BELGIUM:  A Belgian weekly, the Knack, confirmed that 12 Belgian citizens have died and gone to Hell in Syria.  That’s right friends, 12 Jihadists have gotten what they were seeking courtesy of the Syrian Arab Army.  We congratulate their rat families on the sacrifices these rodents have given for the cause of Nihilism.  Good Show!!

12 إرهابياً بلجيكياً قتلوا في سورية  
We are sure the Hormel Corporation will enjoy picking up these morsels for the SPAM factory.
BEIRUT, LEBANON:  Lebanese authorities seized a container at the Beirut Port which contained a large amount of modern communication equipment heading for terrorist rats in Syria.  The Lebanese authorities are now inquiring into the source. SyrPer has learned that the source is France and that the equipment was heading for northern Lebanon for use by the FSA morons who have had serious problems trying to infiltrate into Syria.  Some of the equipment was designed to intercept SAA communications.

ضبط أجهزة اتصال متطورة في بيروت بطريقها إلى سورية
Juhaina News showed this photo as an example of the electronic equipment seized in Beirut.

SyrPer can confirm that a convoy of Jabhat Al-Nusra vans with missiles was interdicted at Jubb Al-Ahmar.   Both SAA and NDF took part in the eradication of the rats as they struggled to avoid one another amid the chaos.  These are the confirmed names:

LIBYAN RODENT:  Ma’roof Abdul-Salaam
MOROCCAN RODENT:  Ahmad Abdul-Nabi
Eid Faraawaa
Muhammad Subayhi
Ali Marwa
Mahmoud Juraydaani
Ahmad Al-Haajj
Deeb Shaqra
Zuhayr Jeeju (?)

Another 16 had no papers on them.

Khaan Al-Jawz:  SAA and militia kibosh these Kuwaiti flies:

KUWAITI: Rimaah Al-‘Unayzi 
KUWAITI: Abu ‘Aamer Al-Qaysi
SUDANESE: Al-Hassan ‘Uthmaan 
‘Aqeel Hamaama
Muhammad Al-Kawwaari

Another 6 remain unidentified.

Al-Firiz:  A nest of rats was hardly completed before SAA came down on it and killed all 7 rodents:

JORDANIAN FLY DROPPING:  Abdul-Rahmaan Al-Shumaylaat
SAUDI GNAT:  Abdul-Rahmaan Saalehi
EGYPTIAN:  Muhammad ‘Umar
Maaher Ali Qunduz
Ridhaa Al-Jammaal

The other 2 had no identification.

Drugs were found among the assault weapons.

Al-Saaqiya Al-Karat:  Another nest of grubs was discovered and all its inhabitants given a free ticket to Satan’s banquet in Hades:

YEMENI:  Ahmad ‘Umar Al-Shaami
YEMENI:  Mu’dheb Ali
Khaaled Al-Hawli

6 others could not be identified.  8 motorcycles were destroyed.  A truck with a heavy machine gun cannon was also seized.

Al-Ghunaymiyya:  Firefight started between Jabhat Al-Nusra freaks and NDF.  SAA arrived and finished the job:

JORDANIAN APE:  Ahmad Abdul-Razzaaq Al-Shumaylaan
SAUDI CAT DROPPING:  Sawdayr Al-Jaazaan
Ahmad Al-Taweel
Abdul-Lateef Jabali
Ali Al-Kishik

Another 17 had no papers on them.

KINSIBBAJabhat Al-Nusra degenerate sex Jihadists were sent to Hell’s brothel when SAA came upon a grouping:

LIBYAN APE:  Kareem Al-Saaleh
SAUDI HYENA:  Uthmaan Ibn Muhaareb Al-Khufayri
SAUDI HYENA2:  ‘Ammaar Al-Dawsari
MOROCCAN CAMEL DROPPING:  Al-Mu’tazz Billaah Al-‘Alwaani
‘Aaref Muhssen
Khayreddeen Al-Mu’ti
Abdul-Fattaah Nammoor

Another 6 could not be identified. 8 were taken prisoner.

Al-Shurooq:  A convoy was destroyed.  No details from Wael yet.

Al-Kabeer:  Firefight with no details.

Al-Muz’ila:  Firefight nets 9 rats.  No details.

DAYR EL-ZOR:  Near the Waadi Al-‘Ain Bridge on the new Highway connecting Dayr El-Zor to Aleppo, SAA clashed with Jabhat Al-Nusra at the village of “Mohassan” and killed 7 rodents.   The rats belonged to “Aaisha Brigade” (yawn).  Say hello to Aaisha for me in Hell.

Hayy Al-‘Urfi:  SAA put to death this criminal:

Khaaled Al-Tabbaash 
Another 4 went with him.  No names.

DAMASCUS:  Confirmed clean-out at Barzeh where a fragile calm has taken over after the SAA and militia killed 72 rats during a firefight that lasted 48 hours.

Al-Tadhaamon:  Near the northern entrance to the Yarmouk Camp, Palestinians popular committees zeroed  in on a pack of rats and killed them all.  The bodies have been turned over to authorities.  No details.

Jawbar:  4 IEDs dismantled each containing 25kgs of explosives to be detonated by remote control. They were found on the main road in the city.

Darayya:  Nothing big here.  On the west side, SAA destroyed a car filled with weapons and several motorcycles.

Al-Nabak:  Firefight. No details.

Al-Maleeha:  a mortar was destroyed and 4 rats with it:

Haadi Ali Safraa
Muhammad Karneeb
‘Afeef Ahmad Naysoor
Abdul-Rahmaan Al-Bakri

Al-Sabeena:  A large number of rats condemned to eternity in Satan’s presto cooker.  No details.


In the city, the SAA cornered a unit of rodents and killed them all:

Muhammad Shihaada Bajbooj
Faadi Moussa Mustafa Al-Dayyaat
Khodr Issa Al-‘Alloosh Al-Zu’bi

Another 3 could not be identified.

Izra’:  At the Hayy Al-Dhunaybar, 3 gnats were crushed.  No id.

Ghabaagheb:  39 rodents from the Jabhat Al-Nusra were killed in an amazing direct air strike on their position by a MiG21.  The area was then strafed to insure no vermin came out alive.  Of the 39 carcasses, these names were sent to SyrPer by Monzer:

Raslaan ‘Abbood
Mahmoud Ali-Hussayn Dunnayfaat
Hassan ‘Ajrami   
Salaah Abu-Kawthar
IRAQI SCUM:  Naasser Al-Hindi
Abdul-Salaam Suslu
Saadeq Karraajaa

No other names provided to Monzer yet.

Al-Sanamayn:  Another 48 rats were counted dead after an encirclement by SAA and devastating cannonfire that tore them into pieces. Monzer’s info is that most bodies were dismembered due to the intensity of the artillery coupled with Hind helicopter strafing.  This was an FSA disaster and even a bigger one for the incompetent American terrorist enablers in Jordan.  

ALEPPO:  At Maslamiyya near the carpet factory, SAA engaged Jabhat Al-Nusra rodents and killed 12 of them.  All were foreigners with no papers.

Al-‘Uwwayja:  A firefight netted 2 rats.  8 wounded or taken prisoner by security.


Al-Rastan area: Umm Sharshooh, Jabhat Al-Nusra paid its debt to the Devil and lost 7 rats:

Hamza ‘Abbaas (rat leader of “Al-Faylaq Al-Awwal”. Pretty fancy name for a pack of rodents).
Mahmoud Ghiraawi
Yaasser Homsi

Another 3 could not be identified.

Jubb Zurayq:  The Jabhat Al-Nusra cashed in two rodents for a pig’s knuckle.  No details.


Fayloon (var. Bikfayloon) – an IED was discovered in a KIA truck carrying one ton of explosives.  The truck was destroyed and made a big boom sound.

Saraaqeb:  A command-and-control hq for the “Shari’ah Courts” of the imaginary Caliphate of Poop was put to the flames by the SAA.  According to Wael, the security people are just counting the dead rats.


At Ibil, we can confirm many Saudis and Lebanese in a unit of monkeys.  No names today.  Many won’t be identified anyway.  Wael tells me the number killed is over 30.

Haalaat:  Another one of those infiltrations mishandled by the French terrorists in Lebanon.  It was preceded by an artillery barrage from the FSA but fizzled out when they tried to cross.  It was a massacre.  No details.

 Army kills Terrorists in Several Areas, Foils Infiltration Attempt from Lebanon
 Some photos of rats caught trying to get in the house near Homs.  So tragic, really.  Boo hoo hoo.



Jabhat Al-Nusra thieves attacked a cotton gin where all 3 assailants were killed.  Names not available.

Hayy Al-Mushayrifa:  Heroes of Obama’s Army of Pillaging attacked a communications center and stole contents worth over 41 million Syrian pounds.  They also attacked the 7th of April Station with less luck.


أسماء إرهابيي

TUNISIAN APE EXCREMENT FLUSHED DOWN THE MAIN SEWER TO BEELZEBUB IN AL-MULAYHA (var. Al-Maleeha).  This fly on the haunches of a Barbary ape went down last night in a hail of fire. His name?  “AYMAN AL-TUNISI” (id pending).  He belonged to the “Al-Baraa’ Brigade” (yawn).     
Hujjayra:  A Jabhat Al-Nusra rat leader belonging to the “Abaabeel Hawran Brigade” (yawn) found out he could see his torso from a different angle after a tank shell dismembered him.  He was attacking the Tamiko Drug Company at the time.   His name?
Khaleefa Bin Humaydan (id pending and citizenship.  Id’ed by warbler)
Jawbar:  At the Tayyiba Mosque.  14 rats killed.  3 taken prisoner, all wounded and dying (hopefully)
Shiffooniyya:  A rat nest was uncovered with all 7 killed.  Drugs and weapons seized.
Muhammad Al-Sibaa’i
Naaji Hussayn
“Abu Naasser” (id pending)
Taymoor Ali Sahlab
Hussayn Buwaydhaani
Mahmoud ‘Ajjaan

Al-‘Utayba:  23 rats killed with 12 wounded in firefight.  A large machine gun cannon and a mortar was confiscated.
Al-‘Ibaada:  An attack on a General Security Directorate failed miserably with all 18 rats killed near Dayr ‘Atiyya.
Zabadaani:  At the Hayy Al-Shalaah, 4 remnant toads were dispatched.  Another 7 scurried back to Lebanon.
Al-Hajar Al-Aswad:  2 rats killed.  Another 3 wounded.
Jaramaana:  A mixed Druze and Christian quarter of South Damascus was lucky today when adroit security spotted a suspicious pick-up truck and brought in sappers to defuse a 100 kg IED intended for innocent citizens.  Thank you Obama!  Murderer!!
HAMA:  At Jubb Zurayq to the east of Hama City,  11 rats killed in firefight (I have the names) and some taken prisoner.
Adeeb Masshoor
Abdul-‘Aal Najraani
Hassan Hammooda
Zayd Al-Sha’aar
Majdi Al-Ghareeb

The remaining 6 could not be identified.

Tal Buraydij:  North of the City near Karnaaz, Wael reports 66 rodents downed by artillery and infantry.  Big loss to FSA.  I have some names.
Al-Baared Al-Kareem: West of Hama.  IEDs with 40kg payloads, machine guns and drugs seized.
HOMS:  ‘Aqrab in the Al-Hoola.  3 RPGs seized  with all rats killed in the nest.  Wael reports 2 confirmed dead and 8 surrendering.  
Kayseen: A nest of vipers was destroyed with 3 killed and 3 wounded.

Burj Qaa’i:  All occupants of a nest of rats were killed.  The number was 7.

Palmyra: (Tadmur)  9 rats killed.  No survivors.

DER’AH:  In the city, security put down a wanted terrorist rodent

Bashshaar Youssuf Ali ‘Aayedh Al-Masaalima

Daa’el-Tableen Road:  A skirmish killed all 7 rats.

Izr’a’ intersection and the Der’ah Highway, the SAA killed 13 rats.  The only carcasses identified were these:

Abdul-Hameed Yahya Al-Nussayraat
Muhammad Hassan ‘Uqla


Fighting was intense as SAA reinforcements continue the campaign to de-contaminate the area.  Fighting was noteworthy in these areas:

Ma’arrat Dibsi
Ma’arrat Al-Nu’maan: 18 rats killed
Al-Nayrab: The same camp.
Bidhahboor:  11 killed.
Southwest Al-Koonsarwaa at Ma’arratmasreen:  Big battle with lots of rats killed.  No details yet.
Saraaqeb:  Almost rat-free
Al-Ghassaaniyya: This pretty Christian town close to Hatay was defiled by the presence of Salafist ordure.  It is now safe for the population which remains in Latakia out of fear of a re-infestation.  My brother-in-law’s wife is from this town.


At the Nayrab Palestinian Refugee Camp, the inhabitants fought battles with the FSA and kicked them out of the camp promising never to let them back in.  While the fighting was going on, the SAA cleared the entire route to ‘Azeeza Village opening a supply route straight into the camp.  Militia immediately entered and brought weapons for the Palestinians.  A security committee has now been set up between the camp and the village of ‘Azeeza.  This was a disaster for FSA in its clear message that even the Palestinians don’t want it.



 Prince Fatso’s slutty daughter Hind has now been exposed pimping for the Jihadists in Syria.  Hind bint Hamad bin Khalifa of the Second Rate Tribe is using her talent for sleaze to find “comfort women” for the hardworking mercenary terrorists her father is funding in Syria.  According to the French weekly: “La Depeche du Midi”, she has immersed herself in this great undertaking by recruiting faithful Jihadists through offers of sex.  She also provides brothels for the rodents.  Aren’t you proud of her work?  You can have her too for $75.00.    

War crimes trials must start for NATO leaders and the rat Arabians.  Look at this.  What is Dr. Bashar Jafari doing at the U.N.?
More war crimes for your dossier:

This is why it’s so important for Dr. Ja’fari to get off his duff and start making noise.  Mr. Lehmann weighs in: 

This is one time you’ll see Ziad supporting what these Zionists are doing.  Hang him!!



Souri Homsi sends this tape of a rat taking it right in the noggin:

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