays out.  

مقتل عشرات المرتزقة العرب قتلى وجرحى في عملية نوعية لقواتنا المسلحة بريف اللاذقيةAAA

Al-Kabeer Village in Northern Latakia on the border with Turkey.  ISIS, now bigger than J.N. and FSA combined, got its wind knocked out when SAA and militia surrounded an infiltrating pack of filthy rats and killed them all except for one unlucky vermin:
“Abu Muslim Al-Tayyib” (TUNISIAN APE PUS)
”Abu Khamees” (EGYPTIAN SEWER ROACH.  Id pending)
“Abu Ahmad Al-Anbaari” (IRAQI DRIED COW MERD. Id pending)
Wajeeh Mustafaa
‘Ali Zahreddeen
Subhi Al-‘Imaadi
‘Abdullah Al-Za’nooni
‘Mudhar Waseela
‘Izzaat Jum’ah
Khudhr Mahfouzh
‘Ibaada Al-Saraaqibi 
Another 17 carcasses remain unidentified.  The captured rodent pointed out a warehouse near the village where weapons were being stashed.  The SAA found 3 mortars, a 23mm machine gun cannon, grenades and more of Bandar’s calling cards: CAPTAGON.
Al-Furulluq Protected Area:  SAA deloused the eastern side of this beautiful town killing 19 lice:
Mahmoud Al-Faares
Ahmad Da’aas
Raamez ‘Abdul-Sattaar
‘Abed Al-Mahmoud
Muhammad ‘Umraan
11 had no papers or carried false identification.
Zaahi:  Northern Latakia.  Seemingly confused scavengers from the J.N. were fired upon by NDF who detected their unusual route.  SAA quickly came in to assist and these were found incinerated in 4 vans:
Turkaawi Al-Jamaa’aat (LIBYAN TOAD WART)
Munqidh Al-‘Ajeeb
Fayssal Wahbi
‘Awni Qaarooni
‘Abdul-Haafizh Abrashli
Muhammad Khaytu
Ahmad Al-Hassan  
Another 3 could not be identified.
Al-Soodaa:  SAA confirmed these dead hyenas:
Darweesh Abu Hatab (JORDANIAN CUSPIDOR.  His name means “the one who has wood for burning”. I’m sure that’s going to come in handy for where he’s going.)


Yasser al-Aboud, FSA commander
We were the first to report the death of this grub, Yasser Al-‘Abood, leader of the Faaloojaa-Hawraan Brigades, in Tafass to the east.  Here he is in all his glory. 

More names have come in from Tafass where the estimated number of trapped rats exceeds 2,400 according to Wael.  Here are more names of rats:

Ma’moon Jazraawi
‘Abdul-Nabi Farhaan
Usaamaa Humaydaan
Najeeb Muhammad
Fu’aad Sakaakeeni
Khaaled Muyassar
Muhammad Bajbooj
Raateb Saalihiyya
‘Ali Kabbaaru
Mu’een Al-Ahmadi
Mahmoud Muzher
‘Adnaan ‘Abdul-Rahmaan
Yusuf Abu-Manna
‘Umar Bayadilli
Zayn-Al-‘Aabideen Al-Simsaar
Muslim Samaawi
Hussayn Ibraaheem
Ja’afar Kawshook (Rubbery type. No elasticity though. He’s staying in Hell)
“Abu Zubayda” (Id pending)

I will be given more names as they come in.  Right now, there are over 189 carcasses which have been determined to be undocumented.  Some have been recognized as deserters.  This battle is the end for Bandar the Ape.


بعد القضاء على الإرهابيين فيها.. إعادة الأمن الاستقرار إلى قرية الحدث بريف حمص
MINISTRY OF DEFENSE ANNOUNCED YESTERDAY THAT THE TOWN OF AL-HADATH WAS COMPLETELY DELOUSED.  An entire nest of skunks was obliterated in a stunning attack by SAA.  All rat nests destroyed and IEDs dismantled. 

Sadad Village:  All snakes killed in this attack by SAA on nest:

Ahmad ‘Abdul-Kareem
Muraad Kababji
Hassan Al-Hussayn
Muhammad Al-Danaaneeri
‘Ammaar Sidqi
Mustafaa Al-Dhaqin

Another 4 could not be identified.

City:  Attempted infiltration from Al-Waleed Complex to the City Center failed.  Wael reports 4 dead rats.

Jawrat Al-Shiyyaah:  An attack on the National Hospital was disastrous with 10 rat carcasses collected and 3 surrendering.

Al-Wa’er:  Near Exhibition City and the March 8 Swimming Club, SAA killed 2 rats and took 5 prisoner.

Al-Qusoor:  Fighting with no details.

Al-Qaraabees:  Ditto.

Al-Daar Al-Kabeera:  6 cockroaches stamped out with no names.  All foreign.

Al-Mushrifa:  No details about a soon-to-be-deloused town.

Taldu:  Rat attack on the hospital in town results in 18 confirmed rat deaths.  6 are Saudis.

Al-Khaalidiyya and Keeseen saw some skirmishing yesterday.  No details.

Al-Zaara near Tal Kalakh, an attack on 2 military checkpoints foiled. All 25 rodents killed. No prisoners:

Riyaadh Al-Hassan
Iyaad Halabi
‘Abduh Al-Muraabit
Ma’roof Kurd

No other names came in.

Palmyra (Tadmur):  2 packs of rats wiped out by SAA at Abu Rajamayn Mountains. Weapons seized and no survivors.  Also, no details.


Several infiltration attempts into Bustaan Al-Baashaa, Salaahuddeen and Al-Suwayqa in the Old City met with failure.  No details about rat carcasses.

Al-Jandool – Castillo Junction:  In a superior operation, SAA layed an ambush for 3 trucks bristling with weapons in the Free Trade Zone were lit afire on the Maslamiyya Road.  Launchers, rockets and missiles lit the night sky for miles.  All rodents were incinerated.  Wael says the count was 8.  No details.

Fighting in Al-Judayda, Kuwayris, Al-Sufayra and Rasm Al-Abood with no details.

Al-Nayrab– To the north, east of the airbase, SAA killed 7 terrorist mercenary rats.

Tal Dhanna: Mortars and launchers were part of the terrorist disaster at this town.  Wael says night spotters counted 17 downed rodents. 

Judayda: Fighting with no details.

Tal Haassel and Tal-‘Arn Junction south of Aleppo City, 28 foreign mercenaries were shot down like flies.  MI investigating.

Central Prison:  Oh yawn.  ISIS attempts a new attack and loses weapons in the process.  No details.

Thermal Station:  East of the City, 8 hyenas bite the dust.

Imaad Al-Rahhaal
Muhammad Al-Shuwayti

No other names came in.


Saraaqeb:  Huge operation to dislodge remaining rats in this city is underway.  News blackout.


Hutaytat Al-Turkmaan in the East Ghouta:  Huge advance by SAA against J.N. and FSA rodents. 

‘Afeef Raslaan
Usaamaa Al-Najjaar
Sa’adi Mahboob
Muhammad Al-Imaam
Salaahuddeen Al-Hakeem
Ibraaheem Faraj

Another 13 could not be identified so far.

Ma’loolaa:  All rats in a pack were exterminated:

Shaaker Diyaab
Ihsaan Al-Mahmoud
Ghayth Dargham

The rest were not identified.

Doumaa:  A uniquely well-planned operation against 2 nests of vermin landed a total of 13 rodents:

Muhammad Saadeq
Nawras Al-Taweel

No other names available.

Harastaa:  At the Shammoot Checkpoint:

Mahmoud Hamza
Khaleel Al-Tabarjaawi
‘Abdul-Hameed Jallool

Al-Mulayha at the Tamiko Pharmaceutical Co.:

Ahmad Seessaan

Jawbar at the Central Corniche:  5 confirmed killed.

Barza: Don’t believe the SOHR nonsense about this area.  It is about to be cleaned out.  A nest with 12 rodents was annihilated yesterday.  A van with weapons was seized and given to NDF.

Al-Mulayha Farms:  2 grubs wiped out:

Hammaam Taahaa
Muhammad Al-Jamaal

Laugh yourselves silly over the Grand Pimp of Raqqa’s refusal to attend Geneva 2 if Dr. Assad remains in power.  Oh! My gosh!  What will we do now without our most laureled procurer?
Read this perceptive article about the need to destroy Syria.  But, Syria will destroy its enemies. Just you watch:

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Level 0 - Anonymous

I would thing that tub of vermin lard idriss resembles hardy, from the laurel & hardy duo, rather than mengele….but then given the ill repute, your parallel is probably more befitting.



Ziad Fadel
Level 0 - Anonymous

Yeah. I like Laurel and Hardy. But I see what you are getting at, too. Ziad

Level 0 - Anonymous
Dear ziad, I would like to thank you for your posts, I find them to be very informative as well as encouraging. I would also like to wish you well and wish our great Syria all the best. All that has befallen Syria is due to it’s patriotic stance and refusal to bow down to Zionist imperialism as so many other arabs have done. Dr. Bashar Al Assad, has proven to be, at least to me, the leader of the arab world. I place all my hope on him and on the SAA and the bravest arab people, the people… Read more »
Ziad Fadel
Level 0 - Anonymous

With the help of our beloved Egypt. Don’t forget Hafez Ibrahim’s immortal qasida about Syria and Egypt. We wish all Egyptians a great victory over the backwardness of the M.B. Your friend, Ziad

Level 0 - Anonymous
Syrian army siege east of capital tightens as food, supplies dwindle By Erika Solomon BEIRUT, Oct 23 (Reuters) – Syria’s army has sealed the few remaining smuggling routes into the besieged eastern suburbs of Damascus, activists and aid workers said on Wednesday, tightening a chokehold on rebel-held areas near the capital. Activists inside the Eastern Ghouta region, a semicircle of rural towns outside Damascus, said no food or supplies had entered the region in days. They said the army began intensifying its blockade over a week ago. Residents worry that conditions will soon mirror those of people living in suburbs… Read more »
Level 0 - Anonymous
LOL.. So what you want? That the Syrian army now supply food to the Mercenaries who wants to destroy their country and kill them? Get LOST loser. with your JEW Propaganda. The Alqaeda Rebels take civilians hostages and do not allow them to leave ,so they used as human shields. IF any Cannibal Rebel Wants Food and want to live on a besieged town , All they need to do to get food is DROP DOWN THEIR WEAPONS AND SURRENDER TO THE SYRIAN ARMY.. The Syrian army promise they will get enough Food to live in JAIL. But to demand… Read more »
Level 0 - Anonymous

to the Angry Anonymous above,

perhaps you didnt understand that I actually support the Syrian army and that I congratulated them on this good offensive and their advances by saying: good show.

We are on the same team, dude!

Ziad Fadel
Level 0 - Anonymous

Thanks. And don’t forget that the word “activist” means “liar”, “propagandist” and “traitor”. Ziad

Level 0 - Anonymous
OFF-TOPIC America: The New Saudi Arabia?by F. William Engdahl “At a time when much of the world is looking with a mix of envy and excitement at the recent boom in USA unconventional gas from shale rock, when countries from China to Poland to France to the UK are beginning to launch their own ventures into unconventional shale gas extraction, hoping it is the cure for their energy woes, the US shale boom is revealing itself to have been a gigantic hyped confidence bubble that is already beginning to deflate. Carpe diem!” Read more on Interesting topic – FRACKING All… Read more »
Ziad Fadel
Level 0 - Anonymous

I have intelligent friends, like Tony the Greek, who thinks fracking is the cat’s meow. I hope he reads your article. Thanks, Ali. Ziad

sam j. haim
Level 0 - Anonymous
sam j. haim

Dear Mr. Ziad,

Greetings to u. There is a very large article on Syria on the front page of the New York Times that you may want to read if u have the time. Take care.


Ziad Fadel
Level 0 - Anonymous

Sam, I stopped reading the lies of the NYT over a year ago. I used to subscribe to it, more for the crossword puzzle than anything else. Today, I just can’t stomach it. But, I’ll give it a try because you recommend it. Ziad

Level 0 - Anonymous

The fighting between the various FSA quislings reminds me of an Atzmon article from a year or two ago about Jewish Israelis preying upon other Jewish Israelis, and how that society lives to step on the toes of their own, as well as those of everybody else. Unfortunately, I didn’t save a link to it, and don’t remember the title of it, or I would post it.

вот так

Ziad Fadel
Level 0 - Anonymous

It’s a form of cannibalism. Nothing knew to these rodents. Ziad