DER’AH: You know the rats are taking unsustainable losses when Rami Abdul-Rahmaan, professional liar for Britain’s ineffective Foreign Office, tells the world that the rodent terrorists have had some successes in the Der’ah area.  Totally false.

Der’ah City: SAA surrounded a cell of terrorists armed and trained by Americans and killed the following:

‘Alaa’ Na’eem Abu-Zayd
Muhammad ‘Abdul-Rahmaan Al-Ghalbaan (Jabhat Al-Nusra field commander)
Muhammad Radhwaan Al-Haajj-‘Ali
Mu’min Muhammad Jamaal
Yaamin Muhammad Jamaal

Sahm Al-Jawlaan:  Confirmed 4 dead rats with 2 surrendering.  The SAA is pursuing remnants around this area:

Ahmad Hussayn Sa’ab
Haatem Muhammad Al-Mawlaa
Ayyoob Sadreddeen Ismaa’eel
Kamaal Mahmoud Maadhi

Al-Haara:  Confirmed 34 rodents killed by SAF and infantry as army moves in with armor and special units.  Over 40 IEDs dismantled.  17 rats taken prisoner with many wounded.  Monzer says 10 of the dead rats were foreigners:  5 Jordanians, 2 Iraqis and 3 still of undetermined nationality.

Al-Shabraq:  2 dead hyenas now dot the rural countryside:

Muntasser Shihaada
‘Ali Hassan-‘Ali

Naafi’ah:  No details about firefight with militia.

‘Aabideen: Firefight results in 5 rat deaths while they were stealing food.  Only 2 names arrived:

Jihaad Turaydi  
Hassaan Muhammad

Hayt:  Fighting with no details.

Tafass:  3 confirmed rat deaths and 1 taken prisoner.  No names.

Jilleen:  Fighting with no details.

Seesoon:  6 insects were crushed yesterday:

‘Abdul-Salaam Abu-Kamaal
Zaayed Sawaaliha
Rabee’ Humaydaan

The remaining 3 have not been identified.

Taseel:  SAA repels rat attack on army unit and confirmed 2 fatalities among the enemy.

Al-Bassaala:  No details about a firefight here.

Al-Haanoot: Ditto.

Waadi Yarmook: Ditto.

NAWAA:  CONFIRMED 15 RODENTS KILLED IN MAJOR ENGAGEMENT.  Monzer reports that American-supplied arms were part of the take in this battle.  The MI people are going through the carcasses to determine nationalities of terrorist cannibals.  I have no names yet.

AL-HASAKA:  ISLAMIC STATE OF IRAQ AND THE LEVANT GOT A MAJOR POUNDING YESTERDAY FROM PKK FIGHTERS AND COMMITTEES TO PROTECT KURDS IN RA’S AL-‘AYN.  CONFIRMED 12 MICROBES FLUSHED DOWN THE PIPE.  Apparently, the Jabhat Al-Nusra was retaliating for a drubbing they got last month when the PKK took back the Ra’s Al-‘Ain city and crossing-point.  It availed them not.  

SYRIAN OBSERVATORY FOR HUMAN RIGHTS TRIES TO SECURE SOME CREDIBILITY BY PUBLISHING DOCUMENTS OF AMERICANS FIGHTING IN SYRIA.  ENJOY THIS:  AN AMERICAN OF EGYPTIAN ORIGIN APPARENTLY WAS FIGHTING IN RA’S AL-‘AYN BEFORE ITS FALL TO KURDISH FIGHTERS BUT LEFT THIS DOCUMENT.  Mr. Ameer Faarooq Ibraaheem’s passport was among many foreign travel documents discovered by PKK fighters after the battle had stopped.  We are waiting for the SOHR to prove its credibility even more by revealing British documents in the hands of our allies, the PKK.

Maylabiyya:  South of Al-Hasaka City, rats attempted to attack an SAA checkpoint but lost 6 of their own to the inhospitable climate:

Zhaafer Al-As’adi
Hilmi Al-Qaassem
Muhammad Haaj-Salmaan
Ghaazi Darweesh

The other 2 could not be identified.  Others in the group managed to escape.



Ma’arrat Al-Nu’maan: Little left to speak of in this town that is the birthplace and resting place of the literary and philosophical giant, Abu Al-‘Alaa’ Al-Ma’arri.  Heavy fighting around the north fields with no details.

The bust of Abu-Al-‘Alaa’ was “beheaded” by one of Obama’s “freedom fighting heroes” last year. 

East Qasstoon:  An army unit killed 7 vermin and wounded 4 who were taken prisoner.  The names available are:

Mustafaa Dabbaagh
Ghaaleb Hijaazi
Mahmoud Ahmad Jirjaar
‘Umar Al-Kaateb

Kooreen:  Fighting with no details.  This town should fall soon to the SAA.

Al-Naajiya:  Fighting with no details.

Al-Sa’di:  6 rats killed and 8 taken prisoner.  No names.

Ma’arratmassreen:  Purified of rats last month but still the scene of some firefights.  Wael thinks that they come back to dig up abandoned weapons or drugs.  

Nahliyya and Bizeet:  No details about some minor fighting there.

Dayr Sunbul, Al-Tamaani’a and Sarja:  No details about fighting here. 


Dr. Assad visits troops in Daarayyaa yesterday as part of the celebration of the army’s 86th anniversary. He doesn’t look worried at all. 


Syrian Defense Minister, Lt. Gen. Fahd Jaassem Al-Furayj, congratulating his officers on the 86th anniversary of the establishment of the Syrian Arab Army.  The SANA reporter looks like Shaadi Hilwa.  This photo was probably taken near Aleppo.

General Al-Furayj heaps praise on the SAA and describes it as “invincible” in an interview.

 ‘Adraa Town:  SAA confiscated a 23mm machine gun cannon mounted on a Toyota vehicle.  It will be used by our militias to kill Saudis.  THANK YOU, ZOMBIE APE-KING OF SCARABIA!!!

Jaaber Al-Shaykh
Mufeed Al-Andareeni (ancient name of a town lost to time but still famous for its wine)

Al-Zabadaani:  (Thursday) Cannibals belonging to FSA murdered the mayor of the city, Maajed Teenaawi, and a member of the Reconciliation Committee, Ghassaan Al-Haaj-Hammood.  They were riddled with bullets as they left a meeting where they were ostensibly discussing peace and stability for Syria.  Good show, Obama!!

Harastaa:  East of the Water Resources Institute and west of the Shammoot Automobile Company, SAA delivered a KO punch to these apes:
Muhammad Noor Khashaana
Ihsaan Al-‘Asali
‘Ali Mudawwar
Another 3 could not be identified and are believed to be foreigners.

Misraaba to the east of Harastaa, SAA killed this grub and seized usable weapons for our militias:

Muhannad Al-Saa’oor       
Al-Dhiyaabiyya:  A militia marksman took down this luckless Jordanian:

Also in Al-Dhiyaabiyya, the SAA clobbered J.N. rat leader:

Mahmoud Jarash 

Al-Hujjayra:  Near the Palestinian areas, 3 nests were wiped out in one fell swoop:
Haani Mutlaq
Zuhayr Ma’roof
Jubraan Su’aydaati
Muhammad Yazbek
JUDAYDAT AL-TURKMAAN:  SAA confirmed 12 rats killed while stealing flour from a mill.  SAF strikes deadly blow on cannibal thieves.  Read this from our friend in Canada:
Watch this from Maria:
‘Arbeen:  9 rodents killed in a firefight which started when alert drivers spotted suspicious rats running between buildings.  The rest is history:

Mundher Khawlu
Muhammad ‘Aashoor
Khayri Ta’muri
Habeeb Al-Shaami
Ahmad Abu-Wahbi

The other 4 remain unidentified.

Al-Ghazlaaniyya:  At the granaries, 3 voles were struck down by bullets.  I have no names.

Al-Sayyida Zaynab Sanctuary in Southern Damascus:  Militiamen killed these 2 identified reptiles:

Muhammad Hamaada
Basheer Al-Dughaym

2 others were not identified and are believed to be Jordanian.

Al-Qaaboon:  Very heavy fighting from Thursday until today.  No details.  This might herald the end for the rats in this strategically important enclave.

Dayr Salmaan:  Helicopters and infantry spoiled a rat picnic intended to emplace mortars.  12 killed but no names yet.

Al-Mansoora south to Sakkaa:

Mahdi Al-Qajma’iy


Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) meets Saudi intelligence chief Prince Bandar Bin Sultan. (File photo)
Bandar Bin Sultan, Saudi Arabia’s resident ape-intelligence supremo, is greeted by President Putin in a meeting that was as mysterious as it was implausible.  Mysterious because the Russians did not announce it and implausible, because Mr. Putin is not trained to communicate with monkeys.  The little info we have on this meeting is that Mr. Putin is going to tell the ape to stop arming terrorists or he is going to the U.N.S.C. on charges of war crimes.  Let’s see.  If you all will remember, Voltairenet, announced this ape’s death last year right after the July 18, 2012 explosion that killed some Syrian generals.  

Bandar Bin Sultan’s mother, never camera-shy, demonstrates the old adage about the “apple of his mother’s eye”. 


Central Prison area north of the city:  There has got to be some rhyme or reason to the terrorist infatuation with this jail.  As we informed you some months ago, Wael has confirmed that all prisoners linked to the FSA and J.N. were transferred to jails around Damascus.  There is no real purpose in attacking this spot other than to reinforce the idea of “instant martyrdom”.  Yesterday and the day before, the SAA and militia killed 26 rats trying to infiltrate the area south of the prison at the Ba’eedeen Roundabout near the steel factory, Al-Sayf Factory, Glass factory, the Plaka Restaurant and Khawlandi fuel station.  There was also fighting around the areas of the Heelaan Farms and Tallat Al-Madhaafa in the prison’s environs.  It is reported that 6 snipers were also killed here with a 23mm machine gun and lots of ammo seized for use by our militias.  


Kuwayris:  East of Aleppo near the military airbase,   a missile launch pad, mortars and ammo were seized.

Al-Castillo:  A van loaded with weapons was stopped and destroyed.  The two terrorists killed in the incident were foreigners.  No details.

Al-Kindi Hospital Repair Garage:  SAA stopped several rats from trying to enter the facility.  No details.

Al-Layramoon Roundabout:  SAA killed 4 rats and took 7 prisoner at an abandoned building:

Safwaan Zurayqa
Haatem Yamani
Naseeb Mirzaa
‘Abdullah Qutayhaa (?)

Al-Nayrab Airbase area:  Fighting, no details.

Al-Duwayrayna:  Ditto.

Al-Ataareb in the area of Rasm Al-‘Abood Airbase and Mannagh Airbase, the SAA reportedly beat off an effort to infiltrate.  No numbers available as the area is dangerous.  

Dayr Haafer:  A car with rats and weapons was destroyed.

Khaan Al-‘Asal at the Al-Naqqaareen Roundabout, SAA fought a firefight with mobile rodents and killed 6 crowded into 1 van.  Of the 6, 4 are confirmed foreigners with features and documents indicating Chechen origin.  

Muqbel ‘Ali Safraan
Ahmad Hussayn Jawaad

Dhahrat Abed-Rabbuh:  Fighting with no details.

North of Al-Manaara Gas Station, 3 rodents downed with no details.  Wael writes that 5 surrendered.  All were foreigners.  He also notes the sudden diminution in the number of Libyans and Tunisians.

Shaykh Maqsood in the City, an attempted infiltration into Sulaymaan Al-Halabi and area of Palace of Justice, complete failure with NDF holding off attacking rats as SAA comes to the rescue and kills 14 scavengers.  Wael will have a list later on.

Al-Khaabiyya Souq in the Old City:  Police and militia took on a gang of sneaky little mice and killed 2 of them.  Another 3 escaped to die tomorrow:

Raa’ed Hamza
Mahmoud Al-Marji

Bustaan Al-Baashaa:  Fighting with no details.  

Salaahuddeen: Rat effort to repopulate demolished zone with new rats failed miserably on Thursday and Friday.  4 snipers confirmed dead. 

Al-Raashideen: Recently purified and deliced,  rats tried to return for an encore but were surrounded by police, security, militia and SAA.  It was a bad show for rodents.  Wael sends a solid number of dead cockroaches at 17 with 8 wounded and taken prisoner.  Some good weapons were seized for our militias.


HOMS:  There can be no doubt any longer that the enemy presence in Homs has been reduced to some die-hard Salafists who are mostly foreign.  The Salafists, as I understand it, cannot expect any benefit from Dr. Assad’s Amnesty Program.  You have to be Syrian for that.  But, it’s mostly clean-up now with the rats completely unable to mount any serious offensive.  The traditional resupply routes through Al-Qusayr and Tal-Kalakh have been all but stopped up by very well-trained and experienced border patrol, militia and NDF.

Fighting is reported in these areas.  Wael says the details are hard to come by as the numbers have gone down considerably due to rat attrition and nobody seems to care about stats:

Jawrat Al-Shiyyaah
Al-Qaraabees: Sniper shot down.
Jubb Al-Jandali
Waadi Al-Saayeh
Baab Hood (I promised it would be liberated)


Al-Sa’en in Talbeesa
‘Aqrab in Al-Hoola
Kafr Laahaa in Al-Hoola
East Saalem

At Jubb Al-Jarraah east of rural Homs on the Maksar Al-Hissaan Road, a 30kg IED was defanged.

Tadmur (Palmyra)

Qasr Al-Hayr East

SANA reports that the Iraqi army stopped 31 terrorists at Badarooz, Al-Raashidiyya, Jurf Al-Sakher, Al-Buhayraat and Jazeerat Al-Mawssel, from entering Syria.

Waadi Hawraan:  Iraqi forces killed 6 rats as they tried to cross into Syria.  One was taken prisoner.  Believe me, you don’t want to be a prisoner in the hands of the Iraqi Army.


It looks like King Dwarf of Jordan is counting his last days.  It’s going to start soon:

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.  Read about the pieces of the Syrian opposition falling apart:

Lew Rockwell addresses war crimes in the context of Manning’s kangaroo court:

More nonsense from the Nonsense Factory about mysterious warehouses in Latakia and “Israeli” air strikes in the world of metaphysics:

Stunningly trenchant article in Al-Akhbar lays bare the Lebanese President’s many Achilles heels. This one is a laugh-a-minute satire on Lebanese unctuousness:

WILE E. COYOTE MOMENT (From our friend in Canada)

He blames the Shilkas and the tanks for his predicament.

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