Well!  Isn’t that a gas! (SyrPer)


This just released, 1st Lieutenant Lina Marzi has been confirmed killed by the rodents in Aleppo along with another 6 officers.  The exact circumstances have not been disclosed yet but we will obtain them soon enough from either Wael or Monzer.

She was the crown of the Syrian Army and she will not be forgetten.  She will be avenged.
DAMASCUS :  We can confirm that Ard Al-Khaleej  in Darayyais now back to normal.  Additional bodies have been identified amongst the dead rodents:

Wafi Ahmad Al-Sanam

Muhammad Diib Al-Bayyaa’

Muhammad Abdel-Halim Abdel-Ati

DOUMA FARMS:  The SAA with the help of militia captured the following useless trash:

Muwaffaq Al-Rifa’i

Salem Kan’aan

Muhammad Darwiche

Muhammad Miyasa

One terrorist rodent, partially burned, was found in the same area.  His documents reveal he was  Jordanian:  Abdel-Hakim Abu-Atiyya

Productive operation in Khan Al-Sheikh and Drousha Farms resulted in the netting of the following simian ordure:

Sari Mahmoud Dawoodi

Karim Issam Nakhlawi

Devastating news for the Jabhat Al-Nusra in Al-Nabak west of Damascus where a group of inept scoundrels tried to compensate for the spine-crushing defeat the SAA handed them in Darayya.  This team of zombies, described by Monzer as  “without a compass”,  tried to occupy a military housing zone.  Needless to say, the buffoons walked right into an ambush set up by infantry and the following slime was scraped off the sewer walls:

Ragheb Al-Mahdi, FSA rat leader

Talib Muntasir Sammak

Farouq Ali Zreiq

Salahuddine Mahmoud Al-Ma’aaz

Ali Mahmoud ‘Asrouni

4 bodies were found burned.  This effort to hide the identities of foreigners is not working. 

At Yabroud, we told you yesterday about a battle over territory between rival gangs of Islamist freaks.  More details have come out about  that.  I appears that the brouhaha centered on who was going to get the last box of ammunition and the remaining drugs.  This is Robert Ford’s A-Team.

ALEPPO:  It’s almost over.  Calls to relatives in Aleppo produce bursts of encomia for our great Syrian Army.  Quarters which used to be contested are now firmly in the hands of the SAA.  Do not believe the Western press!  What they’re doing is giving you State Department folderol meant to elevate the morale of the rat armies they and the Arabian apes sent to Syria.  They have been defeated.  

At Hreitan, the SAA and security forces put down 5 rats trying to pillage a home.  In trying to escape after a security officer offered them a chance to surrender,  they placed themselves in the zone of discomfort.  All 5 were killed instantly:

Ali Abdel-Muhsin Mutlaq

Adel Karrada (Iraqi garbage)

Jihad Al-Saumari

Ali Muhammad Aql

Muhammad Badreddine

At Mannagh, Mar Annaz, Andan and Hreitan, more terrorist mercenary rat droppings were swept up.  Although we have no details about the actual operations, Wael confirms that two were killed and 16 captured.  No names available.

East of the town of Je’aara, a large battle was fought by a mixed force of FSA and Jabhat Al-Nusra.  Once again,  the experience and techniques used by the SAA won the day:

Mahmoud Al-Droubi

Zeineddine Ahmad Al-Ali

Ihsan Muhammad Ghandour

Jamil Al-Qara’

Bassem Muhammad Mahmoud

16 of the bodies could not be identified.  According to Wael, of those 16, 9 were burned beyond recognition after the rodents tried to incinerate them with grenades. 

DER’AH:  In a firefight with rats rousted by the SAA with the help of tired inhabitants near the Al-Umari Mosque,  the following were sent to the nitred corners of Rat Hell:

Abdul Rahman Dakhan Al-Masalima

Muhammad Yousuf Al-Fishtaki

Khalid Abdel-Rahman Al-Sayaasina

At Nawa in Der’ah Governorate, the following chimpanzees were captured for show in a local zoo:

Bassel Jamal Abu-Al-Sill

Firas Jamal Abu-Khuroub

Hammam Al-Khabi

At Basr Al-Harir, which has turned out to be a major nesting place for rats, the SAA and militia put the wrist bracelets on the following sub-specimens of simian existence:

Mahmoud Al-Ilayyan

Muhammad Muhammad Al-Qibaati Al-Hariri

Sa’deddine Uweit

Those killed were:

Kayed  Muhammad Rumman

Ya’rub Bakhoush

At Busra Al-Sham, that spectacular scene of the great Roman amphitheater,  these slugs were swept up as they were trying to attack a military checkpoint:

Mousa Khalifa Al-Mihaymeed (Jabhat Al-Nusra)

Talal Ali Dimashqi (non-Jabha Al-Nusra; just a moron)

MASSIVE VICTORY FOR THE SAA AT SAIDA (Syrian) and AL-NU’AAMIYYA.  This one was a real jaw-dropping disaster for Robert Ford’s team of vaudeville clowns:

Ahmad Al-Maharish

Hammad Muhammad  Mabarzeh

Suleiman Al-Qaddah

Ali Muhammad Al-Abboud

Abdallah Khalid Al-Baridi

Fahd Al-Samouri

Rif’at Muhammad Al-Naboulsi

Thabet Al-Ja’ouni

Muhammad Khalid Al-Safouri

A large number of burned corpses were also found clearly indicating the presence of foreign terrorist hyenas among this team of turkeys. 

SYRIAN PERSPECTIVE IS NOW CONFIRMING THE ONSET OF THE LONG-AWAITED ASSAULT ON THE SAUDI SEX PERVERTS,  DRUG DEALERS AND TURKISH THIEVES IN IDLIB.  Make no mistake, two fully armored and mechanized divisions are on their way to finish the job the Orkin Man started.  MI intercepts indicate that rat commanders in Gaziantep are encouraging their luckless cabal of child molesters, rapists and sex offenders to hold out because “reinforcements are coming!”.  Oh, really?  That’s not going to be easy because newly graduated units of militia are now taking up positions on entryways into Syrian from Turkey.  Newly maintenance MiGs and Sukhoi bombers are also going to be deployed in numbers not seen since the 1973 war!  Syrian pilots are fully aware of the operational record of the Patriot Anti-Missile system.  It’s not even an issue.  And just as important,  our new drones are being deployed to spot the rodents as they try to scurry in to certain death.  If the Patriots fire on our jets when in Syrian airspace, Syria will fire the Eskandar cruise missiles.  This is why Mr. Obama is not particularly anxious to get involved in this conflict.    

Wael and Aslan promise some good reports of hunting statistics over the next few days. 




Aslan thinks this is improbable because it is published by Hurriyet, a propaganda organ of Erdoghan’s:

Hurrah for the Arab Spring!!  General Sissy is warning of a failed state.  My, my!

Anyone remember the winner of last year’s SyrPer Don Quixote award for tilting at windmills?  Here he is again, thanks to John Esquire:

I’m sorry, but with all those defeats for NATO’s heroes, there ain’t that many articles to publish.

John Esquire keeps sending great tapes of our army tracking and crushing the garbage.  This one is in French:

Lizzie Phelan tells the truth about Syria and disses the press.  Thanks, again, John.

John writes about the very important naval exercises off Tartous.  Better read this Obama:

  From Haaretz:

“Russia is also following events in Syria closely. Last week, Russia began a large-scale naval exercise in the eastern Mediterranean, which will end today. In an article on the website of the Institute for National Security Studies at Tel Aviv University, Zvi Magen, a former Israeli ambassador to Moscow, wrote that the Russians are describing this exercise as the largest since the collapse of the Soviet Union. It includes 23 vessels and, unusually, is being commanded directly by the Russian military chief of staff. Based on public statements made by Moscow, Magen concluded that the exercise is aimed at deterring outside intervention in Syria.”

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Level 0 - Anonymous

Have you heard anything about Iran’s Nuclear Facility being destroyed (connections that could verify)? If true this is very disturbing & the zio-thugs need to be crushed. Their secret nuclear facility needs to be destroyed.

Level 0 - Anonymous

anyone know anything about the massacre in allepo? all victims were young men. all executed

Level 0 - Anonymous

Dear Ziad, great to hear reinforcements are on their way to Idlib – but where are the 2 Divisions coming from? You said the Idlib offensive will start when the Aleppo-Cleanup is finished. But I guess there’s still some work to do at Aleppo – or am I wrong? Are these the two recently formed formations from which I read earlier? I also received some news about intensified clashes on the road to Ariha – are these battles already part of the counter-offensive?Last but not least: what’s the situation at Jisr Al Shugour? I heard there’s some trouble going on… Read more »

Level 0 - Anonymous

Ziad, I love your style in general but when it comes to Aleppo your source doesn’t seem to be credible; According to your source most of Aleppo was supposed to be rat free this morning and now the FSA is bringing this story about 80 corpses with a video, so they control that zone at least. I don’t believe that it’s the SAA who killed them but it shows that they (FSA) control that zone. Furthermore if the SAA had killed hundreds of terrorists in Aleppo within a few days, you would hear the FSA officials saying that hundreds of… Read more »