Get the headline and the strange discussion in poor English:

Intense hypocrisy here from the NYT re: North Africa and Mali. What about Syria?  Does the NYT have any theories about how Syria doesn’t fit it?

Get ready for some big laughs. And watch for our additional coverage on the murders in Paris today:

See this one also.  Notice the subtle intel between the lines:

More on Curveball.  Now it’s December 23, 2012.  What will the U.S. do now?

Russia knows the score:




A massive explosion in the city, apparently in retaliation for the huge demonstration in support of Dr. Assad and the army, takes the lives of over 22 innocent civilians.

In the central district, also, Syrian Army sappers dismantled two car bombs close to a checkpoint.

At Al-Mutlaq, Syrian army regulars fought with a group of cockroaches and killed the following:

Ali Jaber Al-Atiq
Mundhir Samalawi
Muhammad Dhafir Shamlan (Iraqi)


A fierce battle was fought at the Youssef Pass near Al-Qusair when a pack of terrorists were discovered, by Syrian reconnaissance drones, trying to infiltrate Syria from Wadi Khalid.  It was another French-engineered fiasco for the terrorists.  28 terrorists were killed and 16 taken prisoner.  Here are some of the names of the dead:

Muhammad Wafiq Al-Taqi
Dawoud Milhem Hassan-Ali (Lebanese)
Jassem Alloush
Bassam Ahmad Al-Tawil
Muhammad Ahmad Ballat
Muhammad Ali Tfeili
Labib Muhammad Atweh

Of the 16 captured terrorists, six have foreign documents.


In response to the devastating revenge explosion at Aleppo University during examination week, Dr. Assad ordered an “appropriate” response.  The Syrian Army backed by elements of the 4th Mechanized Armored Division delivered Hell in a big package to the terrorists in several areas where their hideouts were uncovered by informants.

In the City Center at Souq Al-Hayl, Bustan Al-Qasr, Al-Kallaseh, Old Aleppo and Qadhi Askar,  the army killed over 63 terrorists and captured 29.  Of the killed and captured, 8 were of Turkish nationality; 2 were Chechens and 5 were from Iraq.

In rural Aleppo Governorate, 10 terrorists were killed at Lairamoun, Kafr Ahmar, Al-Bab and Andan.

Ali Ahmad Hishmeh, a terrorist leader was among the dead.  Wael says he had enough Valium on him to “sauce an elephant”.

At Bani Zayd, a unique operation was conducted resulting in the deaths of 4 terrorists.

Thank you, Erdoghan, you lying roach, for sending these killers to destroy a citadel of education.  This is the message of Islamist Jihadist apostasy.  Aleppo University was struck by the savages.


Russian diplomats have announced the uncovering of a “disinformation” ploy by the FSA and its handlers to recruit mercenaries from Russia, Ukraine and Byelorussia.  In a scene reminiscent of Syrian Danny, the mercenaries were supposed to be captured and confess that they were agents of the Russian Federation.  This would cast doubt on the validity of Russia’s claim to being an honest broker.  The plan is an American one.  You can tell because it’s crude and reeks of Robert Ford.

Al-Azhar University, no stranger to idiotic pronouncements and fatwas, is circulating a book which allows devoted followers to kill unbelievers, roast their flesh and eat them.  Add this one to the other stories about suckling a stranger in a work environment to make him “a blood relative”.  Oh, my God!  When will the stupidity end?

Leo the Lion sends this from Canada.  Leo, always write and send us articles you think are worth posting.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “FIRST POST – JANUARY 12, 2013 – FRANCE BEHIND ASSA…“:

i think you may have some of the best info on syria. Are you in Toronto? I like the Hunter S. Thompson writing style. I guess we must even in war have a sense of humour. Keep up the good work. I’m in Toronto and would be happy to help out in some way. Leo the Lion.
Another Anonymous sends this very encouraging note:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “FIRST POST – JANUARY 15, 2013 – THE USUAL NEWS SO…“:

i find your blog extremely informative. a nice mix of info and entertainment. other sources that allow me to bypass mainstream propaganda are information clearing house, transduction, morris and chris sedlmair. all truth seekers like yourself. keep up the great work. you would be very surprised how many supporters you have. [ millions ]



This one is from Mark the Brit and is slightly edited by SyrPer.

Ghawwar is the most famous detective in Syria.  He works for the investigative branch of the General Security Bureau.  His sidekick is a medical doctor by the name of Wassouf.  One day, they were dispatched to the scene of an explosion inside an apartment building.  The data was limited to a belief that a terrorist went up in smoke while trying to arm his IED.

When Ghawwar arrived with Dr. Wassouf, he shocked the latter by declaring that “…the terrorist was obviously a Saudi Arabian!”  Dr. Wassouf was so astonished by his mentor’s quickness that he entertained some doubt.

“What do you mean, Ghawwar? How can you know it was a Saudi so quickly”.

“Elementary my dear doctor.  Look at his head in the corner over there and what do you see?”

“Elementary, my dear Wassouf.  He had his index fingers in his ears.  Sure sign he was Saudi.” 

The doctor looked carefully at the severed head.  “I don’t understand, Ghawwar.”

“Look again, Dr. Wassouf.  What do you see in the man’s ears?”

Dr. Wassouf looked again and shouted:  “Oh, my Heavens!  Yes. You’re absolutely right.  I see his two index fingers, each in every ear.  Brilliant, Ghawwar, Case solved.”


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Syrian army regulars fought with a group of cockroaches It is unfair on cockroaches, they have survived since the dinosaurs time. These rodents are a new phenomena that should be exterminated before mankind gets the Plague like we had in Europe in the Middle Ages.

Gung Ho
Level 0 - Anonymous how correct is this article? And if so could it be an idea to translate it into English?

Level 0 - Anonymous
This is a tragedy, I pray for the Victims and survivors. Syria is the most sophisticated society in the Arabian peninsula. Attacking institutions of Higher learning is a criminal act! These Jackals do not represent Islam. They are the Agents of the Anglo/Zionist Kabal. The Quran says that the ink of a Scholar is worth more than the blood of a Matyer. That is why these rats cannot and will not Win! In an Ideal Islamic Society Islam and Secularism complement each other. Education is the life blood of a progressive Society. But let us not forget who the real… Read more »
Level 0 - Anonymous
Here’s an Inspiring comment from the Prince of Whales as to why Islam is the Light of the world. The ink of the scholar is more sacred than the blood of the martyr …“If there is much misunderstanding in the West about the nature of Islam, there is also much ignorance about the debt our own culture and civilisation owe to the Islamic world. It is a failure which stems, I think, from the straitjacket of history which we have inherited. The medieval Islamic world, from Central Asia to the shores of the Atlantic, was a world where scholars and… Read more »
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thx for information