In another acute moment of history, the Saud clan has sent a rebuff to its reckless cousins in Qatar, essentially warning them that the prosecution of the war in Syria is going to come back and bite everyone, including the persistently porcine, pig-like potentate Prince Porky and his now scorned, (really miffed) wife, Madame Banana right in their well-upholstered hind quarters.  To cast these rather pointed matters in starker relief, the Saudis appear to have timed them right after Prince Fatso’s recent kidney transplant and his announcement of marriage to a second wife – a situation now fraught with looming societal and political repercussions given Madame Banana’s announced intent to “expose” her husband in public; and the dynastic struggle going on with Crown Prince Tamim Son of Fatso and his other siblings.  Peyton Place now has competition for tacky plots.

Saudi Arabia’s about-face was emphasized this week with Prince Saud Al-Faysal’s surprising overture to the Assad government.  Saudi Arabia now wants Syrians to decide their own future and did not demand the ouster of Dr. Assad.  This is a plus for Russia and Iran.  The U.S., which is either disconnecting from the Islamic World (Meyssan’s opinion) or reconfiguring for proxy involvement (SyrPer’s opinion) is seriously discussing options with the Russian delegation led by F.M. chess master, Sergei Lavrov.

With this, Saud Al-Faysal appeared to have signaled his country’s aversion to financing or arming the terrorists in Syria.  We must remember his well-known remark on television in 2011 when he was asked about whether any country was going to arm the rebels.  His response was typically unctuous yet forbidding: “That’s an interesting idea”.  Saudi Arabia’s involvement since that time consisted of massive funding of terrorist groups in both Jordan and Turkey, encouraging Sunni restiveness in Iraq and promoting a campaign of vilification against the Syrian government in Arabia which, among other things, disclosed private parties at which people pledged a million dollars for every Saudi who died in “Jihad” against the Syrian establishment.

Not any more.      

Saud Al-Faysal always wears a plaster of Paris cast around his neck as insurance against lynching.  He is known to be very superstitious. 

What could be the cause for this sudden turn-around?  In general, it’s a good bet that money plays a role.  Saudi Arabians have a lot of money from their huge oil reserves and output.  But they have a problem; for the last fifty years, the Saud tribe has embezzled over 70% of the country’s riches and deposited them in the lands of the “kaffirs”.  Everybody knows that.  SyrPer will go one step further and alert its readers to the fact that whenever Saudi Arabia announces a huge military purchase from, say, the U.K. or the U.S. or Germany, it almost always means that billions are being transferred from the country to foreign banks under the guise of military contracts.

Close to half the population of Arabia is living within levels of impoverishment.  No surprise.  What may be surprising is a ripple of indignation; a bubble of resistance and an explosion of animosity, not just from the marginalized Shi’i workhorse communities in the east; but from the hardcore Wahhabists of Jedda, Mekka, Medina,  Riyadh and Yenbo.  When Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiyya were ostentatiously promoting the disastrous Arab Spring,  the sultanates, emirates and kingdoms didn’t figure they would be on the menu also at the appropriate time.  It was imperative that the terrorist armies in Syria fail or they would inspire more misery in the Peninsula.  While Wahhabists view Secular Sunnis,  Alawis and Christians as infidels,  it was better to have the Devil on your side than an army of sociopaths.  The Devil can make deals.  

Money is getting tight in Arabia.  In order to mollify the insistent demands of their growing and underemployed population of very young male citizens, what money is left will have to be used for domestic growth.  Paying salaries to killers in Syria who might take a liking to the taste of richer blood doesn’t sit well with the self-interested rulers of Araby.  Time for a change.

The Saudis now know Russia is not going to be bought.  Russia’s interest in the Tartous naval base is often denigrated in the West with rhetorical flourishes that brush it off as “small”, “understaffed”, “partially functional” and the like.  But that base is the only game in town.  It represents Russia’s vision of itself projecting power as a new counterweight to the U.S. or its European allies.  Russia will not take a chance on losing Tartous to any army of Jihadists.  This is one warm water port that will be defended at all cost.

Iran too has made it all so obvious that Syria is the link to its own regional projections.  Whether it is Iran’s natural role as protector of Shi’is in Iraq and Lebanon or its own commitment to the liberation of Palestine, Syria will not be forsaken under any circumstances.  This means that any war in Syria will be protracted, expensive, bloody and metastatic – it’s going to spread!  Saudis cannot afford this.  At SyrPer, we believe that the U.S. has delivered this message to its Saudi allies with the footnote that U.S. involvement will be limited to protecting the Gulf oil artery – not necessarily regional governments.  

Don’t be surprised if Saudi Arabia lifts its objections to Syria’s return to the Arab League fold.  Whether Syria will jump at this opportunity is unknown at this time.  There is some bad blood and insult, not to mention the thousands of lives lost.  But Saudi Arabia’s shift can deliver a deadly message to the NACOSROF coalition and the now-emasculated SNC.  It can also be a warning to the “embattled” prince of Qatar.  It is an even more trenchant message to Erdoghan who faces instability in the South and an ascendant secularist movement everywhere else – perhaps even in the army.

It is doubtful that Saudi Arabia is now reassessing its failed campaign against Syria because of the blood-letting.  SyrPer does not attribute to these Arabian goons anything but the most base of motives.  King Abdallah, who claims his mother was Syrian, is too zombified now to play much of a role.  He’s like his brother Fahd for whom he acted as guardian when the former was clinically dead.  His own guardians may have the same role.  Maybe, the new generation of Saudis are a slightly more advanced organism.  ZAF    

Reported as “clinically dead”, SyrPer believes he was clinically dead from the moment he ascended the “throne” of this fantasy kingdom of apes.