AL-NABAK:  East of Jarood, a major confrontation between Jabhat Al-Nusra and the SAA.  Syrian Air Force was called in after terrorists had foolishly fallen in on one another making an aerial attack very feasible. The effect was devastation.  Once the MiG29 had completed its task, the SAA and militia went in for the kill.  166 carcasses were counted with 81 prisoners taken in various states of health.  Of the 166 dead, only 37 were determined to be Syrian.  It appears that the campaign in the western mountains is moving apace:

Saleem Al-‘Atiyya
Mustafaa Hadeed
Muhammad Al-Meer
‘Umar Rajab
Ameer Al-A’war
‘Abdu Al-Wazzaan
Rabee’ Abu-Qijja
Sawmar Tarazi
Waleed Muhammad
Hassan Tajqaan
Ahmad Sawsak
‘Abdul-Fattaah Al-Shaykh-Hassan
Maaher Qandeel
Hussayn Al-Rifaa’iy
Haani Abu-Maajed
Khaaled Fahmi
‘Ammaar Al-Damm  (Another bloody mess he got us into)
Qaassem Baaydilli (?)
Jamaaleddeen Al-‘Arees
Muhammad Al-Sayyaad
Ma’moon Abu-Al-Haaj
‘Issaam Daranghil
Mustafaa Kayyaali
‘Aatef ‘Abdul-Haqq

The remaining Syrians have papers that are suspicious and Monzer has not provided their names until they are cleared. 
As I write to you,  reports are coming in describing the SAA closing its choke hold on Hujjayra and Al-Buwaydha south of Damscus.  No more details.

Al-Qaaboon:  This area is seeing a number of very sophisticated operations aiming to dislodge the last remnant of the Jabhat Al-Nusra terrorist organization.  Monzer reports that MI has intercepted numerous communications and that the rats here are all foreign.  He expects to see many Tunisian and Libyan names.

Al-Dhiyaabiyya:  Over 70 IEDs have been located and disassembled successfully by SAA engineers.  The IED’s, in various stages of development, had payloads between 5-100kgs.   


Al-Rushdiyya Quarter:  ISIS command-and-control center was destroyed along with its Tunisian ape leader:

“Abu ‘Ubayda Al-Tunisi” (TUNISIAN MONKEY EXCREMENT.  Id pending)
Hussayn ‘Ali Sha’abaan

No other names were provided for the remaining 13 cockroaches.


Tal-Abyadh:  The PYD (PKK) destroyed a car during a fierce battle with ISIS at Sawsak Al-Jaamiss Village.  A huge explosion followed and reports indicate more than 20 dead terrorist hyenas were involved.

Al-Suwaydiyya Village junction close to Tabaqa City (on the Euphrates), a nest of terrorist vermin was invaded rudely by the SAA and all inhabitants sent to the Ron Popeil Roaster Oven in Hell.  A rat leader was killed, but, no names are provided.


Thamaad west of Ra’s Al-‘Ayn:  Another huge explosion was heard at a Jabhat Al-Nusra base.  The numbers of terrorists killed exceed 100, according to Wael.  He says that the explosion took place after a SAAF fighter-bomber struck the base igniting a mother-lode of explosives.  The rats were asleep, evidently, and never knew what hit them.  Ambulances were seen hurriedly transporting carcasses to and fro, mostly to the infirmary at Hilaan Pinar, Turkey.  My humble opinion is that we dropped a 500lb TNT barrel-bomb on them or, maybe, another thermobaric tent bomb.

Qaamishli:  In the Jawaadiyya area east of Qaamishli, SAA devastates a concentration of ISIS rat terrorists.  No details available from any source.

Ra’s Al-‘Ayn: A mixed town of Assyrians, Kurds, Armenians and Circassians, this area is a scene of constant warfare.  The SAA, yesterday, struck a grouping of ISIS terrorists and killed them all.  No details.


Hameema to the north:  a warehouse stockpiled with explosives and light arms was invaded by security and all contents seized.  2 rodents were left to guard it. They were arrested.

Castillo Junction:  3 vans destroyed.  All rat passengers were killed in a massive conflagration.  The bodies could not be identified.

Al-Nayrab Airbase:  19 terrorist mercenary rodents, 4 of whom were actually Syrian, grabbed the red line subway for Fire Island:

Muheeb Sa’ad Al-Farhaan
Muhammad ‘Ali ‘Abdul-Lateef
Hussayn Wajeeh Al-Turk
Salmaan Mu’aadh Abu-Rushdi

East Huraytaan:  Big clash with no details.

Abu Jurayn:  Completely rat free now.  It is southeast of Al-Sufayra.  MoD announcement.

Salaahuddeen Quarter:  Attempted infiltration by rats was foiled.  No details.

مقتل أبو عبيدة التونسي أحد قادة


Tal Kalakh: Infiltration attempt from Baarooha in Lebanon to Al-Zaara was vaporized.  Reports are that border patrol killed 7 and wounded many.  No details.


SyriaTel area near Turk border, SAA killed 5 rodents.  Only one has been identified:

Maaher Naazhem Al-Haaj-Moussaa

Waadi Dhayf:  Fighting with no details.

Al-Hameediyya:  Infiltration attempt foiled. No details.

Binnish:  Fighting with no details.
Sarmeen:  Ditto.
Jabal Al-Arba’een:  On the outskirts.  Ditto.
Ma’arbileet:  Ditto.
Al-Shuwayha: Ditto.
Al-Majaass: Ditto
Al-Hawta: Ditto.
Abu Zhuhoor area: Ditto.
Saraaqeb:  a 23mm machine gun cannon was destroyed and 21 rats killed:

Shaadi Baareesh
Ahmad Baareesh

The rest were foreigners who could not be identified.

Our compliments to the Baareesh family for the generous contribution to the Dead List.  Keep it going. Maybe some day you’ll get what you really want:  Absolute Extinction.

Taftanaaz:  Early reports indicate a spectacular victory for the SAA over JN rodents.  Wael reports vaguely that the number of dead enemy vermin exceeds 80 so far.  We are waiting for tomorrow’s run-down.  Sorry, it’s a bad day for news because of the holiday.  


Fighting reported in all these areas:

Basr Al-Hareer:  A nest of dung beetles was destroyed.  No details.

Nawaa:  No details.

Tafass:  No details.

‘Itmaan:  No details.

Tafass Farm area:  No details.

Daa’el:  No details.

Busraa Al-Shaam:  Ditto.

Der’ah City:  A firefight led to the death of this one identifiable ape:

‘Abdul-Rahmaan Al-Hamaadi


The SAA is about to cut off all supply lines to the north of Latakia Province.  The routes used by the rats to ferry in weapons and reinforcements are quickly closing at Al-Rubay’ah.  Watch for an ISIS or JN push into this area soon to try and stop the inevitable closure.

I am sorry that the news today is so lacking in detail.  Obviously, the religious holiday of ‘Eed Al-Al-Adhhaa influences the amount of news we can get. ZAF


Bot Tak sends this link about the Milibands of the U.K.  Many do not know that they are Belgian Jews who are on the brink of controlling England.  Read this interesting article from Gilad Atzmon:

Heartbreaking article from Bot Tak showing how citizens’ lives were destroyed by the maniacs who inhabit the Hellish world of fanaticism.  Bassam is with the NDF.  They are indispensable.

Voltairennet gives us this good article which you have to read with its poor grammar:

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