This Saudi Arabian felon was killed in Aleppo last month and has been selected as our poster-rat 

As we reported to you, Darayya has been successfully cleared.  Do not believe anything Al-Jazeera tells you.  And definitely do not believe the BBC, the NYT or WP as they have no one in the country.  Monzer is there in Abu-Rummaneh and sends intel to us direct from both SANA and the Syrian security services.
In Darayya, there were some arrests of remant filth with seizure of weapons especially in the areas of “Al-Jam’iyyat”, “Al-Fashoukh Farms” and all of Shreida.  Monzer notes that most weapons did not have ammunition in these areas which explains a sudden interest in attacking police stations.

ZABADANI;  At the Al-Zahraa Citadel, the SAA layed a successful ambush for crawling rodents and killed the following plague-carrying pests:  (All Intel from Monzer):

Suhaib Al-Fajjour
Ma’moun Al-Agha
Muhyi-Al-Din Hussein
Falah Ahmad Tawil
Talal Badi’ Ghorbal
Hussein Malas
Abdallah Samih Al-Dafi’
Lutfallah Kheir Mishkati

At Tall Kurdi in rural Damascus, the SAA and militia caught these cockroaches sleeping on the job and took them all prisoner:  (SANA)

Muhammad Al-Qassab
Mu’adh Al-Mudallal
Alaa Al-Shalabi
Ahmad Shaker
Ma’moun Al-Mousa
Akram Ramadan

At Douma Farms, a vermin specimen was sent to that big lab in Hell:

As’ad Al-Rifa’i

Monzer adds that SANA did not give all the names of the dead in that firefight:

Deeb Muhamad Shihabi
Qassem Ali Mahmoud
Yasser Rahal

A Syrian infantryman takes aim at a slithering snake in Tall Kurdi (SANA)

At Harran Al-Awaameed rural Damascus in the East Ghouta which is still infested with vermin trying to block air transportation at the Damascus Airport, a unit of Jabhat Al-Nusra dung beetles were annihilated to a bug by elements of the Republican Guard and militia.  Monzer sends the names of confirmed kills.  Total killed in the operation 19:

Ahmad Jalil Al-Jundi
Mansour Ali Al-Qalamouni
Jihad Sa’id Kleib
Ali Abdul-Mu’in Keilani
Hussein Hassan Ashqar
Seif Abdul-Saheb Dallo

The rest are still being identified although some of their bodies were burned and all had no papers on them.


At Al-Mighyar, caves were the target of the SAA where tons of weapons and a mother lode of drugs were found.  No rats were killed as the locations were abandoned with evidence of a chaotic withdrawal.

Wa’el and SANA both report that a miserable rodent by the name of Imad Al-Kharj of the “Al-Farouq Brigades”, a branch of Jabhat Al-Nusra, was killed while trying to load his machine gun near the town of Halfaya.   
At the Sqeilbiyya-Mhardeh Highway close to the intersection at Al-Qaraamita, Syrian engineers dismantled 8 IEDs with explosives between 40-50 kgs all designed to kill civilians.  The area is now almost rat-free.  Remember the silliness about rats surrounding the Christian towns?  


No major battles in the city as remnant rodents try to regroup outside in the rural areas.

At Tall Haasel and Tal Aren an entire convoy of rat-driven cars were turned into smoke by SAA infantrymen and snipers.  According to Wa’el,  militia then were ordered in to find possible prisoners for interrogation.  There were none.  Here are the available stats on the rats:

Khodr Jam’i
Ajal Muhammad Sarawati
Akram Ibrahim Saqr
Mahmoud Abdallah
Mahmoud Bilal Al-Qadi
Jabr Ali Seifo
Muhammad Mar’ashli
Taleb Badr Al-Mansiyyeh 

Six others cannot be identified and are believed to be foreign fighters.

All rats killed in firefight at Khanaaser, Al-Sufeira and Kafr Naha.  No stats available. Wael says over 20 were killed by SAA.

At the village of Maayer, the area of its school in proximity to Al-Jabool, an entire convoy of rat cars was destroyed.  Wa’el is getting details and will send to SyrPer.

Al-Sha’aar near the Youth Residence at Bani Zeid, two rats confirmed pithed by alert Syrian police:

Ali Ahmad Marbout
Abdul Qader Muhammad Adlouni

A remarkable operation at Hanano at the park, near the Post Office and the Jerusalem Hospital took place while another operation targeted rats in Sheikh Sa’id nearby.  According to Wael, the numbers killed at Hanano will top 50 by the time the carcasses are identified.  The second operation is continuing where rats are surrounded and no tunnels are available for escape.  We expect a big number for this one.

At Al-Sabil near the Al-Muhallab Arsenal and the Al-Sabil Residences, a group of terrorist-mercenary rodents were trapped and killed.  Wa’el gives the temporary listing:

Mahmoud Anas Abu-Daher
Muhammad Ali Al-Makhoul
Sa’ad Zeidan
Ahmad Khulayyid Habib

The remaining rats made a bolt to the Nahhas Building where they are using inhabitants as human shields.
Wa’el expects them to surrender shortly.

Rats executed 35 year-old Khaled Al-Hamza after kidnapping him.  He was the brother of Parliament member Ahmad Al-Hamza.  Thank you BBC!

HOMS:  All rats killed at Ghanto!  The list is coming in soon.

At Jawbar and Dhab’ah, two unidentified rodents were arrested.

At Talbiseh, a favorite spot for vermin, we can confirm the following deaths of rodents:

Hamada Mayznari
Abdul-Qader Bakkour
Ahmad Al-Issa  

We congratulate the Ra’ad family on his arrest yesterday at Al-Shiyaahaat on the road to Rableh.  He was a sniper whose job it was to kill civilian travelers on that road.  His name?

Lu’ayy Adnan Ra’ad.   Aren’t you proud?

At Taldo in a continuing operation in the northern neighborhood, the SAA put to death the following simian excrement:

Mundhir Zarzar
Khalaf Al-Za’im
Hussein Al-Aamer
Khaled Harmoush
and some ape by the name of “Al-Major”.  

And let’s not forget the great Harmoush family that has given us now 4 heaps of wasted rat manure.


At Binnish, all rats killed.  No stats available.  Air Force Intelligence again.  So secretive.

At Abu-Dhuhoor, another airbase these rodents are trying to occupy for reasons having to do more with their sinking morale than any strategic imperative.  2 23mm machine guns destroyed along with their operators:

Muhammad Maqlid Hussein
Abdul-Halim Ali Qarqour

5 others remain unidentified.

At the Ya’qoubiyya juice factory at Al-Shaghar in rural Jisr Al-Shughour, 30 missiles were seized.  No reported deaths.
Just the opposite at Wadi Al-Dheif, another one of those maintenance airbases was the target for the rodents.  After killing all of them, the SAA found a whole slew of home-made missiles a la Hamas’s.  Interestingly, this took place at Al-Ghassaniyya, a village we told you would be liberated by the army indue course.  It is the village of my wife’s sister-in-law.  All Christians there were threatened with death if they did not turn their homes over to the Islamist Jihadist rat-feces.      


At Al-Saalihiyya, Al-Huwaiqa and Al-Jubeileh, near the city of Deir Al-Zor, the Jabhat Al-Nusra took a drubbing:

Ibrahim Al-Alyawi Al-Mousa
Mu’in Hammoud Al-Bakhit of the “Euphrates Fidaa’iy Brigage” (Yawn)
Ahmad Younus Al-Jaader
Saleh Al-Azzawi

At Al-Salihiyya, we can confirm that security officers arrested Hammoud Muhaydi Al-Faraj.

SANA reports that at Al-Hisaan, SAA with help from citizens squelched an attempted infiltration of the town.  The criminals escaped.   



Here is a must-read and must-see about the lies regarding Iran.  Don’t miss this one:

I don’t get these Brits.  The Saudi pervert kills his manservant and gets a life term? Then they turn him over to Saudi Arabia where, as a member of the royal scabies, he will be released?

It’s the Arab Spring man!!  Those Tunisians, what a democratic powerhouse.  We’ll take Dr. Assad any day:

Our friends at Real Updates show this video of a Libyan who speaks Arabic like Robert Ford threatening to behead WOG OF THE YEAR AND NACOSROF CHIEF AHMAD MU’ADH AL-KHATIB!!  But you haven’t lived until you hear him misquote the famous speech of Al-Hajjaj Ibn Yusuf Al-Thaqafi.  Libyans are apes:

Some more about WOG OF THE YEAR and the declaration of defeat:


Hans sends this inspiring bit of news:

hans has left a new comment on your post “FIRST POST – FEBRUARY 5, 2013 – MORE RAT-STATS AND…“:

Vatican refuses to receive a Syrian opposition delegation due to their support of terrorists
This stand by the Vatican should have been done in the very early stages. It is being done now because the grass roots Catholics are beginning to make noise about what is happening in Syria. My parents are the grass roots i am talking about. As to the Sunnis the evil evil Wahhabi must be destroyed and the regime must be changed to a more tolerant one.

Arabi Souri sends these links which will gladden your heart. I’ve already posted the one about the Libyan idiot:

 Arabi Souri has left a new comment on your post “FIRST POST – FEBRUARY 5, 2013 – MORE RAT-STATS AND…“:

Thought to give you a laugh:

Prehistoric fossil threaten his political head for offering dialogue with the Syrian government:

& Vatican refuses to receive a Syrian opposition delegation due to their support of terrorists & prominent Sunni scholar Imran Hossein calls the Syrian opposition: TERRORISTS:

Zultra sends us a nice compliment.  You’re welcome:

Zultra has left a new comment on your post “FIRST POST – FEBRUARY 5, 2013 – MORE RAT-STATS AND…“:

Nicely done.



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