Al-Ghaariyya East and West:  The SAA engaged a pack of Jabhat Al-Nusra rats here and killed these:
‘Abdullah Mahmoud Al-Shuraybi (LIBYAN COCKROACH)
Khaldoon ‘Abdullah Al-Ma’aayita (JORDANIAN ANT VOMIT)
Sufyaan ‘Ali Ghawbashi
Hassan Ahmad Al-Muhammad
Another 4 could not be identified and are deemed foreign.

Sahm Al-Jawlaan:  NDF calls in SAA help to kill a pack of rats.  The battle was at night and, therefore, no
details are available. 
Al-Bassaala: SAA killed these rabid skunks:
Wadhdhaah Mabrook
Hussayn Al-‘Issaami
Muhammad ‘Abdul-Razzaaq
Muhammad Sabaahi
Mugheera Hassoona
‘Ayn Dhikir:  A firefight resulted in 3 rat deaths.  No details.
Izra’:  Ziad’s old ancestral hometown in the Hawraan.  A pitched battle was fought yesterday outside the city to the south.  These crawling vermin were identified:
Bahjaat Al-Mustafaa
Mahmoud Rawwaabeen
Saaleh Hawaazima  

Another 11 could not be identified.

Al-Shaykh Miskeen (Var. Shmiskeen):  SAA sharpshooters walloped these feral pigs and sent them to the big barbie in the 6th circle:
Raashed Abu-‘Abdullah
Maazen Shallah
Hussayn Al-Khateeb
Faarooq Mur’ibi
Another 3 could not be identified.  No documents. Foreign.
Inkhil:  An attack on an SAA checkpoint was repelled with these apes left behind:
‘Alaa’ ‘Abdul-Razzaaq Al-Farwaan
Mushtaaq Ramzi Al-Hammood
‘Abdul-Malek Ahmad Al-Naasser
Al-Shaykh Hussayn:  10 rats killed but no details.  SAFI operation.  
Taseel:  2 dead rats.  No details. No papers.  Foreign.
Al-Makraz:  One confirmed dead rats and the other 3 no papers:
Muhammad Diyaab Al-Hakeem
Al-Lijaat:  Jabhat Al-Nusra was clobbered by superb SAA tactics:
Saayel Harbaji
Muhammad Zayn Al-‘Aabideen
Sa’eed Al-Kurdi
‘Abdul-Rahmaan Al-Hujjaaj
Another 2 were not identified.
‘Itmaan:  A uniquely delicate operation by SF nets these rat droppings:
Khaaled Sultaan Al-Zurayq
Bilaal Ibraaheem Al-Shara’ (A distant relative of the present Veep)
Khaaled Ramzi Zurayqaat
Nawaa:  On the road between Naahita and East Al-Mulayha at the Industrial School, the SAA killed 4 running rats.  Another pack was able to escape into the night.  We have to get Bandar to send us more night vision goggles.  Gosh!
Al-Yaadooda:  SAA killed these pests:
Mahmoud Al-Shamdeen Al-Haari
‘Ursaan Ibraaheem Khunayfis
DER’AH THE CITY:  Police and Political Security agents surrounded and wiped out these:
Taareq Ibraaheem Muhammad Al-Masaalima (RAT LEADER OF THE “FAWJ AL-FURSAAN AL AWWAL” YAWN)
The other carcasses are still being identified. 
Al-Dhiyaabiyya:  Such bad luck for scurrying rats:
Adham Mir’iy
Khaleel Al-Bakht  (Not so lucky this time)
‘Adnaan Al-Shaaker
Doumaa Southeast:  32 rats killed by SAA and militia in a wild battle that will end their presence in this area.  The amount of equipment confiscated will equip an entire regiment of NDF or militia for a long time.  Here are the identified snakes:
Mansoor ‘Abdul-Al-Samad
Haleem Al-Soos
Ismaa’eel Al-Khanshoor
Moussaa Da’aas
Shakeeb Al-‘Umari
Zuhayr Al-Sha’bi
Muhammad Fayyaadh
Yaasser Al-Baashaa
Nijmeddeen Baaroodi
Ridhaa Al-Ghaylaani
Hamad ‘Ubaydallah
Hassan Shihaabeddeen
Haydar Raqqaass
‘Ali Mahmoud
Another 18 could not be identified.  Monzer is certain they are foreigners, mostly from Jordan and Libya.
Al-Bihaariyya Farms in the East Ghouta:  SAA killed these insects:
“Abu Yusuf Batool” (Id pending)
Rajaa Qujayji
Ma’moon Al-Hassan 
Another 2 were not identified.
Dayr Salmaan Farms: On the outskirts, SAA and militia took down several vultures:
‘Abdul-Kareem Al-Nisr
Ja’afar Muhammad
Milhem Al-Shanab
Muhammad Khayr Al-Soofi
Al-Qaassimiyya:  Leader of Jabhat Al-Nusra pack of rats was killed. No details. 
Al-Hujjayra:  A van loaded with weapons was stopped and both drivers killed:
Jameel Al-Yusuf
Ahmad Jayroodi
Zamalkaa:  At the Central Pedestrian Crossing, the SAA shot 2 rats.  No details.
Heavy fighting here which is not being reported thoroughly for reasons going to the MoI.  Here’s what I have been able to collect:
Al-Baab to the North:  3 cars loaded with American-supplied weapons paid for by the Saudi apes were destroyed after leaving Turkey.  Each car had only one driver in order to exploit space.  The drivers are not in outer space.  No details.
Al-Baab to the West:  A semi-truck trailer with weapons, ammo and drugs was destroyed.  All rat passengers were killed in an ugly storm of fire that caused a conflagration.  None of the 29 rats survived the blaze.  Too bad.  
Hanaano:  To the northeast of Aleppo City; named after Syrian hero of independence, Ibraaheem Hanaano, a pack of rodents tried attacking the military base there and met with abject failure.  Wael says over 11 rodents were killed.  But, he has no details.
At Qubtaan Al-Jabal, near Turkey, another truck loaded with weapons was stopped and destroyed.  
East Huraytaan:  Vans with weapons were spotted and destroyed west of the road between Daarat ‘Izza and Aleppo City.  No details.
Al-‘Aamiriyya at the Aali-Muhammad Mosque. No details.
Old City at the Al-Khusrufiyya Mosque, 28 confirmed rats killed.  No details.
Al-Layramoon at Dhahrat ‘Aabed Rabbuh: 6 rats confirmed killed with 8 confirmed wounded.  SANA. No details.
Khaan Al-‘Asal:  Fighting with no details.
Binyameen and Al-Jadeeda Villages in North-East rural Aleppo, some fighting with no details.
Kuwayris near the airbase and Al-Jadeeda Village:  SAA confiscates 4 launch pads for missiles, a mortar and 3 23mm machine gun cannons. THANK YOU PRINCE BANDAR THE APE.

Here is Pres. Putin’s editorial in the NYT in full.  For all you archivalists:
Igor sends this laugh-inducing short clip about O’Bagy from CNN:

John Esq. sends this article describing Obama’s timing as “grotesque”: 

Michael in Strasbourg sends this article which tells you in numbers what the American public wants in Syria: 

Good article from John Esq. about General Dempsey’s real feelings:

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