So many were pithed today by the SAA.  But they keep coming back for more.  Keep up the sloppy work.


Arbeen: Monzer has the names of 4 Jabhat Al-Nusra rodents dispatched in fighting around Arbeen.  He says the enemy is having difficulty finding ammunition now that Darayya has been pacified and cleansed:

Mu’tasim Ali Al-Katib
Hani Mahmoud Hourani
Mufid Ahmad Soos
Tali’ Abdel-Rahim Safar

Arbin:  14 rodents surrendered.  Names not available.

Harasta, Al-Sabina, Tal-Kurdi, Douma Farms:  All the following rat droppings were killed:

Fayez Muhammad Ali Kabkab
Fawzi Sobhi Khabiyyeh
Hisham Al-Shamali
Mahmoud ‘Uyoon
Mustafa Hamadeh

This Syrian soldier helps his comrades surround a den of vermin in Douma. (SANA)

At Hujjeira near the Palestinian population center we can confirm the squirming death of these Jabhat Al-Nusra killers:

Abdul-Rahman Maqdiyya (Libyan ape and grub-eating rat excrement)

Abu Hussein Al-Jawlani (a nom de guerre.  I.D. still pending)
Zuhair Ahmad Blaati
Muhammad Bilal Daqqaq
Ghassan Al-Helou

Zabadani:  Continuing clean-up close to the Lebanese border.  This town is a center for sectarianism and should be levelled.  Dr. Assad won’t allow that.  2 were killed yesterday and 3 arrested:

Zahi Ali Dimo
Kheiri Muhammad Sarsour

Darayya:  I know.  I know. You’re tired of hearing about Darayya.  So are we.  All we’re going to tell you is that it’s getting hard to find rats in this town.  Still some sneaky remnant rats.  Monzer came back from Darayya a few days ago and says the destruction is “massive and comprehensive” (جسيمة و شاملة).

Harran Al-Awaamid and Kafreen;  in a second operation with an ambush followed by a stunning offensive netted these grubs:

Mahmoud Bakkar
Fouad Al-Sill
Adel Muhammad Mallouh
Muhammad Salahuddine Umran
Fahd Saleh
Abdo Al-Hilaani
Dhafer Abdul-Muttalib
Hassan Eid
Murad Rooq

At Douma Farms, again, these useless carcasses were sent to oblivion:

Muhammad Al-Rayyis
Muhammad Antar
Mahmoud Abdul-Malik
Abdul-Muhsin Ja’rash  (SANA)


Our readers should be aware that a massive SAA reinforcement effort outside Aleppo at Al-Sufeira is to stop the Jabhat Al-Nusra (Al-Qaeda) from attacking factories and scientific centers in the area.  Wael tells me that his brother is with the 4th Mechanize Armored Division which is going to “turn the enemy into fertilizer”.  Jets have been seen flying over the area for reconnaissance.  This is going to be great.

Some of our trucks which transported over 12,000 new troops into the Aleppo area.

We can now publish the names of the dead rodents at Khanaaser, Al-Sufeira and Kafr Naha in 3 clashes yesterday with the SAA:

Nadim Ali Abu-Rida
Muhammad Salim Shawish
Saber Muhammad Markabi
Marwan Ahmad Atrouni
Saleh Humayyid Joudeh
Afif Muhammad Khalilbayk

Al-Sufeira:  These apes were arrested after surrendering.  According to Wael,  they had run out of ammunition and were clearly a bunch of rubes on the look-out for booty:
Muhammad Yusuf Al-Abrash
Ali Ahmad Al-Muhammad
Ahmad Al-Hamadi
Atarib and Andan:  We can confirm the speedy deaths of 9 rodents but have no names yet from Wael.
Bani Zeid, Karam Al-Maysir and Al-Sukkari:  3 separate raids resulted in the destruction of terrorist dens and drug caches.  No reported deaths.
At Haarat Al-Shahhaadeen in Shaykh Sa’id we can confirm the following identified rat carcasses:
Ammar Al-Ahmad
Ahmad Al-Hamdo (previously reported)
Muhammad Ahmad Jarkas (previously reported)
Abdul-Latif Anas Al-Mayyali
Ramzi Ja’far Abdu
Khan Al-‘Asal:  At the gas station, this rat was euthanized:
Ahmad Jum’ah Al-Baha
Hazra:  At the water purification plant, terrorist mercenaries tried to infiltrate the plant in order to destroy it and deprive the people of clean drinking water.  These are Robert Ford’s heroes:
Sa’ad Abdul-Hamid Al-Bashir
Fawwaz Al-Bashir
Our congratulations go out to the Al-Bashir family for sending its idiots and sociopathic murderers to this sleepy and harmless town.  Enjoy their bodies.

IDLIB:  Spectacular operations at the poultry factory in Al-Jaanoudiyya resulted in a sizeable harvest of formerly slimy, slithering vermin, weapons and drugs.  6 were taken into custody:

Hamza Ali Al-Faqir
Bakri Tariq Al-Jada’
Hassan Mahmoud Al-Hassan
Muhammad Khamis 
Sabri Ali Mahmoud Annaaz
“Abu Jumjumeh” (a nom de guerre for a suspected foreign rat)
Ali Ahmad Zanaaneeri
Abdul-Qader Muhammad ‘Anbari

We are delighted to report the death of this Libyan heap of rat feces at Binnis:

This sorry-looking ape-excrement and son of barbary monkeys was a member of of the “Freemen of Syria” organization.  What this pungent piece of ordure was doing in our Syria is puzzling. He went by the name of “Abu Hamed Al-Libi”.  His real name will be determined.

HAMA:  We can confirm that nobody was killed in Hama. However, SAA uncovered a large cache of weapons including BKC automatic rifles and mortars in a den located at the South Stadium neighborhood.

HOMS:  At Tal-Dhahab, SAA destroyed several 23mm machine guns and the cars which carried them.  Operations continue as we write in Al-Sultaniyya, Jawbar, Kafr ‘Aya, Za’faraaniyya, Rasm Hadidi and Al-‘Aamiriyya.  We will have stats tomorrow.


Here is an Israeli claim of little damage to the Jamraya facility.  Be careful with Zionist proof.  They are skillful at lying and will use dated photos without shame:

Here’s another for the propaganda buffs.  Here AP’s liar Bassem Mroueh needs Rami Abdel-Rahman in London to tell him about events in Damascus.  There are very few true statements in this article, but it’s great as an example of outright lying:

Everything the Daily Star writes is CIA-Maronite-Poop!  Just wait until the Kurds figure out who really killed Sakine Cansiz:

Try not to cough up your breakfast.  Here he is again, WOG OF THE YEAR, bemoaning his lack of success in getting the Assad government to respond.  Maybe he ought to denounce the Jabhat Al-Nusra as a start?

The NYT has a good article about the Kurds:



Anonymous sends this post that tells the truth:

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Syrian rebels near collapse?

ANSWER:  Tarpley is wonderful.  This is a chance to hear how rational Americans talk. 

Zultra sends this tantalizing new post:

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Has SyPer heard of the or ????

ANSWER:  No, Zultra.  But, I am going to check it out and respond.  Your friend, Ziad

Here’s one from Anonymous for which I have no answer:

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Nice images, thanks.
What haven’t they penetrated, compromised and subverted.
“The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”.

Zultra sent this which we missed earlier:

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Nationalists in Europe Support your struggle, especially the great groups like Jobbick or Golden Dawn, Keep firm and as straight as an Arrow!


Great idea from Oh No You Di’nt on how to use the stinking rat prisoners Al-Khatib wants released into society.  I will make sure the Assad government reads this:

Oh No You Di’nt has left a new comment on your post “FIRST P0ST – FEBRUARY 4, 2013 – NEWS FROM SYRIA SH…“:

Oh…one more thing…alternatively, the Syrian government could at least use the terrorist prisoners for hard labor to rehabilitate areas that have been destroyed by their imposed war. Imagine chain-gangs of terrorists under the watchful eye of all female national defence army forces, wearing T-shirts that say: “I waged jihad against Syria and all I got was this lousy T-shirt” or your classic “I am with this idiot ->” or “I am not a terrorist, I just seriously need a shave” or “Payback is a bitch, and now so am I” or…ah, you get it already. It would be a nice morale booster for the civilian population.

Anonymous sends this.  Highly recommended:

 Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “FIRST P0ST – FEBRUARY 4, 2013 – NEWS FROM SYRIA SH…“:

Sorry did not realize the link for above article wanted money for full read. Here is the full article (thanks info clearing house)

Another article to follow up on the Zionist attack of Syria recently

Syrian Resistance needs to be fully prepared for Zionist escalation. Would be great to see Zionist jets falling from Syrian skies!

The Hypocrisy from the rats (Turkey, SA, FSA..)