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الجيش السوري يفرض سيطرته بالكامل على تلكلخ في ريف حمص
A scene from Tal Kalakh on Monday as our soldiers carry the flag of the republic into Tal Kalakh after completely annihilating the terrorist rats and cannibals supported by Obama and the NATO criminals.

In a process that started in Al-Qusayr, the second most important land route for smuggling weapons into Syrian has been permanently shut down as the Syrian Arab Army overwhelmed the town’s rat defenders.  We must comment here that the citizens of the town played a major role in helping our troops to identify locations of pests before giving them the Orkin treatment.  Wael is traveling to Tal Kalakh today for some matter pertinent to his work.  He will give me details about the rats when he arrives.  The estimated number of rodents dead is 394 with large numbers taken prisoner.  The defeat of the terrorist cannibals was completed when the SAA surrounded and snuffed all resistance in Jabal Ghalyoon and the Market Area of the town.  This is a catastrophic defeat for the terrorist enablers in the U.S., Turkey, Saudi Arabia and all the other war criminal countries playing a role in the suffering of the Syrian people.  
HOMS CITY:  At the Shamsi Baashaa Mosque Quarter in the direction of Al-Qusoor, the NDF killed these scurrying vermin:
Adeeb Deebaaj
Talaal ‘Abdul-Kareem

Bayt Hajju:  A van containing 3 fugitive terrorist rats was intercepted and vaporized last night.  No survivors.  No details, yet.

Al-Ghantu:  No details about a clean-up firefight initiated by citizens against terrorists.  NDF came in and finished the job.

Al-Wa’ar Orchards:  A raid at dawn yesterday on rodent positions inside an abandoned home in this quiet countryside killed these plague-carrying rats:

Muhammad Bilaal Qaddoosh
Hassaan Al-‘Ali
Hassan Al-Turayki


Keeseen:  No details about clean-up.  Wael reports 4 taken prisoner.

Dayr Fool:  No stats on this either.  Small village.  2 thieves killed.

‘Uyoon Hussayn:  No stats.  Clean-up.

Talbeesa:  6 hyenas attempted to escape justice and were killed in their car.  Only 2 could be identified.  Wael reports that Gulf Monkeys were in the car:

Rushdi Maqloob
‘Abdul-Ghani Abu-Sinaan

Al-Rastan:  After yesterday’s stunning defeat of the rats and the destruction of their nests,  the SAA cleans up the area with little resistance.  


تدمير أسلحة ثقيلة ومقتل عدد من الإرهابيين الشيشانيين في ريف إدلب
Harastaa:  Remote-control IEDs with payloads of 15-25kgs were dismantled by our expert sappers.  All C-4 will be used to kill Qataris.  These rats were killed around the IEDs:

Usaamaa Shalla
Ghayth Al-Barhamji

At the Harastaa Secondary School Roundabout,  4 rodents from the “Liwaa’ Al-Islam Brigade” (yawn) were trapped and killed by SAA:
Kaamel Taraabeeshi (Put that in your hat)
Sa’ad Muqrin
Hassan ——- (illegible)
The 4th was not identified.
Doumaa:  At the City Roundabout, the Liwaa’ Al-Islaam (yawn) took it again right on the chin:
Ahmad Dhaaher
Zakariyyaa Qashshoo’

4 others were taken prisoner.
‘Adraa:  A unit of SAA rangers seized a 23mm machine gun cannon used against infantry and buildings.  THANK YOU, PRINCE PORKY SON OF PORKY SON OF MADAME BANANA
‘Abdullah Hassan-Milhem
Muneef Taweel

‘Arbeen:  A perfect ambush nets these crawling grubs:
Bassaam ‘Uraabi
Maaher Al-Ghawsh
Muhammad Al-‘Arbeeni

Also at ‘Arbeen, the SAA killed this rodent:

Mahmoud Basheer Abu-Al-Layl

Harmala Intersection:  5 rats die in a fiery incident inside their exploding van masquerading as a taxi:
The bodies could not be readily identified.

NORTH DAMASCUS ROAD AT AL-NABAK.  Right on the border of recently liberated Halboon up against the mountains, SAA killed these slithering dung worms:
Usaamaa Al-Sudfa
Ziyaad Al-Shaykh-Al-‘Ali
Muhammad Saalem Al-Rifaa’i (notorious thief, by the way)
Jawbar:  At the Al-Manaasher Roundabout, the Liwaa’ Al-Islam (triple yawn) took a third blow right to the kidneys:
“Abu Islaam” (Id pending)
Ramzi Al-‘Aswad
Mustafaa ‘Abdul-Jaleel
Ma’roof Safar
Muhammad Wajeeh

    Al-Qaaboon:  The “Heirs of the Messenger”, a franchise of the “Liwaa’ Al-Islam” (quadruple yawn) got blasted while rushing an SAA and NDP perimeter.  Bad luck. Bad Bakht.  
    Mahmoud Al-Maqitt
    Hassan Al-Jaaroodi
    Raagheb Fatlaawi
    Muhammad Al-Daawoodi
    Moussaa Al-Saqqaal
    Faarooq Muhaajer
    DAMASCUS-IDLIB HIGHWAY:  SAA lays successful ambush and kills 6 rodents.
    DAMASCUS-PALMYRA HIGHWAY: Another ambush and the rats take it at 10 dead carcasses.  No details, yet.
    Al-Shifooniyya: In Douma, 2 heavy machine guns seized in good condition and turned over to NDF.  It was the Liwaa’ Al-Islam again.  They just don’t get it:

    Mustafaa Al-Waqqaaq
    Zuhayr Subbayra
    ‘Abdul-Majeed Al-Nimr

    Dayr Salmaan:  In the East Ghouta:

    Khaaled Ghannoom
    ‘Aamer Al-Khateeb

    Al-Zabadaani:  Security killed this hyena:

    ‘Ali Burhaan

    Fighting also in Qaarra and Al-Nabak.

    Halboon Mountain area:  Weapons seized and this cannibal killed:

    Ahmad Sinyoor

    Daarayyaa:  SAA clean-up sucks these flies up and sends then to their Lord:

    Raami Laylaa
    Abu Sa’eed Al-Deeraani (id pending)

    Yaldaa:   Security killed these 2:

    Maazen Sa’ad
    Waleed Shaakireen

    This governorate is almost finished with rodents.  The Pied Piper and Mr. Orkin have done their job admirably.  
    Jisr Al-Shughoor Area:  
    At Al-Jaanoodiyya, Qastoon and Darkoosh, SAA and militia clean up the mess created by rampant rodents.  Wael writes that over 20 carcasses were counted here.  But not details.
    Areehaa: (Syria’s Jericho), a checkpoint was attacked by stupid runts from the Erdoghan litter:
    Ahmad Abu-Faraj
    Muhammad Malloohi
    Sa’ad Dimashqi
    ‘Abdul-Tawwaab Saa’aati
    Murhef Bulaytu
    Kaamel Musulmaani
    Kafr Naayaa:  Helicopters and fast-moving APCs surrounded the rodents quickly and put them to death:
    No details.
    Awram Al-Jawz:  Definite firefight and 4 dead rats. A 23mm machine gun cannon might have been salvaged.  No details.
    Al-Raami:  No details about firefight.
    Central Prison Area:  SAA and NDF seize 3 mortars and components for use against rodents.  9 confirmed rat deaths with 7 taken prisoner and wounded.
    A nest of Jabhat Al-Nusra freaks were awakened rudely by our SAA and dispatched quickly as the sleep was rubbed from their rodent eyes.  All 27 were killed trying to reach for their weapons.  Monzer has the names and will send them as soon as disclosure is cleared.
    Sabaah Al-Khayr: (Good Morning to all sleeping rodents)  5 killed this early morning Damascus time.  Why we didn’t give them a chance for morning tea before the lead tore them into so many smithereens:
    “Abu-Kifaah”  (id pending.  Believed to Iraqi)
    Mudhar Al-Kharfaan (Another senile ape)
    The other 3 were not identified.
    Tafas:  SAA killed:
    Ibraaheem Muhammad Al-Sha’aabeen and 7 others.  No more data.
    Jaassem:  At the hospital, rodents attacked a checkpoint and failed:
    Saameh Muhammad Al-Shareef and 2 others confirmed killed.


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