LATAKIA EXTERMINATION OF COCKROACHES CONTINUES AT AL-RUBAY’AH.  SyrPer has confirmed on-going clashes at Al-Rayhaaniyya, near the killing fields of Al-Rubay’ah close to the border of Turk-Occupied Hatay.  Wael is with GS agents monitoring the battle which has seen over 203 dead rats collecting and rotting on the rocky slopes of the hillsides there.  It is difficult to identify bodies because many lie in positions which could endanger Syrian army personnel.  However, there have been incidents of hand-to-hand combat with the SAA always coming out on top. Here are some of the carcasses.  Wael says the number could rise to over 500 if the Jabhat Al-Nusra terrorists continue to attack in this “crazed” say.  Many of the rats are Tunisian as can be determined by intercepted communications:

Badee’ Mahmoud Al-Hajj  
Abdul-Salaam ‘Akko
Muhsen Ali Karraam
Burhaan Ahmad
Dawood Hussayn Abu-‘Aita
Ridha Hassan Mansee
Mulla Najeeb
Abdul-Wahhaab Mustafa Al-Saa’aati
Husaam Al-Jubayri
Taareq Al-Ahmar
Baheej Bihamraawi
“Abi Talha” (id pending)
Muhammad Al-‘Ali
Ali Saleem Tamar
Hussayn Midhat
Abed-Rabbu Muhammad Madani
Ihsaan Al-‘Uroob
Idrees Jameel Qaasimi

2 pick-up trucks were also destroyed in the fighting.

ALGERIA:  The Algerian government announced yesterday that it would not recognize the NACOSROF embarrassment.  End of subject.


At Qaaboon, Syrian Air Force jets struck terrorist rats with remarkable precision killing a confirmed 143 over a span of two days.  Monzer says the technology and techniques are getting better and better while the tactics of the enemy are getting worse, at best.  The bombers of choice were Sukhoi 22s.  SAA infantrymen helped to clean up the horrific mess left behind with putrefying rat limbs spread over a large swathe of territory in the suburb:

Saaber Ajmaani
Yahya Ali Al-Jubraan
Wafee Jameel
Muhammad Jawwaal 
Saati’ Muwaffaq Al-Bunni
Ismaa’eel Hassan
Ahmad Idlibi

Archive photo of Syrian SU-22 bombing vermin in 2012.  It did quite a job in Qaaboon

Another 40 torsos and limbs could not be made out.  There were many without any documents and believed to be foreigners.

JAWBAR:  Still an on-going disaster for whomsoever concocted this idiot’s errand.  The SAA is cautiously bringing this chapter to a close as remnant rats scatter in the direction of Adra.  At Parliament Roundabout and Al-Tayyiba Mosque in the area of the Transportation Building, the following dung beetles were swept up in the dustbin and deposited in a manure pile far below the surface of the earth:

Ahmad Tayyaara (rat leader)
Ziyaad Al-Rifaa’i (not to be confused with the young Palestinian/Jordanian I met at Harvard)
“Abu Jawdat” (id pending)

NEW ADRA:  Special Forces put these worms on the hook fishing for bottom-feeding scavengers in Hell:

Basheer ‘Ayboor
Ahmad Al-Hiloo
Ya’rub Dahlaan
Muhammad Al-Najjaar
Jameel Mahmoud Naasser
Mundher Al-Ruhaybaani    

Another 16 carcasses had no papers. 


SAA and militia destroyed 2 separate gangs and killed all members.  Only 2 names were provided by the MoD:

Amjad Waleed (rat leader)
Umar Wafaa (rat leader)

Monzer assures me that over 22 others were killed and their identities not being revealed.  A British subject could be among the group, he writes.


At the Bikfaloon Wall in rural Idlib, Jabhat Al-Nusra fanatics made their last stand and were gunned down to a rat:

Hakeem Qaazaan
‘Imaad Al-Khashabi
Abdul-‘Azeez Furaymi

Another 7 had no identification. 

Central Prison:  12 rats confirmed dead.  No names yet.

Al-Nayrab – fast becoming a running gag among the SAA.  These rodents were sunk:

‘Adheedh Sa’doon Al-Sayrafi
Muhyi-Aldeen Riyaadh
Al-Sayyid Salmaan

Another 4 were burned beyond recognition along with their papers, if any.

NE Sarmeen: a gun battle erupted after Jabhat Al-Nusra insects tried to take over an SAA checkpoint.  The results were SAA 0 – JN 7:

Jawaad Hassan Sutayhi
Yaasser ‘Umraan

The other 5 could not be positively identified.

 Ma’arratmasreen:  8 bearded trolls killed.  No ids.

Kafrooma:  SAA cleans out den of iniquity.  SAA grenade hits the mark and kills all 4 inside a safe house huddled at the front window trying to snipe. 2 surrendered.    

“Abu Safwaan Al-Tunisi” (id pending)
Muhammad Salqeeni

The other 2 had no papers and their names were not known to the prisoners.

Majdalyaa:  This was a clean-up operation after residents alerted the SAA to the presence of vermin.  No details.  Wael says the number killed is about 5.

Jisr Al-Shughoor area.  At Shaykh Sindiyaan, 14 buzzards were shot dead. They were all Al-Qaeda types.

Suhayl Al-Jaar
Talal Muhammad Shalash
‘Umar Al-Teebi
Khalil Zakariyya 
Hamza Abu-Awn

The balance remains unidentified.

Hallouz:  My deceased mother-in-law’s home town overlooking the Wadi Al-Ghaab.  A pretty Christian village with a church and a ice-cold spring outside it.  I hope nobody hurt the white donkey there.  8 scavengers were put to death trying to scurry away.  No details.

Khirbet Al-Jawz:  11 dead ones here.  No details.

HAMA:  At Hiribnafsa southwest of Hama City, the SAA killed:

Maqlid Raydaani
Abdul-Samad Muraad
Hassan Kassaar ‘Awkaz (?)
Wajeeh Mahmoud Kaylaani

In Al-Haadhir, one of the scenes of battle in the February 1982 bombardment by the SAA, near the Al-‘Usoor Bakery, SAA sappers defanged a 40kg IED.

DAYR EL-ZOR CITY:  At Hayy Al-Sinaa’ah and Al-Shaykh Yaaseen, the SAA dropped the following:

Ahmad Hussayn Abdul-Rahman (rat leader of “the Green Brigade) Yawn.
Anas Al-Shaykh
Ubayda Anas Al-Ukla

Another 7 do not merit mentioning because they were burned to a crisp inside a van loaded with ordnance from Iraq.  Monzer has no details about how the rat leader’s carcass avoided scorching. 

At Al-Huwayqa and Al-Jubayla, militia destroyed 2 cars and 1 motorcycle belonging to Jabhat Al-Nusra.

At Haqla Village, the SAA dropped this clown:

Ayman Al-Zu’bi   

The stats from Homs and Aleppo will have to wait until tomorrow or Friday because Wael is very busy with his own work.  But, he says, the rodents are going down like flies in northern Aleppo. 


“Revolution” Flag Adopted by the Arab League, Outlawed by the Syrian Rebels
From left to right: Captain Kangaroo, Ghassan Shitto, “Prime Minister of Poop”, Wog of the Year Al-Khateeb and some sleeping Turkish dame (Suhayr Al-Ataassi?) at the end.  What a joke!

It’s true.  The Fat Prince ordered signs all over the Conference Area giving cues to the audience regarding when to clap, laugh, ooh and aah and so forth.  We stand behind what we say on this.  Thus, when the Syrian traitors were introduced as the new Syrian government, people could be heard speaking to one another and prompting others to cheer.  It was very embarrassing for many of the delegates to this junket destination.

You had a cabal of opposition “activists”, one of whom had already resigned his post as head of NACOSROF;  a transplanted Kurd/Syrian who hasn’t set foot in Syrian for 30 years; a former children’s program star who is tolerated only because he was baptized a Christian;  and a woman who is a Turk!

Let’s be cruel and accurate at the same time.  Ghassan Hitto (aka “Shitto”) is a wanted felon in Syria because at the age of 17 he left the country to avoid military service.  He never bothered to pay his $10,000.00 to acquire a “badal” which would have satisfied his military service requirement.  The man is so stingy, he actually preferred to live abroad for over 30 years because of his penny-pinching character.  He abandoned his family in Damascus and donned the Stetson hat of an Islamist Texan after a mediocre performance at some mediocre schools in Indiana.  If this is the best the NACOSROF can do, well, what’s his cabinet going to look like?         

It is said that Ahmad Mu’aadh Al-Khateeb agreed to take the seat for the Syrian Opposition Government after “pressure” was applied by the Qatari Pedophile Prince.  It is also said that he wanted to address the Syrian people “one last time” before his resignation goes into effect.  He is known to be miffed by the much ballyhooed dispute between the Saudi apes and their Qatari cousins.  You see, Shitto was the favorite of Qatar, a little gas-rich duchy sitting parlously in the cross-hairs of Iran’s rifle scope – he was a known adherent of the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Saudis don’t like the MB, viewing them as some kind of menace.  But, Qatar won out but only got the man we just described in the foregoing.  He is a nobody and no one in Syria, even the FSA and JN, are taking him seriously.

In fact, just to vex everybody, the FSA’s nominal leader, former Maj. Gen. Saleem Idrees, rejected Shitto, calling him a fabrication of the disjointed, disaffected and disassociated exiles and their Western masters.  Idrees queried: how can this man be a prime minister when nobody linked to the in-country resistance voted for him?  The Jabhat Al-Nusra went even further by rejecting everyone, including the flag used at the Doha disaster, insisting that only the flag of Muhammad could be used.  They vowed (of course) to behead everyone in the secular opposition.

It’s not that Shitto is secular. He’s definitely not.  That’s a defeat for President Cream ‘O Wheat Obama who’s trying supposedly to do the impossible in Jordan and Turkey: arm the secular opposition and not the Islamist freaks who are now the only capable terrorist force in Syria.  But is that really so?  We’re not sure that Obama hasn’t sold out to the MB because the Zionists seem to be reveling in all this new Arab backwardness and, we also know, that Obama has a new penchant for all things Zionist.  Maybe Obama is pretending to support the Saudi position publicly, while privately slapping Prince Fatso on the back.

Whatever the case, Algeria, Iraq, Jordan (?) and Oman voted against Prince Fatso’s new and awkward government.  It rules nobody.  Any effort to establish a base in Syria would only result in our army blasting them back to Paris.  The Russians have already made it clear that the opposition should “not even think” of trying to take Syria’s seat at the U.N.  So what is the importance of this government.  Nothing.

But we are now convinced that the Palestinian leadership must be extirpated.  Mahmoud Abbas has to face a noose to be placed around his traitorous neck.  His vote against Syria was the last straw. He must die.
We are calling on all honorable Palestinians to kill this man at the earliest before he sinks all of Palestine in a quagmire of broken promises, desultory negotiations, economic inertia and cultural extermination.  His vote against our government in Syria must have a price – his life.  He voted against the only Arab country that was supporting his every effort to find justice for the Palestinian people.  Our army was the only one being prepared for the war to liberate Palestine (Southern Syria).        

Besides that, the only other thing that came out was Jordan’s incredible, almost surreal vote in favor of our government – all the while allowing American terrorists to train other Syrian terrorists to fight and kill our soldiers.  What?  Go figure.  But, we think it’s time to close the borders with Jordan and let its people rot for tolerating a treasonous Hashemite dynasty of treacherous weasels.  Dr. Assad, you gotta do it.

So, let the dunces play their little games.  It makes no difference.  Our Syria is in a different world.  Our army continues to grow in power.  Our people, whether in-country or in those refugee camps, knows the truth about the conspiracy against them.  No plastic government of nobodies can stake any claim to their fealty – certainly not after this humiliating demonstration of Arabian tastelessness, unctuousness and sterility in Doha.  ZAF.                   

Demonstration in San’a, Yemen, yesterday, condemning the actions of the Arab League and reaffirming support for the Syrian government and the people of Syria.



Wog of the Year hits at NATO for not providing a “no-fly zone” in northern Syria. What a goofball.  Doesn’t he know our Eskandar missiles will vaporize them? Russia has already said “Nyet” to the whole thing.

This one’s a laugh riot coming on the heels of disclosures that Saudi Arabia has no more ax-men for beheadings.  Talk about reactionary:

You’ll like this silliness.  Basma Qudmaani?  I thought she was in a coma.

Wonderful insight from Global Research. Highly recommended:

BBC foolishness muted in this analysis:

And now, enjoy another great story from the mythical kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

Mark the Brit, natch, sends this BBC article which supports much of what we say:


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Level 0 - Anonymous

Syria should simply withdraw from the stupid Arab League of traitors and scum wahhabi/salafi led terrorists. Syria should take a leadership role in the formation of a new type of league. Surely a few Arab governments, such as Iraq, Lebanon, and Algeria will join. The majority of the Arab peoples will more than likely support such an initiative.

Level 0 - Anonymous


Great work as always, the Arab League has once again disgraced itself attacking the last Arab state that has supported the Palestinian cause and resisted Israel. There is no longer an Arab League but rather a Salafi-Ikhwani-Zionist League; in which Syria is not invited!

The traitors are showing their ingratitude to their Ottoman overlords.

Violence breaks out in Syrian refugee camp in Turkey


Level 0 - Anonymous


Former president of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh gave this prescient interview with RT this week.

The Arab league is an utter farce and good on the Russians for openly protesting against the AL’s illegal policies. International human right treaties mean nothing to our masters here in the West.

Level 0 - Anonymous

Darayya, Syria’s Stalingrad

great article from RT

Level 0 - Anonymous

BRICS needs to speed up their agenda. The UN the Arab League are obsolete. Even though it will impact me personally i will welcome the financial collapse of the West. No more money to fund war and misery. It’s comatose populations will learn the lesson the hard way. They will be caught totally off guard when it happens. We should gather around the BRICS countries,they are the future. Western imperialism is breathing its last breath

Level 0 - Anonymous

good points