The Western Press is not so free.  Although it enjoys legal freedoms,  the instruments of institutionalized politics, whether in Europe or North America,  keep major news sources on a tight leash with the threat of “lock-out” or the enticement of “exclusive access”.

In Saudi Arabia, a beloved ally of the Europeans and North Americans, there are no press freedoms, legally or otherwise.  So, there’s no real difference between the BBC, NYT, WP, NPR in the West, or the myriad insipid “news” organs of the decaying Wahhabist tyranny of Arabia.  Whomsoever they may be, no news source in the West or Arabia can tell you the ugly truth: the Kingdom is tottering on a  foundation of sand.  
Enter the new doctrine which we predict will be called the U.S. president’s first  historically important  foreign policy program.  It has been tried and tested quite surreptitiously in Libya, and now Mali.  It will be put to the ultimate test upon the death of the so-called king of Arabia, Abdallah Ibn Abdul-Aziz.  His dynasty will be the first guinea pig of the Obama Doctrine. 

Obama has been apprised by CIA and the State Department that the old stalwart bastion of pre-medieval  customs and primordial epistemology,  Arabia, is being swept up in the maelstrom  that devoured enemy and foe alike in the Arab East.  It’s happening now in Tunisia where the populace just can’t get comfortable with Islamism; in Egypt for the same reason; in Bahrain, which is just a blink away from open , armed revolt; and, in non-Arab Mali.  Syria has to be exempted from consideration because the revolt there is no longer a popular one – but, instead, has become a trial between the titans of the East and West.   But Saudi Arabia means so much more because of its vast oil reserves and effect on world economies.  You would think the Obama Doctrine would make an exception for Saudi Arabia.  I’m afraid not.  

We wrote in a previous post that the U.S. is withdrawing from the conflict in the East,  settling instead for wars fought by proxies. And, in essence, this is the Obama Doctrine in its pure form.  It is a little isolationism; a dollop of self-interest; a big dose of dependency and a whopping slap on the back for America’s allies in their quest to maintain the highest standards set out by their Orientalist ancestors.   If Germany wants to help France out in Syria, that’s just fine as long as no one expects the U.S. to put boots on the ground; as long as no one expects the U.S.  to go nose-to-nose against the Russians; as long as no one expects the Rabelaisian expenditures which have brought America down to this level of subtle retrenchment.  

Obama has to deal with an economic disaster at home.  The national debt is often debated with different numbers being bandied about.  But, the numbers are in the many trillions, a condition that will necessitate a long sojourn before all the lustre and bluster can come back to a revivified American superpower.  A collateral factor which emerges from this much-diagnosed malaise is the American public’s unwillingness to support any new military initiatives, especially in nations which are, to this day, terrae incognitae.  John McCain and his other “maverick” ally, Joe Lieberman, can fulminate all they like, but the fumes are going to go nowhere.   There is no place any longer for the Zionist-inspired and Zionist-motivated adventures which were part and parcel of the relationship between the U.S. and that settler state established in historic Southern Syria.  Things might have gone differently had Netanyahu (aka Mileikowski) handled things with less arrogance and more prudence when it came to dealing with Obama over issues important to U.S. foreign policy, but he didn’t.  And so, enter Messrs. Chuck Hagel and John Kerry.

We don’t know if the Saudis are reading this situation correctly.  We don’t even know if the Saudis read. Period.  If they,  like the Israelis, think the U.S.  is their shield against the vagaries of a menacing world,  SyrPer believes that such faith is based on nothing but unctuous, meaningless and unfounded self-importance.   In Saudi Arabia, it’s the oil.  In Israel, it’s Jewish money for elections  (leave aside the crackpot American “Christian” fundamentalist reverence for Jews and the need  to save them by conversion) .  It can be nothing else.  The state of Saudi Arabia led by the House of Saud is just that;  the oil is independent of their existence.  In Israel,  Zionist governments can come and go, there is no concern other than what American Jews are willing to donate to this party or that.  In article after article on this subject,  Jews in the U.S. are becoming increasingly tired of Netanyahu and a charitable cause that knows no end – all this happening as they assimilate themselves out of existence.  Some have even grown weary of a state they support which openly practices apartheid!

The House of Saud goes down when Bahrain explodes.  Once the Shi’i majority in Bahrain locks horns with the armed and violent manifestation of the state,  there will be a need to arm. Both Iran and Iraq will be a part of the arms deliveries to their Shi’I co-religionists.  Bahrain, another anachronistic Orientalist’s dream of a corrupt, invincibly ignorant date-palm duchy,  has no ability to stanch the rise of a violent insurgency without either Saudi help or American interference.  If SyrPer is right,  the Obama Doctrine will only protect those interests of the U.S. worth protecting: docking facilities and oil!  Saudi Arabia has different calculations.  They must squelch the uprising lest it spreads to its Eastern Oil-Rich and  Shi’ite-rife zone.  If Obama sticks to his doctrine, the concern won’t be the hides of these corrupt,  perverted hypocrites – but the effect on the flow of oil.   This will be the end of the Saudi line.  Their cousins in Qatar will soon follow.

So what is the Obama Doctrine?  Here is the best articulation I can come up with:

1.        The U.S. is not capable of fighting any more foreign wars unless there is a provable national economic interest;

2.       When a conflict concerns allies,  the United States will help only with technology,

          logistics and in some instances, special operations forces with narrowly defined tasks;

3.       The U.S. is not in the business of propping up governments whose popularity or quality is an issue for its own citizens;

4.       The U.S. will not jeopardize relations with important economic partners over matters going to civil rights or the internal affairs of such economic partners

This is where Saudi Arabia finds itself as their ailing “King” starts on the long road toward eternal irrelevance.  If the storm in Bahrain doesn’t  do the Saud dynasty in, the row of hungry heirs who crouch like wolves around Abdallah’s corpse will accomplish the same.  This is a regime with no future.  These are the wages and rewards of funding a vicious war in Syria.

Obama’s nightmares are going to start in a surreal bloodletting in Egypt.  Syria is only a nightmare for Turkey and European NATO countries,  although it doesn’t have to be that way.  In truth,  people like Robert Ford, the disgraced former U.S.  ambassador to Syria, have no place any longer in this new world dominated by a “hands off” philosophy and even an aversion to the wet operations favored by amoral knights of the Cold War.  His failures as a diplomat in negligently outing opponents of the Syrian government,  promising nonsense to bucolic nincompoops like Hussein Harmoosh or Riad Al-As’ad, and then promoting terrorism in one of history’s most blatant cases of political hypocrisy,  have made him an ideal recruit for Prince Hamad (Fatso) of Qatar whose own days are counting down to Ford’s favorite: “Zero Hour”.  It is our fervent hope that Mr. Ford will be in Qatar when the missiles rain in from Iran and Syria leaving him with no rock under which he can crawl,  his own carcass left to roast, its dripping fat lubricating the machinery of Hell.    

Don’t  pay any attention to Dimitry Medvyedev,  the Russian P.M. and resident hoot.  Nobody cares about his pronouncements,  especially when they concern Russia’s foreign policy.  Even President Assad plays along when he tells guests that the Russians are helping him not because they like him;  they help because they are serving their own national  interests.  That sounds reasonable in a world like this.  With Russia projecting its power and the U.S. folding inwardly,  the politics of our region becomes all the more interesting.

The Syrian government has denied the report that the First Lady is pregnant.  You don’t have to open the champagne bottles. 


Adieu!  Farewell!  Aufwiedersehen!  Don’t come back.  You’re embattled.  You’re isolated.  Say Hello to Bill.  Bye. 


This one is from Mark the Brit who got it from some television program titled “Big Bang Theory”.  Anyways, here’s our version:

“A dweebish man named Dave came into a bar for Happy Hour as he normally does every weekday.  And just as he has done for the last three months,  he buys a beer for himself and a beer each for one stool to his left and one to his right.  The barmaid, Susan,  a comely girl with a bubbly personality,  was typically curious but always believed it was best not to stick her nose into her customers’ business no matter how eccentric the customer.

This day, she just couldn’t help herself.  She had to know why he always bought a drink for two empty chairs to his left and right.  She approached Dave with a smile while she was hand-drying a snifter.  She asked:

“Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure”, Dave replied.  “As long as it doesn’t have to do with my bank account”.

“Well.  I don’t know.  How come you always buy a drink for two chairs which are empty?”

Dave was very understanding and smiled at her.  “Sue, I’m a professional physicist and I know that in the world of quantum theory there are other worlds and dimensions outside our realm of perception and knowledge.”

Sue narrowed her eyebrows.  “Well, what does that have to do with the drinks?”

“It’s quite simple.  I’m waiting to meet a beautiful woman and I believe that if I wait long enough with a drink to my left or right,  that woman will appear from that unseen world in quantum physics”.l

Sue was thrown aback.  “You mean, you actually are waiting for a beautiful girl to appear next to you from some different dimension?”

Dave was unapologetic.  “Yeah, sure I am”.

“But, there are lots of pretty girls who come in here all the time.  Why don’t you wait until one sits next to you and you can get to know her?”

Dave grimaced.  “Yeah right. What are the chances of that happening?”


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Level 0 - Anonymous

Syrian Army Command: Israeli Warplanes Violated Syrian Airspace and Bombarded Scientific Research Center in Damascus Countryside

This is a real test for Iran, this is not for Syria. Iran has/must be seen to do something else it will be attacked.

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Level 0 - Anonymous

thanks for the explanation for the israeli attack. makes perfect sense. they were to fearful of the S300 to fly over syrian air space. what is the Baku air defence system? i know there is Pantzir air defence system. are they one in the same? please forgive my spelling. syria seems to be covered in all aspects eg high level, medium and low level defence? how many home grown missiles does syria have? i am thinking advanced accurate missiles like Scud D. Scud B’s are pretty unreliable.

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