These carcasses are photographed by SANA outside Qudsaayaa in rural Damascus.  The bearded rodent has been determined to be Chechen.  His identification is pending. 

Qudsaayaa:   A whole bunch of foreign terrorists took the Tube to Styx Station for their eternal banquet hosted by the King of Lies.  No details because none of the rats had documentation.  The number killed is 28.  No survivors.

Jawbar:  At the Teachers’ Building Complex, the SAA and NDF took down a gaggle of these skunks:

“Abu-Hamza Al-Maydaani” of the Hamza and Al-‘Abbaas Battalion (yawn). Rat leader.
Maazen ‘Azhama
Abdul-Malik Fayyaadh
Hassan Abu-Reesha 
Ahmad Al-Homsi
Qaassem Al-Shoofi

Another 4 could not be identified.

Shifooniyya:  (Chiffonier):  At the crossroads, rat-kills galore:

Hamza Taahaa
Yunus Al-Hallaaq
Jum’ah Zaytoon
Muhammad Zuhayr Al-Tabbaakh (Now cooking at Satan’s banquet in Hell)
Kamaal Ahmad Shareef
Jawdaat Khardal
Abdullah Al-Qasseer
2 others could not be identified.

Barzeh Town:  Liwaa’ Al-Islam took it hard on the chin and rode the express choo-choo to Belial’s septic tank.  Besides 18 killed, SAA destroyed or seized 4 sniper rifles, 2 vans, 3 flatbeds with the usual “you know what” and lots of ammo for our militia.  Good show.  No details as all of the carcasses were foreigners.

Daarayaa:  These bearded rodents keep trying to come back as though they left a stash of heroin in somebody’s apartment.  Yesterday, a known Islamist Salafist Takfeeri hog by the name of “ABU MUS’AB”
of the “LIONS OF THE FURQAAN” (Another word for “Qur’an”. Yawn.)  The porcine perpetrators were killed at the “Land of Pears” to the tune of 3.  They had no identification.  Monzer says the leader was identified by a “source”.

Al-Reehaan:  In the area of Douma near the Ibn Sina Hospital and at the crossroads of Reehaan, a cache of weapons was seized and transferred to the NDF and militia.  6 rodents were killed trying to slink away.  4 were taken prisoner. We want to thank Prince Fatso of Catarrh for the nice gift, though:

Muneer ‘Ali Mukhtaar
“Abu Saleem” (id pending)
Mu’tazz ‘Aashoor
Fareed Al-Bustanji
Abdul-Kareem Ramlaawi
Bilaal Furayjaat

Harmala:  More weapons destroyed or seized as rodents abandon positions after assault by Republican Guard tanks with militia.  No details on fatalities.

Harasta:  Liwaa’ Al-Islam goes down for the count as special forces and militia hit them hard and fast at the Al-Hassan Mosque Roundabout.  Of the 8 dead rodents, only one carried documents:

Saaleh Jawaad Al-Tahhaan

Hujjayra:  Near the Yarmouk Camp, an AFGHAN was discovered among the rodents carcasses:

“Imaam Al-Islam Al-Haadi” (yawn)  This was an Afghan dung beetle blown into smithereens by a grenade.
Tawfeeq Al-Raadhi
Fahd Al-Ghawraani   (SANA)

Al-Dhiyaabiyya:  4 rodents dispatched.  3 rodents in the cage.  8 machine guns and ammunition seized and delivered to NDF.  Thank you again Prince Fatso.

‘Adra:  At Mazaari’ Al-Reehaan near the cardboard factory and Cooking Pot Hill (Tallat Al-Tanjara) just north of Al-Sahl and Dhahr Al-Daara.  2 nests of gnats were uncovered complete with brand new machine guns, communication equiptment, grenades, shock grenades, drugs galore and a chess board!!  Thank you, Prince Fatso.

Also, at the Sbeedaaj Factory,  12 rodents took the T-Bar down to a cozy corner in Hades:

‘Ali Jawhar
Muneeb Kassaab 
Nooreddeen Bahbooj
Haareth Basraawi

No details about the other 8.

Al-Nabak:  Militia killed 10 rats and took all their equipment.  2 mortars were seized along with Israeli-manufactured grenades and night-vision goggles.  We certainly will use those Mr. Benjamin Mileikowski (a/k/a Netanyahu) – and, of course, with thanks to Prince Fatso. 

Jameel Masaalima
Haydar Ruhayli
Rafeeq Muhammad
Mahmoud Abu-Sawfaan
Bassaam Al-Khayyaat
‘Ali Saqlab
Muhammad Al-Shaykh
Zaayed Qawabaan
‘Atiyya Abu-Shalla (?)

The 10th rat could not be identified.  


Al-Baab:  SAA seizes a rocket launcher and kills the one rocketeer:

Sa’doon ‘Ali Jabru

Al-Nayrab:  In what was described as a brilliant surround-and-snuff operation, the NDF put down these rodents:

Abdul-Razzaaq Mut’ib Al-Wasami  (“Liwaa’ Jund Al-Haramayn Al-Shareefayn”.  Soldiers of the Two Noble Sanctuaries. I.E.  Mecca and Madina. Yawn)  He is also known as “Al-Saqr”, the Falcon, double yawn.
‘Uthmaan Al-‘Uthmaan
“Abu Mukhtaar Al-Tunisi” (id pending. Tunisian rodent)

Another 12 could not be identified.

Al-Maslamiyya:  Near the Miami Restaurant and the Khawlandi Depot, 5 rats took the freight train straight to the Void.  No details. All foreigners.

Al-Jubayla:  Near the cement factory and the Hospitality Hill in Handaraat.  16 confirmed dead rats.  Of them only 2 were Syrian.

Mustafa Hussayn Bajji
Rukneddeen ‘Allaaf

Mannagh:  They keep trying and failing.  18 carcasses now are added to the compost heap piling up around this area.

‘Ain Diqna:  Militia backed by SAA tanks ripped a hole in a warehouse and fired into it killing 7 rodents.  More ammo taken thanks to Prince Fatso.

Yazeed Al-Muraabet
‘Eed Furaykatli
Ahmad Khursheed

The other four were North Africans and bearded.

Al-‘Alqamiyya:  2 rodents killed.  All Jabhat Al-Nusra.  All foreign.

Bayaanoon:  Sadreddeen Al-Bayaanooni’s home town.  May it burn to the ground.  3 killed.

Kafr Antoon:  Another 14 killed.  No details yet.

Maayer:  All 3 rodents had beards and looked Yemeni.  They also wore their kuffiyehs Yemeni style.

Al-Shaykh Sa’eed:  Police and militia sent these bozos into the Afterburner:

Ghaith Duroobi
‘Adnaan Tibindanli (This guy sounds real Turkish but had Syrian papers)

Aleppo City:  Attempted rat infiltration into favorite vacation site, but no luck.  4 killed. 2 wounded and warbling.

South of the Palace of Justice, 23 rats were culled from the population but no details yet.

Ba’eedeen Roundabout:  According to SANA, dead rats are in the 10s but no details. Weal did not mention anything about this area today.

Al-Hameediyya:  Read disaster for rats as SAA surrounded an entire nest of them and killed everyone.  No survivors.  The count was 22 dead.  No details.

Al-Layramoon:  Once again, a firefight at the Institute for Enhancement of Seeds, with 4 killed.  All without papers.  6 taken prisoner.

Tal Rif’at:  A firefight with no details.

‘A’zaaz:  12 confirmed rat deaths. Wael cannot get anybody to give him names.  Might be all foreign.


Sailing down the Euphrates with Prince Fatso’s weapons is not easy when the shoreline is rife with predatory SAA infantrymen.  That’s right folks.  3 boats were sunk to see if the rodents could swim.  Normally, they can. But not these imbeciles.  Some drowned and some were shot trying to crawl to shore.  Thank you Prince Fatso for the nice gifts.

Al-Jubayla Neighborhood:  Central Park area.  A mortar was seized and its operator arrested. Thank you, Prince Fatso.

HOMS:  Lots of news, but I’m tired.  Let us all just say that Al-Qusayr is a disaster for FSA. 

I’ll tell you about Homs and Al-Raqqa tomorrow morning.  I’ve got to get some R&R.


بهدوء لماذا ذهبت السعودية نحو الخيار الإسرائيلي؟
Ah, inter-faith tolerance and love. It’s so touching.….tha…that’s all folks.


 It looks like the Brits are finally using their heads.  Maybe they won’t repeat the same mistakes. Maybe everybody believes, deep in their hearts, that the war Blair fought in Iraq was based on a lies:

Bjorn, read this article. It discusses Al-Qusayr:

If you want propaganda, you’ve got to read this about 6,000 air force officers defecting to Jordan.  Oh, boy! Nobody can beat a Zionist when it comes to telling whoppers:

So who’s corrupt?  Karzai or the CIA?

I sure hope somebody in America reads Global Research:

Good article in German from Anonymous about 200 supporters of terrorists from the Caucasus living in Germany:

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