DAMASCUS:  General Fahd Jassem Al-Fureij, Syria’s Defense Minister, has announced that Syria “will be liberated from the plague of terrorism” and that “all terrorists will be hunted down until none are left in order to make every part of Syria safe and secure”.

His statement is interesting because it comes 2 weeks after President Assad’s ground-breaking speech in which he told the opposition allied with terrorism that it had no place at the negotiating table and after F.M. Walid Mouallem’s interview in which he seconded the president’s statements.  Interesting also as it comes at the start of OPERATION CLEAN-UP ALEPPO which is aimed to finish off the rats.  Let’s keep watching.     

Lt. General Al-Fureij hails from Hama and is a brilliant artillery tactician.  He is committed to avenging the deaths of our 4 generals on July 18, 2012.  

DARAYYA and DOUMA:  Watch how the news reports in the media have begun to talk “in general” about Syrian Air Force sorties over suburbs of Damascus.  They know the rats are out of Darayya and Douma.  Also, please note that the Damascus International Airport is open and doing business.  The East Ghouta is almost rat-free.  Monzer reports that the terrorists are now relegated to attacking infrastructure when they can.  The appearance of new militia is going to have an impact.

At Tadmor (Palmyra), 5 cars loaded with scum were destroyed as they were heading west as reinforcements for their embattled runt litter-mates in Damascus. Their identities have not been disclosed yet as MI goes over their papers.  Monzer says that they are mostly foreign. 

AL-HASAKEH:  At Ra’s Al-Ain on the Turkish Border,  PKK militiamen killed over 30 FSA rodents last night when the former initiated a night-offensive on positions used by the latter to fire rockets on the town’s citizens.  The PKK is now committed to eradicating the FSA and, especially, the Salafist microbes.  I have no names of the FSA people killed.  Hanadi has no access to such information.

HAMA:  We can confirm the deaths of over 41 civilians because of a car bomb placed in the largely Ismaili town of Salamiyya.  The terrorists regularly punish the Syrian people for not supporting them.

HOMS:  SyrPer has learned that the SAA, supported by security personnel,  repelled an attempted attack on the gas station at Jabal Al-Shaer and killed the perpetrator:  He name is Anwar Muhammad _______(last name unclear to Monzer).

Also, in the Homsi town of Talbiseh, at Al-Nour Street and the Joubar neighborhood, a firefight took place between security forces and a pack of rats from the Jabhat Al-Nusra. The following rat droppings were found:

Salah Radwan
Ibrahim Al-Naji
Assi Bakkour

At Ibil, Haidariyya, West Al-Buwaida and Umm Al-Sakhr in rural Homs Governorate, the SAA killed 11 rodents whose names have not been revealed yet.  

ALEPPO:  “OPERATION CLEAN-UP ALEPPO” has begun.  40,000 military personnel are committed to this battle which will rid our great city of the rodent infestation once and for all.  News has come in that the FSA has withdrawn from Al-Sakhour, Al-Sha’ar and Bab Antakya.  I will have more details later.  Wael says that his sources tell him the FSA and the Salafist ordure cannot withstand this new assault. Aleppo will be free soon.

 A Syrian soldier practices marksmanship on a slithering rodent in Aleppo.

Saudi Arabia sent men on death row to fight in Syria.  Here’s the proof.  And what about war crimes?

Another good show for Canada and Stephen Harper.  Isn’t it great to be on the side of Jihadists?

I told you about this new military force.  There’s more to this than that:

The NYT headline does not conform to the content of the article.  This one is a great example of what I wrote before about headlines and how most people only read them.  This one is clearly written with the CIA
disinformation program in mind.  Monzer says he knows no Russians who are leaving:

John Esquire sends this WP hokum with the same kind of headline about Russia’s citizens in Syria.  Enjoy:

Ziad Homsi revisited.  This Thailand business should be a red flag for Lebanese spies.  Another spook caught red-handed.  He won’t get what he deserves because the Lebanese are sissies:

The cover-up has started for the Cansiz murders in Paris.  They are so slimy.  We can’t wait until it’s exposed and then watch:


Hans sends this note and link about interesting Canadian angle to the Algerian fiasco:

hans has left a new comment on your post “SECOND POST – JANUARY 21, 2013 – WHY CINEMA’S BEST…“:

Canada is investigating an allegation by the Algerian Prime Minister that one of its citizens coordinated the terror raid at the Saharan gas plant in which dozens of hostages were killed.Westerners, including a man with blond hair and blue eyes, are believed to have been among the attackers. A French jihadist, previously unknown to authorities, and 2 Canadians are suspected to have been involved in the hostage-taking, and reports also claim that a man with a Western accent was among the extremists who lured terrified gas workers from their rooms during the hostage crisis.

Oh dear, looks like algeria did not follow the script written by FUKUSI read this
very interesting article here

Anonymous sends this note in reponse to our article about British villains in American movies:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “SECOND POST – JANUARY 21, 2013 – WHY CINEMA’S BEST…“:

The film-evil depends always on the country where the film is produced and how much this country is influenced by other countries in its will. So me is sure that in next decade we will see a lot of US-americans, especially GIs, as the standard evil in films around the world.

Peto writes asking about Idlib and the much-awaited offensive there.  

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “SECOND POST – JANUARY 21, 2013 – WHY CINEMA’S BEST…“:

Some days ago the terrorists announced the “Battle to “liberate” Idlib”. What’s the situation there?
It seems to me the military situation is improving indeed – except in Idlib. Do you think we can expect hearing some really good news from there soon? I don’t talk about a few dead “FSA”rats, I am talking about a counteroffensive that deserves this name.

Kind regards,

ANSWER:  Dear Peto, the campaign in Idlib has been delayed, as I wrote some weeks ago, because of the need to clear out Aleppo.  If you read today’s news in SyrPer you will see that Operation Clean-Up Aleppo has begun.  It will take some time, but with the new 30,000 troops added, it will be accomplished before Spring 2013, hopefully.  Your friend, Ziad

Another Anonymous writes about the size of the SAA:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “FIRST POST – JANUARY 21, 2013 – DEFEAT AND DEVASTA…“:

opening up a front in mali was a big mistake by nato. hitler learned the hard way that you cannot win a war on two fronts. there are conflicting reports about the size of the syrian army. i have heard they only have a 100,000 troops that are operational? other estimates range from 200,000 to 300,000. how many troops are employed in the major cities? it seems the major cities are surrounded by a ring of steel?

ANSWER:   Dear Anonymous, whoever told you the Syrian army was at 300,000 only was misleading you.  The Syrian Army in total exceeds 375,000 with over 500,000 potential reservists available for duty. The number of active troops has gone up by 30,000 with the graduation of 20,000 new soldiers and 10,000 newly trained anti-insurgency militia called the National Defense Army.  We have a pretty big military in Syria.  Your friend, Ziad

Souria Uber Allah writes this kind and very flattering note about what we can do to help Syria during these times of great strife:

 Oh No You Di’nt has left a new comment on your post “FIRST POST – JANUARY 21, 2013 – DEFEAT AND DEVASTA…“:


What makes reading your informative blog so great is not only the direct news you bring from Syria that bypasses the biased mainstream media, but you happen to be extremely articulate. It is unfortunate that the destruction of Syria is the context for your brilliant use of the written word. When Syria is on the upswing, I look forward to hope you will be able to find time to devote a section of your blog toward what pro-Syrian readers can do to support Syria, in acts both small and large.

Separately, I would also be interested to learn if there is any rear action in Alexandretta to disrupt the flow of terrorist mercernaries and supply lines. Even one or two incidents could create a security situation that would slow terrorist operations. It is perhaps better if these types of operational successes remain secret.

Souria uber Allah

ANSWER:  Dear friend, thank you for your gracious introduction.  As of right now. the only evidence from our source, Aslan, is that the people of Hatay are expressing themselves in demonstrations.  Some demonstrations are taking place in Ayntab (Gaziantep) and even, Ankara.  The PKK is very strong in these areas and we suspect that something along the lines of your letter will be taking place soon.  We await this event anxiously.  Your friend, Ziad

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Level 0 - Anonymous

Dear Ziad,

it’s great reading about the Aleppo-Offensive – it really seems to me the tide has turned!

My question: do you know if any SAA forces are operating north of Aleppo and if there is a chance to send reinforcements to Mannagh airport which is currently under siege by the terrorists (according to MSM)? According to the same sources, there are no SAA forces between Aleppo and the Turkish border but I also received news (from a credible source) about fighting going on the road to al-Bab.

Thanks and all the best,

Level 0 - Anonymous

they say syria is not as powerful as some other armies in the area eg israel and turkey. but fighting a defensive war gives you an advantage in some ways. certainly syria’s air defence, missile and chemical weapons make it a foe to avoid? of course if the government did not have the backing of the people it would fall. the salafists have actually done the government a favour by being so cruel and nasty. and also they show no idea that they can run a country economically and socially. even the people who do not like assad know that.