Syrian Perspective can confirm the following events:

1.  The Syrian Army has deployed the equivalent of two new military divisions amounting to 20,000 men.  All these troops have been trained in anti-insurgency warfare.  It appears that the new graduates will be transferred to the Third and Fourth Army Groups in the north of the country.

2.  The Syrian High Command has announced the assimilation of 10,000 trained militiamen who will be operating under direct supervision of the Defense Ministry.  Of these 10,000 new fighters,  20% are deemed experts in anti-insurgency tactics.  This news is from Monzer.  He says that these men were all volunteers who insist on taking the battle straight down “the throats of the mercenaries”.

3.  PKK fighters are concentrating in the border town of Ra’s Al-Ain on the Turkish front in Al-Hasakeh Governorate.  The PKK has condemned Erdoghan’s terrorist government for using the Jihadists to fight its war against the Kurdish people.  We can confirm the death of one terrorist rat yesterday at Ra’s Al-Ain.
Hanadi sent me an e-mail from Deir El-Zor confirming a substantial migration of fighters to the town.  It appears that the Jihadist rats have started firing missiles on civilian targets.

4.  Two large Russian frigates have docked at Tartous with weapons and ordnance for our army.  I have no more details than that.

5.  Reports of Shi’i fighters joining the battle for Damascus are false.  Zionist disinformation outlets keep repeating the same lie.  This time the Shi’is are from Iraq and Lebanon.  I can confirm that Hizbollah has fighters inside Syria in small numbers in order to relieve Syrian forces from the duty of protecting pilgrims visiting the Sayyida Zeinab shrine south of Damascus.  That’s it!  Iranian forces inside Syria remain garrisoned near Zabadani in a force exceeding 15,000 men.  However, Syria has not asked Iran for any direct military intervention.  SyrPer cannot deny that the Iranian forces are in direct contact with Hizbollah in Lebanon and around the shrine. 

This is the Sayyida Zeinab Mosque south of Damascus.  Zeinab was the daughter of Ali Ibn Abi Talib, the first cousin of Muhammad the Messenger and fourth Righteously Guided Caliph.  She is also the granddaughter of Muhammad.   This shrine is a constant target of vicious sectarianist Sunni terrorists.

6.  Syria’s Foreign Minister and Minister for Emigre’s has closed the door on NACOSROF and any foreign-backed “opposition group”.  This is extremely important for the reason that such a  position would have to be approved by both the Russian F.M and Iran’s president.  In an interview yesterday on Al-Ikhbariyya in Damascus, Mr. Mouallem put the kibosh on everything the foreign-based opposition is doing.  This means very clearly that the war is going well and that analyses of opposition victory are becoming increasingly vague, if not preposterous. 

Mr. Mouallem, see here during his interview, has slammed the door on the traitors leaving only talks with true Syrian opposition personalities who have not sold their country to foreign spy agencies.

7.  The entire strategy fashioned by the West for these terrorist murderers has become a disaster.  In battle after battle, the Syrian Army has delivered defeat to the terrorist mercenaries.  Here’s some proof from the front confirmed by sources in the know:


At the fabled Umayyad Mosque in Old Damascus,  a woman was identified by locals as potentially carrying an explosive belt.  She was first waylayed by security agents who had her frisked by female officers.  She turned out to be mentally retarded, a favorite trick of the fake-Muslim mercenary terrorists.  Her nationality is not yet determined as the woman has difficulty speaking.  This is what Obama and Erdoghan use to kill Syrian civilians – mentally incapacitated people!

At Al-Mleiha,  security forces backed by army regiments raided a warehouse and found a pack of rodents sleeping or drinking tea.  For some stupid reason, the unit commander offered the scum a chance to surrender.  When they hesitated,  our troops opened fire and killed every single one of the vermin inside including the following bearers of pestilence:

Araf Matar – rat leader of some idiotic group called “Military Council for the Hamza Ibn Abdul-Muttalib Brigade”.   As a note to the curious, Hamza was the paternal uncle of Muhammad the Messenger and his milk-brother, since they were suckled by the same woman.  Hamza was known for his bravery and skill in the arts of war.  He was named by Muhammad as the “Leader of All Martyrs”.  He is rolling in his grave with the knowledge these criminal cockroaches actually used his name.  

Also sent to Insect Heaven with Matar were the following scum:

Muhammad Abu Jamra
Saqr Ahmad Khuwaylid
Sari Abdel-Rahim Idlibi

At Al-Mleiha also, a rat’s nest of droppings belonging to some other clumsily named group: “Jama’at Ahfad Al-Rasoul” or “The Descendants’ of the Messenger Group” (Oh, agony!) were all dispatched with Syrian efficiency:

Abu Ali Al-Janabi (Iraqi filth)
Mustapha Al-Mustapha
Ali Khorsheed Samman
Ahmad Al-Jundi (Jordanian trash)
Mahdi Barakeh
Muhammad Ashour

At Mleiha, sappers were called in after residents made army officers aware of mines being planted around the town.  The mines were successfully identified with the help of the population, dismantled and confiscated.  All devices contained explosives no less than 30 kgs. 

At Darayya, with mop-up continuing, the SAA uncovered another mother lode of weapons and drugs.  This time the warehouse contained two RPGs and a case of rockets stolen from Syrian Army stockpiles.  Also, and as usual, the soldiers were treated to the sight of enough drugs to put the City of Chicago on Celestial Floatation.  Monzer says there were enough Valium pills for the city of Damascus.  In one firefight, the following specimen of reptile was sent to the fiery corners of Hell:

Mazen Ali Qadri

BUSRA AL-SHAM – This is one of the pearls of Roman architecture – an almost exact replica of the Colisseum in Rome.  An attempt by terrorist mercenaries to occupy the actual arena met with failure when Syrian troops defending the site opened fire, killing the following criminal rubbish:

This is the fabulous Busra Al-Sham coliseum which was targeted by some rats in the “opposition”

Luay Muhammad Al-Fasih
Ahmad Ma’loum
Jihad Alaa Al-Akhdar

Others were captured.  Since they were thieves more than Jihadist microbes, they threw away their arms.  Some of them were wanted felons who were known to have terrorized Basr Al-Harir in Der’ah Governorate.  Monzer did not send the prisoners’ names.


This province is going to be crucial to the Orkin Man shortly.
At Binnish in the countryside,  SAA stalwarts executed a stunning ambush on the rodents as they were divvying up drugs stolen from Idlib pharmacies.  At Binnish, the rodent carcasses were identified as:

Ismail Ali Diringil (Turk detritus)
Falah Dhari Al-Duwaily (non-Syrian)
Mukhtar Ahmad Al-Jbeir
Husam-Ullah Badreddine
Thabet Mudar Tayyara

The one prisoner taken identified the garbage as belonging to the Jabhat Al-Nusra.   

At Sunbul, two germs were neutralized.  They are believed to be members of “Liwaa Al-Islam”:

Radwan Muhammad Al-Jheishi
Karim Abdullah Arfoush

At Koureen,  14 rats were killed.  Wael does not have the list of dead because the MI officers have not released it yet.  

 At Habash, SAA destroyed a flatbed with an installed machine gun.  Both driver and passenger were sent to the sewers.  They have been identified as two Turkish brigands with ties to Jabhat Al-Nusra:

Cawki Ahmet Recid
Tulay Ibrahim Gokce 

At Wadi Al-Deif, scene of constant FSA and Jihadist fulminations to take control of this somewhat obscure airbase, the SAA annihilated another wave of garbage.  Wael describes the attempted assaults as “pathetic” or “muhzin“.  He quotes his sources at Wadi Al-Deif telling him it was like “shooting pigeons”.  As of last count at 2:00 a.m. Michigan time, 12 carcasses had been identified. No list of dead available.    


I know that I cut off reporting due to a friend’s bereavement yesterday.  I can now give you the great news from Aleppo.

At East Ansari near the City Dreams Salon,  security forces discovered a terrorist rat by the name of Ahmad Khalid Al-Husseini, and put him to death.  Al-Husseini is a known murderer among the people of Aleppo.

At Nairab, the day before yesterday, in a firefight pitting SAA troops against Jabhat Al-Nusra Al-Qaeda terrorist excrement, the following waste was disposed of:

Sufyan Ali Diwanji
Awadallah Zein Urabi
Abdel-Muneim Fadl Abbasi 
Muhammad Hisham Baroudi
Adil Ballout 
Dhafir Mahmoud Sayyah
Ibrahim Khamis
Ali Odeh Al-Mustafa (Jordanian)
Mahmoud Muhammad Rustum
Rafiq Sidqi Boustanji
Abdallah Ali Abdallah Al-Farran
Adnan Muhammad Al-Sarraf
Fikret Mehmet Cogman  (Turk)
Hussein Bilal Al-Khiyami
Muhammad Mahmoud Hassoun 

Reports from our relatives inside Sulaymaniyyeh indicate SAA encirclement of terrorist positions inside mostly abandoned quarters of Seif Al-Dawla and Salahuddine.  

Wael says that what we’re seeing now is a crystallization of the enemy’s real identity.  With their positions in Aleppo overrun by the SAA, only “mercantile” elements remain.  These are largely terrorists who have found a way to make a living by monopolizing wheat storage warehouses and selling product to civilians at outrageous prices.  Turf wars are being fought at all times with mafia-like gangsters whacking competitors.
On the other hand, there are still some hard-line Jihadists who know they have no way out of the city without being captured and killed.  They continue to terrorize the population by demanding food and sustenance.  They are running out of ammunition, though, and Wael says they are being cleaned up.

Wael also says there is a diminution in the number of deserters.  You just don’t see them any more.  It’s as though they all left for their villages not wanting to continue to fight for the FSA.


I promised I’d address the recent fighting in this governorate famous for its large Druze/Muwahhid population.  Suweida is on the border with Jordan, and you’d think that it would be ideal as an entry point for terrorists.  No so.  The population of Druze Syrians is largely involved in agriculture but have a long history of being protective about their identities, their homes, villages and religion.  It is this that makes the enemy think three times before entering this area.   

Druze are, for the most part, supportive of the Assad government because they view it as secular and tolerant.  Druze had a history of persecution and nothing would rattle them more than the likelihood of a Sunni Jihadist coming to power in Syria.  The “FSA” and even the Jihadists have tried to avoid dragging the Druze into this battle because they are renowned as ferocious fighters with a deep belief in reincarnation.  Druze return to life as Druze, a conviction which makes them less likely to fear death – assuming of course they believe the words of their clergymen.

As the battle in Damascus shifts from the capital itself to the outlying suburbs,  the terrorist mercenaries are finding it increasingly difficult to maneuver and have actually strayed into Suweida with devastating consequences.  Not only do the Druze support the government, they have a deeply-rooted hostility to Islamist extremists.  Last week, Druze fighters eradicated an entire unit of Jabhat Al-Nusra rodents after the latter took some villages hostage.  The details are not available to Monzer or Wael, but the bodies of the rats were seen by soldiers who did not interfere.  The bodies may be buried somewhere in the governorate.

What this all means is that the rats are on the run, increasingly relying on car bombs and home-made missiles, a la Hamas in the Gaza.  They have fewer places to hide and the army is becoming stronger as time goes on.  These indicia of power are coming through also in the statements of the Russian F.M. and also, Mr. Mouallem, the Syrian F.M.  There is a sense that NATO has failed and cannot recover.  


Once in a while, Zionist publications catch my interest.  This is a good review of what’s happening as the world recovers from the disaster in Algeria.  I will have much to say about the issue of Shi’i fighters in Syria:

This is a very interesting article about American justice and Dr. Aafia Siddiqui.  She is a forgotten character in all the hurly-burly, but her case is worth revisiting:

The moment that ludicrous little frog, Laurent Fabius, gets involved, you know you’re dealing with pure hokum.  The Algerian operation was a catastrophe.  Punkt!–finance.html

Tell David Cameron that he’s an appalling terrorist incident. Oh, boy!  Here’s one for the hypocrisy file:

Our students on the occupied Golan Heights condemn the terrorist attack against students at Aleppo University. Take that! WOG Navi Pillay!  


So, drunkenness was the order of the day.  Nobody wrote. What a scandal!!  See you tomorrow.

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Very good blog

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LOL! Ziad, I have just discovered your blog, it’s really funny how the tone is “objective” and neutral, hard to know which side you support … Keep up the good job, many rodents are still infesting Syria.

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That why he calls it “Syrian Perspective”. 100% more accurate than the hogwash you get from Western & allies MSM (main stream media).

Joey Adamie
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Joey Adamie
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For all of you Patriots of Syria and Loyalists to the only Arab Leader that has a shred of dignity, honor, & loyalty to his Country as well as the Palestinian Resistance: President Bashar Al- Assad. Besides this blog You can get the real story of whats going on in Syria and exposing the lies of this Western alliance with Al- Queada and their media Coup d’ e`tat then YouTube search SYRIAN GIRL