الجيش السوري يسيطر على مختلف قرى ريف القصير وحقيقة أحداث «الضبعة» 
Their morale is in the Heavens.  The Syrian Army cannot be broken by Obama’s rats or his catsup-selling Secretary of State.  Long live secular Syria!!

Jisr Al-Shughoor:   A pack of rats attacked a checkpoint yesterday and were greeted with a barrage of bullets and rockets from well-equipped, battle-hardened infantrymen.  We have confirmed the death of 18 rodents with only 6 being Syrian:

Ra’ad Saleem ‘Ajami
Sulaymaan ‘Ali Munajjid
As’ad Ismaa’eel
Muhammad Mahfoozh
Maazen Al-Saaleh
Ahmad Al-Waheed

Al-Jaanoodiyya:  4 Libyan rodents were killed.  All their names are fake noms de guerre.  They had terrorized this small village for months until the SAA came in and executed them.

Al-Hamaama: Confirmed 11 dead rats.  One Syrian only among the group who acted as a scout for them. They were all “Liwaa’ Al-Tawheed” garbage:

Shaadi Humaydaan

Al-Ya’qoobiyya:  18 confirmed Wahhabist rats dead.  Only 3 carried identification on them:

Hassan Al-Fu’aadi
Mustafa Dhaaher
Qaassem Dakaakeeni

Qatroon:  7 killed in artillery blast.  Bodies were dismembered and difficult to identify.

Al-Shughur:   2 rats killed and 6 taken prisoner:

Jamaal Siqlaawi
Muhammad Abdul-Jabbaar

Al-Jaftillak:  23 killed in this battle as they tried to hold on to drugs and money they had pillaged from clinics and citizens throughout the rural Idlib area.  Wael says the drugs were of the “casual” kind.  No names available.

Hajj Hammood Farms:  2 killed:

Khattaar ‘Izzo
‘Ali Hassanaat

‘Ain Al-Baarida:  A nest of lizards was rousted by SAA and militia.  All 8 surrendered; all but one, actually, claiming to be an FSA “fighter”.  He is now an FSA tenant in Motel Hell:

Abdul-Baari Mahmoud Raslaan

‘Ain Al-Sawda:  7 killed.  No details.

Kaneesat Nakhla:  An ambush by very clever SAA infantrymen and snipers nailed 9 rats to the wall.  Only 2 were Syrians.  Wael says the others are suspected Chechens and Turks:

Hussayn Al-Jada’
Anas Mustafa

Waadi Al-Mahaameel:  at ‘Ain Shayb, a pack of “Liwaa Al-Tawheed” simian excrement was flushed down the toilet.  All were a mixture of everything but Syrian.  No id.

Binnish:  It’s almost finished.  And it rhymes!  The SAA polished off 42 rats in a combination operation involving infantry, artillery and air power.  Another 200 were estimated to have headed back to Turkish-Occupied Hatay Province.  Of the 42 rats killed, only 11 were Syrians.  I have no details.

Waadi Al-Dhayf and Al-Hameediyya in rural Ma’rrat Al-Nu’maan:  Don’t believe a word of the propaganda from the FSA or Al-Qaeda.  This area is controlled by the SAA and no one else.  They keep trying, though, and losing.  4 carcasses out of 21 were identified as Syrian:

Abdullah Al-Mishlaawi
Hassan ‘Asfoor
Muraad Al-‘Umar
Mahmoud Al-Rifaa’i

Umm Al-Ghazaal:  8 confirmed rodents wiped out:

Saamer Mishlaawi
Adeeb Abu-Al-Haajj
Rafeeq Badreddeen

The rest were not identified.

Tal Salmo:  Big battle. Big results. No details. Estimated carcass count over 60!!

Humaymaat Al-Daayer:  2 killed:

Ghassaan Yanshari
Muhammad Abu-Al-‘Ain

Tal Al-Tooqaan:  4 Chechens killed.  How do Wael’s friends know they are Chechen?  Because they were carrying books and pamphlets in Russian!! That’s how.  What they were doing in this area without a minder is puzzling.

Al-Bayyaa’iyya:  1 confirmed rat killed.

Abdul-Majeed Qutluq (?) (weird name)

Al-Buwayti:  2 killed.  The other 7 could not resist the charms of the MI people and surrendered:

Taaleb Al-‘Annaab
Sameeh Al-‘Ulabi

North Qaati’ Haajiz:  3 rats killed.  All Jabhat Al-Nusra.  All without papers.

BIG TRUCK FROM TURKEY LOADED WITH WEAPONS AND LOTS OF AMMO HEADING FOR RURAL IDLIB DESTROYED AT IBLEEN VILLAGE.  Inside, GS found 25 M/T missiles, 10 Croatian sniper rifles, 100,000 rounds of 7.62mm ammo.  In the explosion and battle, the following rodent was exterminated.

Mustafa Bayyoor

As it turned out, this Bayyoor was a most wanted terrorist.  Of the other 6 rats, none had any identification.  According to Wael, Bayyoor was identified by his face and a tattoo on his right arm.  He was very well known. 


Citizens of Jdaydat Al-Fadhl explode with support for the great Syrian Army.  Free of the Jihadist Salafist Wahhabist rats, they can now live freely in a secular nation.

We are delighted to inform all of you that the enemy is in tatters as we write.  The discredited propaganda machine in the West is now trying to foment anger by inventing stories of massacres and mass graves in the suburb of Jdaydat Al-Fadhl.  The only problem with that howler is that the SAA just cleansed the area and it was the rats who were in control for a short time.  The so-called “Syrian Lavatory for Human Rights” in England was the first to announce this preposterous story.  Be advised, o’ readers, that the only dead bodies in the area are those of the terrorist rats which the Syrian army killed to the tune of 547.  This number is not made up.  Syrian Military Intelligence has counted the number of terrorists killed in this stunning attack the day before yesterday on this area.

For several weeks the SAA, security personnel and militia had been forcing many of the cockroaches to  gravitate in the direction of this suburb out of Daraayyaa in order to finish them off as they concentrated in, what they thought, were defensible positions.  The secret to the whole affair was a network of informants the SAA had among them who kept providing detailed Intel to the High Command.  It does not take a genius to figure what happened after that.  Artillery and pin-point accurate snipers did the rest.  It also did not help the rats when they found out there were no more caches of weapons in the area.

This is a major victory for the SAA and militia. It now means the rats have no place to gather near the capital.  It is a fact that the only hope put out for them now is to try to secure a position in the Der’ah area close to Jordan.  But that is another story.

At Khaan Al-Shaykh, disgusted citizens took up arms against the rats and killed 4 of them.  These were Jabhat Al-Nusra scavengers who had sucked the lifeblood out of the people in this area.  Businessmen hired professional guards and joined them in killing every one they could see.  Monzer reports that another 3 surrendered, were beaten up by the citizens, and then turned over to security.



مقتل قيادي تونسي من تيار أنصار الشريعة السلفية الوهابية في السفيرة

This pile of pig excrement in Al-Sufayra shows you the very dregs of North African society.  This Wahhabist Salafist toilet paper is now brushing Satan’s behind in Hell.  His name is “Qays Al-Huloomi” of the Jabhat Al-Nusra.   

Al-Nayrab:  In rural Aleppo at the Al-Manaara service station, SAA destroyed a bulldozer used to construct dirt defenses and to dig trenches for rats.  7 vermin were sent to Hell:

Labeeb Muhammad Al-Saqaa
Bassaam ‘Ali Dakhlallah
Khaleel Wassfi Al-Sirhaan
Abdul-Ra’oof Mahmoud 
‘Imaad Saaleh Keekhia
Muhammad Abdul-Naasser Nahhaas
Mustafa Habeeb Al-Ajwad

Tal Rif’aat:  18 rodents killed from Jabhat Al-Nusra.  Of the 18, 3 were identified:

Muhammad Sa’ad Makhool
Raadhi Jaaber Hadeed
Muhammad Ameer Tutunji

Al-Layramoon:  A Doschka machine gun cannon was destroyed along with a flatbed truck ferrying skunks.  Of the 5 killed, only this one was identified:

Saamer Muhammad Shamma

Shaykh Maqsood, at the Youth Residencies, 7 mollusks were dispatched to Mephisto’ barbecue:

Shaaher Abdul-Rahmaan Iskandarbey
Taareq Bilaal Idreesi

The other 5 could not be identified.

Al-Haajj Bridge Roundabout:  2 flatbeds with mounted machine gun cannons were sent to rust-Hell by militia and SAA back-up.  No details about the 8 dead scavengers.

Al-Baab Road near the Research Complex Residential Quarters, 4 flatbeds went a-flying with their passengers straight to the big universal sewer in Hades.  3 23mm anti-aircraft machine guns and 6 mortars were also destroyed.  The number killed was 22.  Of those only these 5 could be identified:

Hassan Al-Shamaali
Mahmoud Tizqaan (?)
Najeeb Abu-Sayf
Jawaad Sinnu
Mahmoud Sa’eed

Old City at the Carlton Hotel, 15 rodents went to the taxidermist.  No details.  This was a SAFI operation.


Enjoy this tape of Dr. Assad visiting our troops in Baba ‘Amr: Courtesy of Anonymous:

We must add another town on the Lebanese border to the list of liberated areas now off-limits to the terrorist mercenaries Obama, Erdoghan and Prince Fatso sent to destroy Syria:

Al-Jaaroosiyya is no longer available to take in ignorant yokels in the shape of skunks. 

In addition to this, SAA control over the town of Al-Nabi Manduh gives us the ability to see the entire theater of operations in Lebanon.  No longer will the rats have free reign with their miserable motorcycles.  It’s over in Lebanon.  All they can do now is threaten the stinking Lebanese government.

AL-DHAB’AH AIRBASE IS FIRMLY IN THE HANDS OF THE SAA AND AIR FORCE.  It is free of rats.  We are going to confirm for you the death of 128 rodents out of 500 who had attacked the essentially empty base but were thwarted by a fusillade of lead from very adroit Syrian army soldiers.  DON’T BELIEVE A WORD FROM THE TERRORIST SUPPORTERS.  THE BASE IS TOTALLY IN OUR HANDS!!

This remnant filth-monger was killed in Judaydat Al-Fadhl two days ago.  He will make a good cadaver for anatomy training. 


Mr. Heinz 57 Variety promises “non-lethal” aid to the FSA led by the know-nothing former general, Salim Idris, even as the Syrian army is annihilating his forces in Idlib, Homs, Damascus, Der’ah and Al-Hasaka. 

So the FSA in Lebanon, now without a way into Syria, has threatened to bring the war to Lebanon itself.  Let’s see how long the rats survive against the full power of Hizbullah?

Good show, People of Tripoli.  But start snitching on the gun-runners.  They’re the cause of all the trouble:

Note how the Zionist filth try to cover up for the stinking rats they support:  Jdaydat Al-Fadhl was just liberated by the SAA and was occupied by the terrorist rodents.  Who do you think would be responsible for this massacre?,7340,L-4370683,00.html

Rudolph Guiliani is so ignorant it makes one wonder how the American political system continues to function.  Here’s a stinging one from our friends at Antiwar:

Well, Abdullah!  What is your solution to this problem.  Are you going to continue supporting the rats?  Syrian refugees may be this Tom Thumb’s undoing.  Best thing since 1970:

The BBC is fully aware that Rami Abdul-Rahman has no sources in Syria but continue to trumpet his ridiculous reports.  This one’s a real gut-buster:

What did we tell you folks?



Maria and Zultra worked to make the Dhab’ah airbase fiasco (for the terrorists) more accessible.  Here is a 9-minute version for your delectation.  And remember: Allahu Akbar!!!

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Level 0 - Anonymous

thank God for the victories.

let us pray that God grants to secure the whole lebanon border and destroys all terrosists in the cities villages and countryside near the border

God do justice in syria !

Level 0 - Anonymous

I like this blog, even if it’s somewhat subjective

Level 0 - Anonymous

I was watching videos of SAA operations and they looked to be fighting in the middle of a large apartment complex. Several ran between the buildings and the last soldier was hi apparently and he crawled to where the other soldiers were taking cover. They assisted him and then called in a BMP and a tank for cover evacuating him. What struck me was their professionalism under fire. The tank then moved into the open between two large buildings and fired a round at a foreign terrorist position and then the infantry and mechanized vehicles moved out of the area.… Read more »

Level 0 - Anonymous

Always the British spin on events now portraying Moaz al-Khatib as some all knowing diplomatic statesman and Imam who can bring resolve to Syria’s crisis. The British spin Moaz al-Khatib as some local holy man who is, and get this: “highly regarded inside Syria.” Syrians probably don’t even know who Moaz al-Khatib is, at least outside of Damascus where it is alleged he is from. Then, the British claim that there is a “supreme command of the Syrian Opposition (FSA). How smug can they get? Moaz al-Khatib is now “resigning” because as he says, “there is lack of international support… Read more »

Level 0 - Anonymous

YAY something other than, “The Syrian Regime is using chemical weapons,” or “The Syrian Regime is suspected of yet another massacre,” or “Bashar Al Assad must go.”

All news is subjective but western news is getting pretty awful especially since they try to pretend like they are actually giving a non biased opinion.

Soon though we in the west will be made criminals merely by looking at any other news outlets. Just wait and see. The big men in power are pissed that their war in Syria isn’t going the way they wanted due to the spread of information.

Level 0 - Anonymous

Okay, so I’ve been been doing some serious background checks and look what I found, a special report. A Special Report from Friends for a Nonviolent World written by Mohja Kahf, PhD, (born 1967, Damascus, Syria) is an Arab-American poet and author. Mohja Kahf received her Ph.D. in comparative literature from Rutgers University and is currently an associate professor of comparative literature and faculty member of the King Fahd Center for Middle East and Islamic Studies at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. King Fahd Center for Middle East and Islamic Studies?! In Arkansas?! Mohja Kahf has called the Syrian… Read more »

Level 0 - Anonymous

Let all the salafist terrorist scum in Syria find their grave by the hands of the SAA en NDF. And please do start killing those ‘Dutch’ jihadis holed up in some villa with a pool in a suburb of Aleppo. It is owned by some Saudi-freak. MI should be able to find out which villa this is and send some missiles to kill all those rats. That would be great!!!

Cant wait to read that story in Dutch newspapers…..

Level 0 - Anonymous

Adnan Aroor goes crazy about Al Qusayr.

and he gives great stats: 500 dead rats in 3 hours lolz.

Best of luck to the SAA and good luck cleaning the area!