Wael reports that the terrorist insects in Al-Qusayr are still negotiating a “pull-out” of their remnants from the northern part of the town in exchange for “safe passage” back to Lebanon. Our information is that the Lebanese government wants none of this and is imploring Damascus not to make any such deal.  Wael reports that the MoD is not optimistic about any agreement being struck between the parties.  Syrian army preparations for a siege of the area has now given way to a full-frontal attack to finish off the starving rodents inside.

Another pathetic attempt to infiltrate the Al-Qusayr area via the ‘Arsaal (Leb) – Khirbet Al-Akkaariyya/Al-‘Uboodiyya axis met with disaster for the dwindling ranks of the FSA.  Wael confirms 11 rodents dispatched and a remaining number escaping back into the Lebanon.  Weapons were destroyed.  No details.

SAA has established complete control over the eastern entryway into the Northern Neighborhood of the city including the dirt road between the Dhab’ah Airbase and Al-Qusayr.  This now completes the stranglehold over the northern neighborhood and hermetically seals all possible means of reinforcement and resupply to the rats.

Wael reports the dismantling of “hundreds” of IEDs planted by the rats in the homes and businesses of people who lived in this once thriving community.

We have received names of carcasses identified in Al-Hameediyya but who were killed the day before yesterday when the SAA completely decontaminated the town:

Rafeeq Al-Mawlaa
Mustafaa Al-Saadeq
Muhammad Jinnu
Bahjaat Jamaaleddeen
‘Abdul-Haafezh ‘Areedhi
Hussayn ‘Abbaara
Salaah Junaynaati
Ahmad Maysara
Ramzi Nijmeddeen 
‘Ali Al-Wazz
Hussayn Qahteen
Faheem Mashshaat
Mahmoud Sha’abaan
‘Issaam Mar’ashli
Taahaa ‘Abdul-Kareem
Mu’tassem Sinnu
Ishaan Kuraydi
Basheer Waseela

Another 42 could not be identified.  Many of the carcasses appeared non-Syrian.

HAMA:  In Qubbat Al-Kurdi in the Salamiyya area, SAA kills 17 rodents and destroys or confiscates a large cache of weapons.  No details.  Interesting because this area is known for its concentration of Ismaa’eeli Muslims (Seveners) who are very loyal to the government.  BUT THANKS, PRINCE FATSO FOR THE NICE GIFT.

It is fair to say that the terrorists have not had much success in Hama.  Either memories of February 1982 or just a revulsion at the thought of increasing deprivation has made the people in this governorate particularly antipathetic to the cause of the Jabhat Al-Nusra and the so-called Fake Syrian Army.


At Khaan Al-Shaykh, the SAA killed 8 rats and captured 12 more in a firefight.  Only 2 names have been given to Monzer:

Jihaad Muhammad Al-Khajjool
Burhaan Abu-Saafi

Al-Reehaan Farms in Douma:  SAA killed this roach:

Muhammad Al-Farraan

And seized weapons stashed in his car.  THANKS, PRINCE FATSO.

‘Adraa – at the AWMU FACTORY FOR CLEANSERS, Jabhat Al-Nusra couldn’t get it right and lost the following bowel parasites:

Raa’ef Tu’ma
Baassem Al-Hussayn

Another 4 could not be identified.

Al-Qaasimiyya Farms and Al-Zamaaniyya:  All in the Eastern Ghouta, the SAA killed 24 rodents in a long firefight which involved helicopter support:

Rajaa ‘Abdul-Wahhaab
Moussa Habeeb
Jawdaat Abu-Lam’ah
Mugheera Subhaani
Sameer ‘Allaawi
Ahmad Al-Maaliss
Ja’far ‘Allaaf

The rest carried no papers.

An attack by Jabhat Al-Nusra tapeworms at dawn at the West Al-Nashwa Quarter in the city resulted in 7 dead terrorists and 3 captured.  The nice part was the substantial collection of weapons and ammo the SAA seized for our militias and NDF.  THANK YOU, SO MUCH, PRINCE PORK OF QATAR!


Mannagh area near the airbase:  Wael reports 4 rodents killed and 9 wounded.  No details in this evolving operation.

Al-Ziyaara:  Also in the Mannagh area, Wael reports 9 dead rodents without any details.

CENTRAL PRISON AREA:  The FSA can’t get anything right.  This operation is commanded personally be traitor/deserter Col. Abdul-Jabbaar Al-‘Ukaydi whom we thought was killed last year.  We were wrong. But we were right about his command skills.  Another desperate attack on the prison was repulsed with an estimated 17 dead rodents.  Nobody wants to go out and check the carcasses because there are too many snipers.  So, the rodents rot in the roads!  Sometimes, a cease fire can be arranged to pull the rat carcasses away.  Evidently, even the FSA understands the importance of avoiding contagion.

Slideshow image

Al-Layramoon: This quarter is on the fissure line and has seen a lot of action.  Wael received a report that 4 rats were killed.  No more details.

Kuwayris:  At the airbase, 4 vans loaded with weapons from Prince Fatso’s armory were stopped yesterday by alert militia.  A firefight ensued near the Toyota Dealership and the Al-Tahhaan Restaurant just around the corner from the ice cream factory.  All this took place on the highway between Aleppo and Idlib. 

When the dust settled, the SAA and MI counted 36 dead rodents.  In the vans were 12 crates of bullets for AK47s, 2 23mm machine gun cannons ready for mounting, phosphorous grenades, satellite communication equipment and a veritable pot pourri of documents and scandalous reading material. 

SAA ESTABLISHES COMPLETE CONTROL OVER DHAHRAT ABED RABBUH after the last nest of rats was annihilated.  IEDs were dismantled to the approbation of the citizens:

‘Abdul-Ghaffaar Salmaan
Muhssen Khidaywi
Jaad Al-‘Umari
Wissaam Muhammad
Rasheed Abu-Jabra
Nu’maan Al-Saqqaal
Musleh Taaher

Another 3 could not be identified.

Daaret ‘Izza:  SAA destroyed a Mitsubishi truck loaded with weapons and ammo.  Big explosion. Can’t thank Prince Porky for this one.  3 dead rodents confirmed.

Aleppo City:  At the Haydariyya Roundabout, 2 cars with suspicious looking rats was ordered to stop.  The rats opened fire and were all killed as NDF, militia, police and security surrounded them and sent them high-tailing it straight to Mephisto’s Hair Salon.  No details.


Al-Kawansurwa crossroad with Sarmeen close to Turkey’s border, 8 confirmed dead rodents still being identified as we write.

Kafr Al-Batteekh: For those of you who like watermelon, enjoy this rat-stat:  2 rats killed trying to evade Justice!!  No details.

Binnish:  Another airbase area with slight stats.  SAA killed 1 rodent and arrested 2 others yesterday.  No details.

At Al-Najaass, Umm Sareen and Tal-Salmu, reports of fighting with no details.

Al-Nayrab:  Yes. Yes.  That stupid Youth Camp.  Another 5 rats die for absolutely nothing.  Their carcasses are rotting as we write.

Kafr Rouhayn:  3 confirmed dead Tunisians.  One had a name which was false:

“Al-Muhaajer Al-Tunisi” (id pending)

Taftanaaz:  More airbases.  No details about a combat situation.

Jabal Al-‘Arba’een:  2 dead rats more than the 19 killed the day before yesterday.  No details. Too close to snipers.

Al-Shamaatiyya and Al-Hameediyya in the rural Abu-Dhuhoor airbase area COMPLETELY RAT-FREE AND SECURE.  All 50 plus IEDs dismantled.  The campaign in Idlib is quite impressive.

Ma’arratmassreen:  Another internal feud over spoils results in the deaths of 17 rats.  The SAA arrived just in time to watch them start the process of putrefaction.  All weapons seized.  THANKS TO PRINCE FATSO.

Shukri ‘Aj’ooj

Al-Qinya:  4 rats died resisting the inevitable arrest.  They are now awaiting eternal fires in Satan’s anteroom:

Ma’moon Al-Shaykh-‘Ali
Rustum Madfoon
Hassan Kibabji
Luqmaan Al-Kaamel

Al-‘Atshaana:  3 rats, no details.

Kafr Nibil:  No details.

Saraaqeb:  Really close to the border of Turkish-occupied Syria.  Almost rat-free soon.


A pick-up truck with weapons and ammo confiscated at the Al-Siyaasiyya Bridge in the city.  7 rodents were killed pretending they were farmers on their way to their fields.  No names, yet.

Al-Muri’iyya:  14 rats confirmed shot to death scurrying aimlessly around flaming flatbeds.  All weapons confiscated and delivered to militias.

Al-Masrab:  Security Agents arrest 3 Jabhat Al-Nusra dung beetles and take control of a flatbed with 23mm machine gun cannon, 3 RPGs and lots of light weapons courtesy of the Porcine Prince.

Al-Budaryaas:  In Mu-Hassan City, a car explodes while rats were trying to fit it with exploding devices.  Well, they were successful in that endeavor.  The car did explode.  Unfortunately for them, they were the only victims.  Of the 6 killed, only this one was identified by SANA:

Maazen Battaah



This is an interesting report from Al-Raqqa.  What this reporter did not know was that a major military offensive is being prepared by the SAA as roadways are cleared.

Don’t laugh too hard over this article.  It’ll have you screaming if you’re not careful:

Come on Europe, send our militias some new Stinger missiles and better weapons than we got from Prince Hog:

Saudi Arabia’s so-called “king” has been clinically dead for decades. Souri Homsi sends this one:

Michael in Strasbourg sends this article in German about Herr Schindler’s prediction that the SAA will defeat the rats in 2013.  Thanks, Michael:

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Level 0 - Anonymous

Hi Ziad

quite sad about the young reporter lady.
I had to put it up at my blog.
The NATO mercs have killed other reporters and it was covered repeatedly as if on a loop, over and over. (the pirate really comes to mind) She too was killed by NATO mercs , though in the pirate’s case it was death by IED, not sniper fire.

It is obvious Yaara’s passing will barely garner a mention in the NATO corporate whoring media.

I wonder if some EU special forces were involved in her death?

Level 0 - Anonymous

FSA logistics:
Take more ammo? No
take more medical equipment? No
take more porn mags? YES!

omas bioladen
Level 0 - Anonymous

I love Syrian Army, I love Syrians !!!!! All Syrians are heros for defeating the very evil zionist wahabi scum.

Level 0 - Anonymous

UPDATE 3-EU failure will allow UK, France to arm Syrian rebels * EU fails to achieve unity on Syria arms embargo question * EU states agree to reimpose financial sanctions on Syria (Updates with end of talks) By Justyna Pawlak and Adrian Croft BRUSSELS, May 27 (Reuters) – Attempts to reach a European Union agreement on supplying arms to the Syrian opposition collapsed on Monday, freeing Britain and France to go it alone in arming the rebels starting in August if they decide to do so. Britain and France achieved what they wanted out of a marathon negotiating session in… Read more »

Level 0 - Anonymous

Syriens Opposition will baldmöglichst Waffen = Istanbul/Beirut (dpa) – Die syrische Opposition hat sich erfreut über das Aus des EU-Waffenembargos geäußert. Der Sprecher der Freien Syrischen Armee (FSA), Luai al-Mekdad, forderte am Dienstag, dass Waffen sobald wie möglich an die Rebellen geliefert werden. «Wenn die internationale Gemeinschaft noch drei Monate mit einer Entscheidung zur Bewaffnung der Rebellen wartet, hat das Regime noch mehr Zeit, Menschen zu töten», sagte er der Nachrichtenagentur dpa. «Jede Verzögerung wird noch mehr Menschenleben kosten.» Die EU hatte am Vorabend das Waffenembargo gegen Syrien aufgehoben. Eine entsprechende Einigung erzielten die Außenminister nach stundenlangem Streit bei einem… Read more »

Level 0 - Anonymous

Assad forces prep assault to retake Aleppo: report

Read more:
(The Daily Star :: Lebanon News ::

Any truth in this? I would take Homs first and then focus on Aleppo. One city at a time. The SAA must not overreach itself.