John Esquire sends this Propaganda Student’s dream.  It’s 20 minutes long and very instructive:     

Great one here showcasing the WOG mentality of Navi Pillay who is already nominated at WOGGETTE of the Year by SyrPer:

Yawn.  We are opposed to negotiations.  But this Qadri Jamil is useful, I suppose:

The sum of all fears, right at Obama’s doorstep.  You louse!

And what was this idiot doing among the terrorists?  What did he expect?  What a joke!

Here’s some hilarious reading from Debbie Schlussel, know-nothing anti-Arab, anti-Muslim, Michigan freak:

John Esquire sends us this tape of what the rats claim are cluster weapons being used.  It’s interesting to hear how many times these terrorists use the expression: “Allahu Akbar”: 

Another interesting visual about some early fighting in Syria:



The family of dead rat, Ayyoub Al-Salih, announced yesterday in Tunis that he was killed in Syria.  Our delight goes out to this family of slime for the death of their rat son.  That’s what you get for helping terrorists: 


He even looks like a rat.

Fighting took place in Al-Fustuq Market and other areas of Old Aleppo yesterday.  Other areas include Bustan Al-Qasr, Bani Zeid and the Al-Hajjar Factory near the Al-Shahbaa Swimming Pool, Al-Rabi‘a Hall in Sukkari and the Inzarat neighborhood.

At Al-Sufeira in rural Aleppo, the following rodents were sent to Hell by the SA:

AbdulAziz Al-Awf
Khalil Mustapha Abboud
Rustum Al-Baleed
AbdulJalil Junayd
Idris Hamdo Al-Ibrahim 

IDLIB:   A well-stocked warehouse of weapons was uncovered at Bansh by the SA.  Also, action was seen at Mar-Tamisreen and Bzabour. 

One rat confirmed dead in a minor firefight outside Bzabour:

Talal Muhammad Khreishi

The army is holding out just fine at the near-abandoned maintenance airbase at Taftanaz.


TARTOUS:  SyrPer can confirm that the giant Russian landing ship, Novocherkassk, of the Russian Black Sea Fleet departed its base at Sevastopol heading for Tartous Naval Base.  It was joined by a naval infantry unit and several ships carrying military vehicles last Saturday.


QAMISHLY:  The mayor of Qamishli evaded an assassination attempt when alert PKK fighters identified a suspicious vehicle near his office and called in Syrian Army sappers who defused it.


DER’AH:  Spectacular gains for Syrian Army against rats infesting Southern Syria.

At Basr Al-Harir, the army seized several heat-seeking anti-aircraft missile launchers and missiles in a well-planned ambush.  Two rodents were sent to Mickey Mouse Heaven:

Amir Abdul-Majid Uqla
Samer Latif

In the Der’ah countryside, SA destroyed 3 SUVs carrying heavy machine guns.  One unit (not at brigade strength) calling itself the “Al-Farouq Fi Der’ah Al-Lijaat Brigade” was annihilated to a man.  The leader of the unit, one Safwan Awad Khalaf,  went up in a ball of flames when he tried to toss a thermal grenade at our troops.

Other rodent waste killed at the same encounter were:

Radwan Mahmoud Al-Badr (Jordanian)
Ali Muhammad Tabaqjali
Khodr Hussein Khalayla (Jordanian)
Jihad Maqsouf

The Rat-Leader of the so-called “Martyrs of Izra’a Brigade”,  Adel Muhammad Al-Ubeid, was killed yesterday by a Syrian Army sharpshooter.  

More rats bit the dust in the Der’ah countryside yesterday:

Umar Al-Haskawi, Rat-Leader of “Der’ah Warrior Unit“:

Fellow rats who joined him were:

Haasem Muhammad Ayedh
Khalid Awad Al-Salem
Fayez Jadallah Al-Hariri
Muhannad Al-Hariri
Awad Khalaf

At Al-Lijaat in the Der’ah rural countryside, SA soldiers have uncovered a mass grave of foreign rat carcasses. Monzer estimates the number of the buried vermin at 33.  They were hurriedly interred in order to conceal the fact that so many foreigners were backing the terrorist war.  The area police are trying to identify some of the bodies positively without much success.  Monzer says that the bodies are of foreigners because the MI interrogated a captured rat who gave the tip and clearly indicated the bodies were of non-Syrians.
Got anybody missing?

SANA reports that the Syrian government denies as takeover by FSA or Islamist groups of a chemical laboratory or army battalion hq near Der’ah.  No such thing took place.
SyrPer can now confirm that last Tuesday, at Kathif Al-Sinn checkpoint, close to the town of Nawa the following named rats met their Rodent God:

Abdallah Muhammad Al-Sharif
Issa Abdel-Rahman Al-Rifa’i
Muhammad Abdul-Aziz Khalifeh
Rami Al-Jarwan

DAMASCUS – We cannot list all 224 dead rats for our readers.  Yesterday, was a spectacular day for Mr. Orkin near Damascus.  Here’s what we are able to publish:

At Bahdaliyya,  SA destroyed a flatbed truck carrying a 23 cal. anti-aircraft machine gun.

At Dhiyabiyya,  SA destroyed a mortar and killed 4 terrorist rats:

Jalil Afif Mardiy
Abdel-Samad Al-Turk
Jamaleddine Issa Ahmad
Ali Salah Salah (Palestinian)

At Al-Hujjeira, the following mercenary rodents were dispatched:

Firas Hamzeh
Mazen Al-Jabr
Zaki Awwad (Lebanese)
Muhammad Eid Marji (Lebanese)
Samer Uwweid
Ahmad Al-Khashumi

At Aqraba in the Damascene countryside, over 61 rats were killed in a spectacular raid by SA forces.
Monzer is putting the list together for us and will fax or e-mail it today.  He says that several Saudis were among the rats.

At Darayya, where the rodents are tenaciously holding on, we can confirm the following deaths taking place at the perimeter of the Shari’ah Academy, the Four Seasons and Railway Junction:

Abdul-Wahhab Fakhreddine
Alaa Fakhreddine
Muhammad Kheir Shamma
Hameed Khazindar
Muhammad Qudaimi
Dureid Abdel-‘Aal
Jamal Muhammad Al-Khatib
Muhammad Al-Munir
Seifuddine Al-Bansha

Also at Darayya, SA uncovered a cache of IEDs with explosive packs of 10-30 kgs.   Landmines were also found that had been laid and primed on the roadway to the school.  All explosive devices were disarmed.

The SA also found a large collection of stolen medical equipment and drugs.  Once again, the drugs were mostly benzodiazepine types, e.g.Valium and many codeine-based medicines.

At Douma, SA destroyed a PKT set up as an anti-helicopter machine gun.  

In the farm area around Harasta, a nest of rodents was exterminated to a man.  They called themselves
“Liwaa Der’ah Al-‘Asima”.  Here are the names of the rodents killed:

Abdel-Rahman Al-Sheikh
Ahmad Al-Hamshari
Salman Abdel-Jabbar Farran
Ahmad Izz
Muhammad Mansour
Ahmad Karbouj
Khalid Al-Uthman
Jalil Al-Rifa’i
Rizq Al-Lujj
Samir Al-Hiraki
Bilal Maghribi


Paul writes insightfully:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “SECOND POST – JANUARY 2, 2013 – THE PROXY PRESIDEN…“:

The only problem with discussing the positions of different countries in the war is that we are, in many ways, in the post-nation era. Thus, it is more a question of Western oil companies and the Zionist lobby on one side, and a more rational side on the other, as far as Western Imperialism goes. Many joke that Qatar is simply a branch of Standard Oil. After all, if most of their money is in a Rockefeller bank in New York, how independent are they really? From this perspective, Obama is simply trying to be cunning or clever, and not be on the losing side of what goes down. He has been fighting the oil companies over some important policies the last couple of years, so we have to at least give the Devil his due in fighting those criminals.

Mark the Brit, always one to test the outer limits of trivia sends this suggestion:

Mr Ziad,

I have a possible restaurant for your consideration in future ratings.

Elegently simple swedish dining at the IKEA store.


And while it is not free like COSTCO, its pretty darn cheap, eg breakfast for 99c!.

Something else that you will not find at Old Country Buffet, or Costco…….


ANSWER:  Obviously, my English friend, you have not visited the new Costco Lingerie Exhibit.  ZAF

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