Syrian Troops  
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HALFAAYAA:  This was a catastrophe for both the FSA and J.N..  Monzer writes that over 77 rat carcasses were counted by militia after the fighting was over.  Of the 77, a whopping 49 were determined to be non-Syrians.  Monzer says that his sources are not very specific as to the ethnic or geographic origins of the rodents.  Here are the names of the known Syrian rats:

Fadhl Yahyaa
Mizyad Al-‘Aql
Taaher ‘Abdul-Kareem
Muneef ‘Izzu
Ghassaan Faarooqi
Hassan Qaysarli
Zaki Mahmoud
Fayssal Tabanyaasi
‘Abdul-Malek Al-Shuwaykaani
“Abu-Saamer” (Id pending)
Radhwaan Sa’adallah

The remaining bodies were identified as Syrian but the details were withheld for reasons unknown to us.

Taftannaaz:  The airbase they always seem to be invading and the one they cannot penetrate.  Yesterday, in the rural brush around the base,  SAA killed a confirmed 17 rodents.  The soldiers were not allowed to tag the carcasses for their own safety since snipers are everywhere.

Central Prison in Hama: Those of you who have studied history know why these rats are targeting prisons: they are running out of vermin.  This is why Qatar is now offering $50,000.00 for every SAA soldier who deserts.  But our soldiers are not buying into this.  They know the FSA is in a hopeless situation.  At the Central Prison in Hama, SAA put down these identifiable rodents out of 22:

Daawood Hawjaa
Mahmoud Al-Qaadhi
Jihaad Al-Saayegh
Ta’aan Al-Haber
Ma’an Na’eema
Mustafaa Al-Sayyed
‘Aabid-deen Ismaa’eel
Muhammad Hiraati

Bikfaloon:  6 killed.  All without papers.  4 AK47s seized and delivered to militia.  Thank you, Prince Fatso.

Waadi Al-Mahaameel:  Confirmed 2 rats killed.  No details.


ABU-DHUHOOR AIRBASE AREA:  At Um Jareen, Abu-Dhuhoor and Al-Majaass:  7 confirmed terrorist hyenas put to death by alert militia.  They were hunted down.  2 taken prisoner.

Also, at  Tal Salmo (actually in Aleppo Province) near the airbase, a 123mm AA cannon was seized.  Thanks, Prince Porky.

Kafr-Rooma:   In the Ma’arrat Al-Nu’maan rural area which is being slowly purified, 2 killed. 3 escaped.

Ma’ribleed:  Also in Ma’arrat Al-Nu’maan area.  4 confirmed dead buzzards.  Only one identified with the other 3 believed to be non-Syrians:

Jameel ‘Ali ‘Ubayd

Jinaan in the eastern Idlib area at the crossroads, the SAA wiped out 1 rat who was carrying 3 boxes of ammunition and 13 fake passports and identification.  He was killed before he could get the material to his rat litter-mates.  His name?

Wajeeh ‘Abdul-‘Azeez  (probably fake, says Wael)Al-Shaghr:  3 killed, 2 wounded.  No details.

Duwwayr Al-Akraad:  firefight with no details.

Al-Duwaysaat:  A nice collection of pistols, rifles and binoculars courtesy of Prince Pedophile.  No details on the 5 dead rats.

Al-Qinya:  This is near Jisr Al-Shughoor and was a rest stop for escaping rodents.  No details.

Jabal Al-‘Arba’een:  Helicopter gunships played a role in killing the 12 rats in this firefight.  One rat leader was identified:

Bilaal Muhammad ‘Abooshaa (?)

Rural Areeha:  At Areeha Bridge and Al-Sinaa’a, SAA killed 4 and wounded 3.

‘Ain Shayb and near the Water Resources Area, an attack on an SAA checkpoint went no where.  11 rodents took the Express Freight to Old Billy’s Tavern.  No identifications.

Another attack on the Central Prison in Idlib is vague.  I have no details now.

Taftanaaz Airbase:  Yawn.  2 confirmed rat deaths.  Both are not Syrian.  No details.

Bikfaloon:  Almost rat-free.  3 suspected deaths.  No details.  This area is very dangerous because of remnant snipers.


CENTRAL PRISON DISASTER FOR FSA.  They tried to extract about 230 of their miserable rank-and-file, but with catastrophic results.  This former general Saleem Idrees should be in Hollywood playing roles for Italian WWII generals.  Another 11 bodies were counted in addition to the ones identified yesterday.  We will have more about the FSA’s manpower crisis in another post.

Al-Maslamiyya:  Weapons depot dismantled and armaments seized for use by NDF and MILITIA.  Wael reports that 2 23mm AA machine gun cannons ready to mount on 2 flatbeds were part of the haul. Nice work SAA.  And thanks, Prince Fatso.

Khaan Al-‘Asal:  Another 23mm AA is seized.  According to prisoners at the scene, it was intended for use at the Al-Nayrab Airbase.  They can now dream of firing it while they lounge in Aleppo’s Central Prison awaiting the next big attack. Yawn.

Jibreen:  A mortar was destroyed, sadly, in this raid on a rat’s nest.  2 killed.  3 wounded.  No details.

Al-Shaykh Maqsood:   A 23mm AA was abandoned by fleeing rats.  Once the 5 were killed, even their AK47s, 2 RPGs and a whole slew of ammo were given to our militia.  Thank you ever so much, Prince Porcine of Catarrh.

Al-Layramoon:  At the Factories Area, 13 rats from the J.N. were definitely killed in a surround-and-snuff operation now mastered by our SAA and militia.  Only 2 could be identified among the bearded vermin:

Salmaan Ghattaass
Ja’afar Bardooni

Al-Sayf Factory in Aleppo City:  5 MORTARS SEIZED WITH 6 HEAVY MACHINE GUN CANNONS USED FOR ANTI-AIRCRAFT AND ANTI-PERSONNEL WARFARE.  What will they do now?  Thank you Prince Fatso.  No details about rat fatalities.

Tallat Al-Madhaafa:  Wael reports an ambush by security with 4 dead rats.  No other details.

Our soldiers seen here arranging bets on how many hyenas are going to the Devil today.  What a pretty scene.


Al-Rastan:  At the Water Resource Area and Bayt Al-Ashtar Hall, SAA and militia killed 9 rats. No details.

Al-Hoola: At Kafr Laahaa and Hawaalayk these non-Syrians belonging to “The Lions of Islaam” (yawn) were killed:

Muhammad ‘Abdul-Qaader Al-Sawwaah  (Suspected SAUDI APE)
‘Adnaan Muhammad Ya’qoob Al-Khulayfaan (SAUDI APE EXCREMENT)

مقتل زعيم «أسود الإسلام» وتدمر مدافع هاون ومضادات لطيران في حمص وحلب

FORMER FOREIGN MINISTER OF THE TURKISH ISLAMIST “JUSTICE AND DEVELOPMENT PARTY” SAYS SYRIA NOT BEHIND REYHANLI BOMBINGS.  In an interview with “Aksham”, Baasher Baakeesh admitted that Syrian had no interest in the bombings.

 وزير خارجية تركيا الأسبق: لا علاقة لسورية بتفجيرات الريحانية

Gee whizz!  When the Turkish MIT Intelligence Service wants to kill its own citizens, nobody can compete with it.  Look at the damage!!


Barzeh Town in the rural area of the capital:  Security supported by militia attacked a nest of lizards and killed the following:

Wisaam Al-Moomaa
“Al-Hoot” (The Whale! Ooh.)
Taareq Al-Humssi

Qaysaa:  Weapons seized have an estimated value of $150,000.00.  RPGs galore with rockets all ready for our NDF and militia.  The number of rats killed is 11.  No prisoners. All Jabhat Al-Nusra with no papers.

Farms between Douma and Harasta:  3 killed and 4 surrender.

Harasta:  At the Daabaa Company, 7 rats were vaporized by accurate RPG fire:

Haytham Abrashli
‘Issaam Al-Qaassemi
Muhammad Sharbaaat
Ahmad Al-Dalu

The other 3 had no identification.

Harasta again:  At the Umo Factory, 12 IEDs discovered in a nest of vipers, each having between 30-50kgs of C-4 courtesy of Prince Pedophile of Catarrh.  Explosives seized and delivered to SAA.

Al-Maleeha:  Uniquely well-planned operation kills 13 stinking rats.  No details.

Al-Zabadaani:  In the Western Mountains,  militia pursues vermin to the Lebanese border and kills 4 as they try to cross into safety.  In truth, according to Monzer, a unit of Hizbollah fighters happened to be waiting  for them.  We have no details.

Jawbar:  At the Manaasher Roundabout to the Southeast of the town, security and police gunned down these traitors:

Ahmad ‘Ataayaa
Waleed Shukhaym (?)
“Abu Firaas” (id pending)
Mustafa Dahhaak (He’s guffawing with Satan now)
Mahmoud Abu—– (Can’t read last name)

‘Adra:  Jabhat Al-Nusra can’t have too many rats left with the losses they have sustained in this area.  According to Monzer, the carcasses are still being counted in a firefight that saw the air force destroy whole convoys of vans with weapons.  The battle started when the camouflaged convoys approached a military checkpoint and opened fire on our soldiers.  The soldiers held out for about an hour until NDF and security arrived to help as SAA called in air support.  From then on, the battle’s victor was assured.  31 counted carcasses so far.  No living J.N. rodent left.  All fall down.


Eat your heart our. This one is a laugh-a-minute as the criminal Rami Abdul-Rahman tries to soft-soap the acts of a cannibal: 

Who cares any more about the useless American sanctions.  Under the table, by the way, the U.S. is helping the Jabhat Al-Nusra:

Another good analysis:

More headaches for Erdoghan.  Another explosion “rocks” Turkey: 

SyrPer estimates that Qatar has spent more like 9 billion on the Syrian war:

Here’s a great one about Obama’s lies and his hypocrisy.  War crimes unfolding and nobody doing anything about it:


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Russia sends Syria upgraded anti-ship cruise missiles

CNN NEWS: May 17, 2013, 8:55 AM (GMT+02:00)
US officials report the delivery to the Syrian government of Yakhont anti-ship cruise missile updated with advanced radar for extending its range and accuracy. It is designed to counter any effort by international forces to supply Syrian rebels from the sea, impose a naval embargo, establish a no-fly zone or carry out limited strikes. DEBKAfile adds: The improved Yakhont enables Syria to keep Israeli missile ships far from its coast and block troop landings..

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Again great post Ziad, keep those juicy rat starts coming! How the jidahis are bleeding….

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Best Wile E. Coyote moment so far:
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Ok Everyone, its official Hezbollah will be recipient of BUK MISSILE SYSTEM!

THE BUK-93K7 SA-11 Gadfly, SA-17 Grizzly
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What an incredibly complex mess this is all vortexing into now that for the first time a retired US Naval commander has come out saying that the death of American Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Benghazi was a bungled attempt by the Obama criminal syndicate to arrange for Srevens’ capture and then an exchange set up in which Barack Obama would be made to look as some sort of hero for obtaining Stevens’ release. Benghazi was the transshipment location for weapons and munitions channeled out of Kibya into Turkey on Libyan registered ships for Turkey. Turkey is such an incredibly duplicitous… Read more »

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