الجيش السوري يضع يده على كنوز ثمينة من الأسرار والمعلومات؟!


Barzeh:  Syrian security forces put to death the following cockroaches in a spectacular ambush which demonstrates the great skills honed over the last few months in the art of anti-insurgency warfare:

Haashem ‘Uraabi (rat leader)
Makram Shamlaan
Abdul-Ra’oof Al-Junayd
Saaleh Rawwaaniyya

3 others could not be identified.

Daraayyaa:  between the town and Sahnaayaa in the area of Al-Shiyyaah just southwest of the Sukayna Shrine close to the Financial Center, the SAA and NDF annihilated a unit of rodents 5 of whom where snipers trying to relocate after their devastating defeat.  Monzer says the physical appearance of the carcasses indicated they had not eaten for weeks – such was the condition of these vermin:

Muhssen Al-Sayyid
Yusuf Shuwaykaani
Zaaher Abu-Qumsaan
Muhammad Rahhu
Waleed Makaarima

Another 4 could not be identified.

Harasta:  At the Secondary School Roundabout, 2 rats were killed smuggling a crate of assault rifles:

Husaameddeen Munajjed
Mahmoud Safwaan

Jawbar:  At the Al-Manaasher Roundabout and Teachers’ Tower, SAA killed these:

Muhammad Badr
“Abu Jassaar” (id pending)
Fareed Abdul-Malek

‘Adra: At the Abdul-Wahhaab Farms, an entire platoon of hyenas grabbed the ground elevator and pressed Satan’s Cellars.  I have no details about the 13 rodents killed here.

Douma:  At the ‘Aaliya Farms, Security ambushed a group of rats in a van and wiped them off the face of the earth:

Muhammad Hamu  (rat leader)
Yunus Yunus (rat leader)

The other 3 could not be identified.

Zamaalka:  5 little pigs were fed to the big bad wolf after a rousing firefight:

‘Umar Dabbaagh
Daawood Salaama
Abdul-Raheem Dawla
Abdullah Findakhli
Mustafa Taweel

Al-Hajar Al-Aswad:  No details about this, probably the last, firefight in this area which Monzer says took down 8 rats. With Palestinian committees now on board, this area will remain very unfriendly to the rats.

Anwar Shihaada
Marwaan Hassan-‘Ali
Hassan Ghawbashi
Mahmoud Ibraaheem

The other 4’s names were not provided.

Abu-Dhuhoor Airbase:  More humiliation for Obama’s rodents.  Jabhat Al-Nusra freaks tried to infiltrate the base again.  All 37 rodents were killed when a helicopter gunship tore into them as they tried to flee the area. So sad, really.  We have no details because none of the bearded goats carried identification.  We know, however, from reports on the scene that they all looked foreign.  Tunisians may have really taken it in this one. Their carcasses are spread all over the countryside around the base and nobody cares to pick them up and cremate them.

Binnish:  An entire IED factory was put to the torch with its occupants.  A car armed to explode by remote control was dismantled right outside the factory.  Another 4 cars were seized carrying ammunition in their trunks.  All ammo is now being used by the NDF.  Thank you, Prince Porky of Qatar.

‘Ain Al-Baarida:  Near Jisr Al-Shughoor.  6 rats killed.  4 taken prisoner wounded.

‘Ain Al-Sawdaa’:  Near Jisr Al-Shughoor.  2 rats axed.  No details.

Taftanaaz: Big name in old propaganda.  These FSA gutter rats were killed:

Suhayb Shawwaa
Muhammad ‘Absi
Ismaa’eel Rajab
Hussayn Damad
Faadhel Sultaani
Muhammad Qawbaan (?)

Sarmeen:  3 rodents killed. 4 prisoner.  Town almost rat-free.  

Al-Nayrab:  Same Youth Camp. Same morons. 13 dead in the fields. Great fertilizer.

Ma’arratmassreen:  Rats withdrawing from this area which they can’t hold. No details.


Battles all over the place.  There is no point in giving locations.  No details as of right now.  Relatives are very optimistic the City will be rat-free soon as militia pour into liberated area once populated by Jabhat Al-Nusra goons.  Hurray for the Syrian Army.


Al-Hoola:  An immortal leader of the “Canonical Islamic Courts” found out he was fully mortal when SAA snipers blew the little brains he had out through the back of his head.

Ghaaleb Ayyoob Al-Saayegh
Rushdi Haanooti
Muhammad ——-(?)

Another 2 could not be identified.

Waadi Al-Saayeh:  All over boys.  A unit of rodents completely wiped out.  No details.

Baab Hood:  16 rats in a nest killed when they were surrounded and refused to surrender knowing their captors would be AFI. Their names are being sent to Wael.

Al-Qaraabees: on the road between it and Jawrat Al-Shiyyaah, little shrews were caught trying to escape a snare.  No such luck.  The snare followed them and 12 were put to death while another 3 surrendered, finally.  They were not smiling when AFI took them in their trucks to a sound studio in Old Homs.  My, my.

‘Abdul-Wahhaab Al-Haajj
Mahmoud Kaamel
Midhaat Abdul-Wali

Another 9 did not have valid identification or any identification.

Tal-Kalakh:  The read SyrPer and didn’t like it when I wrote they have stopped trying to cross over from
Uyoon Al-Sha’ra, ‘Uzayr and Haalaat.  In all 13 were killed. 2 were seen running back to Lebanon.  Some good motorcycles were seized – but carefully.

Al-Za’faraaniyya:  Near Al-Rastan.  SAA found a cache of weapons and turned it over to NDF.

TUNNELS AT AL-ZIRAA’AH, AL-SAALIHIYYA, AL-JAWSIYYA AND AL-NIZAARIYYA.  It’s over folks.  45 IEDs were dismantled at Al-Jawsiyya with weights at 25-50 kgs of C-4.  We’ll use the C-4 sometime soon.  Maybe in Doha, Qatar!!



Fascinating article about the Jamraayaa strike but seemingly at odds with the facts we have.  Nonetheless, worth reading and pondering:

For those who read French or want to practice their French, here is an article about those poor U.N. monitors on the Golan. Thanks to Mike McGee in Strasbourg.  Always a pleasure:

John Esq. sends this Zionist article about PFLP-GC being given the nod to attack the Zionist Abomination:

Great article from John about the disconnect between the cowards in Washington D.C. and the American people who want nothing to do with them.  Intervention in Syria?  What hooey:

John sends another from Lew Rockwell about “flaky” evidence.

John sends this one from Lew Rockwell about Zionist support for and collusion with Al-Qaeda:

Mike sends more from Proche-Orient in French about Del Ponte’s declaration that que les rongeurs ont utilisees le gaz Sarin.

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Level 0 - Anonymous

“A senior Syrian official says Israel has used depleted uranium in its recent airstrike against the Jamraya Research Center in the outskirts of Damascus.”

Level 0 - Anonymous

Clarification on what exactly “Al Qaeda” is that I think should be considered. This is the problem with portmanteau (Al Qaeda) words; you are never sure who is in and who is out. Portmanteau (Al Qaeda description): Command structure: When asked about the possibility of al-Qaeda’s connection to the July 7, 2005 London bombings in 2005, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair said: “Al-Qaeda is not an organization. Al-Qaeda is a way of working … but this has the hallmark of that approach … al-Qaeda clearly has the ability to provide training … to provide expertise … and I think… Read more »

Souri Homsi
Level 0 - Anonymous

Saw this article floating around. Cant help but think this will brainwash ppl to think assad is to blame offcourse. I see my fb friends agreeing with this but i think ppl must know that this civil war is not the doing of one man alone. Just thought id share as im
Sure more of these will surface across the media.

Thanks mate

Level 0 - Anonymous

After awhile reading various articles, viewing videos and coming to some conclusions about what is happening in Syria, it becomes clear we are being manipulated into a nihilistic final showdown between Islam verses Christianity. First up, an initial introduction to the obvious manipulation… Zionists seek clash between Muslims and Christians: Expert (Hesham Tillawai is very good): Then, an American senator pushes for a bill (commerce) in the U.S. Senate to militarily aid the foreign Jihadi terrorist mercenaries being manipulated as canon fodder rampaging through Syria… Pro-Israeli US senator pushes bill requiring military aid to Syria insurgents: Meanwhile, back in the… Read more »

Angus Og
Level 0 - Anonymous
Angus Og

The “Fascinating article about the Jamraayaa strike” from counterpsyops was lifted from PressTV and originates at
It is another of Gordon Duff’s confabulations. Why PressTV give this joker any credence is beyond me.

According to this the Jamraayaa bombing was done by 155 & 175mm howitzers deep inside Syria. I find it hard to believe that a 175mm shell can inflict that damage or that Israel has these rather large howitzers inside Syria.