LATAKIA:  We promised our readers stats from the wipe-out experienced by the rodents near Al-Kabir and Al-Rabi’ah and here they are hot off the press. Please note, there are many more who are unidentified due to either no documentation or false papers.  Some papers, according to Wa’el, were clearly fraudulent because dates of birth do not match the physical appearance of the carcass.  This means that many terrorists are stealing the identity cards of Syrian refugees who may have to explain later how they were separated from their belongings.

Uthman Abdul-Qader Mahsoub
Ja’afar Kahhal
Amr Muhammad Firtakli
Hammam Ahmad Abu-Tarraf
Muhammad Sa’id Al-Bunni
Thaa’er Antabli
Bassam Mahmoud Idris
Safwan Ali Habib Nassar
Salahuddine Miskeh
Radwan Ahmad
Nasr Ali Na’maash
Haaroun Muhammad Al-Raafi’i
Alaa Al-Dine Khwaylid
Ali Mustafa Kanj
Raateb Ali Bashawati
Murtada Ahmad Al-Sunoonu
Abdul-Sattar Ahmadiyyeh
Jibraa’il Ali Shammout
Zaher Jamaleddine 
Nibras Muhammad
Rashid Moussa Rizq
Amjad Saraqibi
Hussein Jamil Al-Usta
Farid Hassan Ali
Mudar Aziz Kharroub
Ali Al-Hajj-Ali
Jihad Muhammad Al-Turk
Abdul-Rahman Muhammad Abdul-Rahman
Diyaa’ Ishaaqi
Farid Sa’doun Al-Kishik
Mahmoud Marwan Qazzaz
Anas Al-Naashif
Jubran Ahmad Baaji
Ali Hussein Muhammad Naasif

So far, there are 28 confirmed foreigners.  Many look physically like North Africans. But that’s not an exact science.  However, some corpses were dressed in civilian clothing showing French origin which might indicate a Tunisian presence.  Another problem is finding the carcasses as some were dropped in different locations, sometimes in difficult terrain.  The SAA prefers to collect all of them lest a problem arise with deteriorating flesh.

This scene is from the area of fighting with SAA and General Security agents preparing a rodent body for removal.  


At Dhab’ah in rural Homs, the SAA did away with the following in the area of Al-Qusayr, a favorite landing for beleaguered terrorists in Lebanon:

Khaled Al-Sharif Bouzaan
Samer Al-Khawli
Abdul-Karim_______(i.d. pending)
Abdul-Karim Ja’rour


The Kuwaiti daily newspaper “Al-Siyaasat Al-Kuwaitiyya” has published an article admitting Kuwait has lost 39 of its own homegrown rodents in Syria.  10 have been killed during the last two weeks.  One was named “Abu Sulayman” in Al-Hasakeh and appears to have been one of those mentioned on our blog as “unidentified” with another 9 killed in Damascus last week at the area of Douma Farms in the East Ghouta.  Our congratulations to the Kuwaiti families of these vermin.

This photo posted in the newspaper shows a Kuwaiti who was killed.  We don’t know his name.  But we hope he’s enjoying the microwave to which he was sent by the SAA. 

At Sirghaaya, in rural Damascus, little rodents were playing with firecrackers – but really large ones called IEDs.  You know what your Mom taught you about playing with fire?  Right?  This picture below tells you what happens when they blow up right in your face.  So touching:

The Rat Brigade picks up the carcass of a lost soul sent to the infernal regions by a loose wire.
At Al-Hajar Al-Aswad near the Palestinian camp and at Al-Sabina, we can confirm the following express send-offs to Hell:

Muhammad Al-Mahmoud
Nabil Ali Ashour
Yasser Khalil
Qusayy Bilal Al-Sirawani

In the East Ghouta, there are fewer and fewer rats willing to get killed.  They’re either going back to their villages or preparing some new “ZERO HOUR” (YAWN).  In any case, we got these rodents yesterday at Al-Shifooniyya and Marj Al-Sultan:

Bassel Al-Rifa’i  (Another family that has given so much to Satan)
Khaldoun Al-Ibrahamji
Alaa’ Al-Hamraawi
Khaled Al-Nahawi
Muhammad Al-Sairadaan

At Babila, rats fighting with one another over expected loot from Qatar killed themselves off in a considerate way, saving the SAA all the trouble of having to dispatch them in a more official manner:

Muhammad Al-Shalah
Samih Jum’ah Mallah

2 were injured seriously (we hope they die – Ooooops!!):

Nasser Al-Najjar
“Da’moush” (i.d. pending)


At Kafr Haaya in the Zaawiya agricultural region, 2 cockroaches were scrunched:

Nidaal Bakkour
Umar Bakkour  

What a family!  

The death statistics from Douma Farms are long but Monzer has to wait until they are made available.  I will try to get them to you.  I mean, what could be more heartening than reading the names of these microbes on the obituary register?    


An effort was made to kill one of the Arab World’s greatest comedians while he was filming a show in North Lebanon.  He is the great actor, screenwriter and comedian: DURAYD LAHHAM.  Luckily, there was sufficient security to prevent a herd of Salafists from reaching him.  Don’t forget, Durayd is a Shi’i Syrian and is an appropriate sinner for these fake Muslims in the Salafist movement.

They beheaded the statue of  Abul-Alaa Al-Ma’arri in Ma’rrat Al-Nu’maan, and now,  they attacked our great “Ghawwaar Al-Tosheh”.  Thank you NATO!! Maybe they’ll get to Europe soon and destroy the Sistine Chapel.

This video is in Arabic but I encourage you to watch the terrorists destroy the Souq Al-Madina in Aleppo back in September 2012.  I recognize some faces of the rats and know three were killed already.  But you must see this video courtesy of our friends at Real Updates.  The faces of ignorance are unmistakable:

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Level 0 - Anonymous

That is an article on the Kuwaiti turned FSA insurgents.


Arabi Souri
Level 0 - Anonymous

Ziad, one of the guys from RSU went on a secret mission behind the enemy’s lines and came back with this astonishing report, very disturbing facts and only a shock and awe would stop this flood of terror. We strongly believe they’re in the make to become the Anti-Christ soldiers, all pieces just fall in place exactly as prophesied, even atheists are believing this now!!:

Level 0 - Anonymous

Dear Ziad, I just found this news report which mentions that some of the Al-Nusra leaders were killed at Kafer Haray in Idlib: The names mentioned (Nedal and Omar Bakkour) are quite similar to what you wrote above in your post: “IDLIB: At Kafr Haaya in the Zaawiya agricultural region, 2 cockroaches were scrunched: Nidaal BakkourUmar Bakkour” But they also mention another one, named Hasan as well as over 50 others. Can you confirm that these are, in fact, same cockroaches and that the SAA has indeed wiped out a command center for Al-Nusra? Also, thank you for posting… Read more »

Level 0 - Anonymous

He is a dramatic devellopment:

They claim that they “captured” those missiles but that’s a lie of course, they couldn’t handle them otherwise. Turkey/NATO provided them, so it’s another act of war.

Level 0 - Anonymous


I feel sorry for the Syrians. Although the SAA made errors sometimes it’s obvious from that video:

And the fact that the “rebels” are able to operate long range rockets near aleppo right now that more than 4 turkish military men are involved. And Syria can’t win such a conflict without a direct intervention of Russia and Iran now.

Caustic Logic
Level 0 - Anonymous

Nidal Bakour is the name of one of the rebel leaders of the Houla massacre, and Ikrima Bakour a FSA explainer for the Western media (now dead). Another leader of that, seen with a meat cleaver, was named Haytham Hassan/Hallak. Both led families with other same-named rats, many of whom have died, but not Haytham or Nidal. I look forward to confirmation if either one had their northern works interrupted. Seems a steep coincidence. Anonymous – those look like the kind of missiles you fire at a university dorm full of refugees. But only the government has them, and they… Read more »

Level 0 - Anonymous

Dear Ziad,

Is there any news on al Safira/Tel Hasel?
I heard news indicating SAA stopped attacking those cities and now only sends small supply convoys to the defence facilities.

Hopefully the breakthrough to Aleppo Airport and Base 80- official sources promised it’s recapture during the next 48 hours – comes soon!

Greetings and support from Austria,

Level 0 - Anonymous

FSA announces its first air wing with 10 fighters and 10 pilots [img[/img] It’s more important that what some could believe. There is no way to operate an airfield from inside Syria for them, they have no jet fighters that hadn’t been destroyed, but they will use the capture of an air base earlier as a pretext to send aircrafts from Turkey. If they fly at a low altitude they can go undetected. It’s propaganda and it’s not just propaganda both at a time, Turkey pulls the string and they want to give the illusion that the air attacks are… Read more »