Monzer in Damascus and Radwan in Beirut are sources for the following news.  Monzer says he is aware of the Western propaganda effort to portray the terrorists as “successful” and “threatening the presidency of Dr. Assad”.  He responds that the Syrian army is continuing to crush the FSA and all Al-Qaeda affiliates.  I told him that I thought the U.S. was now using the WMD canard because the terrorists have failed and simply cannot continue losing personnel at the alarming rate of 450 per day.  He agrees and says that the next step appears to be some kind of Western intervention.  This next phase will depend on two factors.  The first is how Russia will view any such intervention in light of the Libya debacle.  And two, how Iran will commit its forces in support of Syria with whom it has a mutual defense treaty.

Monzer and Radwan both say the same thing: that a U.S. intervention will probably trigger Russian naval action and the movement of Hizbollah fighters to the coast to help face any American efforts to land ground forces.  We, at SyrPer, don’t believe a ground assault is possible in Syria given the paucity of forces available to the U.S. in the Mediterranean.  We have written earlier that most American military experts estimate that the U.S. and its allies would need over 70,000 soldiers just to secure Syria’s enormous stockpile of WMDs.

Here’s the mess Oreo Obama is wading into:  American ships can be hit hard by Syria’s Russian-made Yakhont anti-ship missiles.  Syria also has deployed Iranian made “Silkworm”-type anti-ship missiles which may not be as accurate as the Yakhonts but are much faster.  Thus, given the strength of the Syria army on the coast, the proliferation of militia and the hostility of the coastal population, the U.S. would be testing fate and venturing upon terra incognita.  The U.S. must also expect that Syria will call up over 500,000 reservists who can be expected to resist zealously a foreign invasion of their country.  The U.S. is extremely unpopular in Syria and Mr. Cream o’ Wheat is going to find that out when body bags start arriving in Washington.    

This is the Yakhont anti-ship missile atop a Bastion mobile launch platform like the two delivered to Syria.  The Yakhont SS-u-26 is stealth-tech and supersonic with a range of 300 kms at a speed of 2.6 mach.  The U.S. Eisenhower and its battleships are directly in its site.    

American warplanes are not in any better shape.  Terrorists have not been able to degrade Syria’s S-300 anti-aircraft missile defense system or its thousands of shoulder-fired Strelas.  American pilots can be expected to face a firestorm in the air if they are ordered to fly in the unfriendly skies of Syria.  Landing will also be a problem when virulently anti-American locals get their mitts on the luckless pilot.  Even unluckier will he be if he lands in an area populated by Qatari-funded Jabhat Al-Nusra criminals who will probably video tape his beheading. 

Syria has a fully integrated S-300 anti-aircraft missile shield so dense that Western nations are hesitant to discuss violating our airspace.

But that’s not all.  Syria has made it clear that WMDs (VTX, Ricin, Sarin and Mustard gases) will be used against any invading force.  It seems to us that U.S. troops or NATO vultures would satisfy that requirement.  Syria’s WMD are adaptable to Scud B,C and D missiles manufactured by the hundreds in Syria and her vast arsenal of artillery.  This is no Libya, Mr. Cream o’ Wheat.

Syrian military capabilities are horrifyingly arrayed before a lying American leader who is about to plunge into the world of fantasy.  This Scud B SRBM ballistic missile will be fired at American troops if the first Affirmative Action President decides that he has not learned enough yet from history.  This missile was manufactured in Syria with a North Korean design.

The East Ghouta is being searched with a fine tooth comb for rats.  General Ayoub’s orders are to find them and kill them.  No quarter.  In the meatime, we can confirm that Darayya is rat-free.  However, elements of the Salafist organization, Jabhat Al-Nusra, (now hypocritically classified as “terrorist” even by the United States which should be bad news for Prince Fatso) can still return and terrify the inhabitants.  The one good thing that has come out of Jordan is that these remnant forces can no longer expect a warm reception from King Abdallah’s army.  They are shot on sight.

The Zabadani area is almost cleansed of scum.  Monzer says that heavy bombardment with artillery has taken the breath of out of the terrorist rats in that town.  This is the same summer resort which was the cause of Manaf Tlas’s departure from Syria and his house arrest.  So far, it appears the garbage in Zabadani is made up of mostly army deserters and civilian supporters.  Monzer confirms a pattern in the town of rampages in pharmacies.

Radwan says he heard from a contact in Lebanese security that over 1,200 terrorists were killed yesterday all across Syria.  Syrian soldiers and militia suffered 128 dead and 1,121 wounded.  Radwan says the Lebanese security people he knows estimate that over 34,000 terrorists are now either inside or on the border of Syria.  Libyan numbers are not growing.  Instead, we are seeing more Iraqis and Turks invading the battlefield.  Egyptians are almost down to zero, most having gone back to menial labor in Jordan.

A Syrian soldier supports moving infantry by tying down a terrorist sniper.  This photo was taken in Tadamon by a very courageous SANA photo-journalist two days ago. 

SyrPer sees the war going like this:  The U.S. moves in the Mediterranean could be related to Syria’s WMDs.  But these weapons are highly mobile.  How a limited force could secure them in the face of an expected ferocious defense by Syria’s four Army Groups is anyone’s guess.  We predict a disaster for the U.S. military.  If Syria were to actually fire WMDs at American invaders, the fatality rate could be as high as 30% with untold numbers of injured, some permanently.  If Iranian forces, who are stationed in Syria, join the fight with Hizbollah, all bets are off.

Michael McGee sends this great piece from Strasbourg, France,  for our readers:

Michael sends this one too, in French, about Germany’s newly acquired desire to go back to the old war crimes habits.  Look forward to talking to you soon, Michael, mon confrere:

Infowars has some interesting statistics.  They are quoting numbers from the FSA which always exaggerates its capabilities:

In this one, the death toll in Syria is 23,000.  Wow!  That’s not much.  We can also tell our readers that Darayya was liberated completely two days ago.  It’s mop-up now.  This was confirmed by Monzer.
Note how they don’t mention the airport highway.  Because it’s been swept clean, stupid!

This Washington Post is a real crockpot.  When will they stop making things up?

We can’t ever tell if the NYT is telling the truth, but, here is one that has the ring of truth: Obama bungles another one.  When will it end?

Read this great article from Voltaire.  This one is well-written in English:


Paul weighs in with this comment:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “SECOND POST – DECEMBER 5, 2012 – SYRIAN ARMY MAKES…“:

Again, thanks for the explanation. I would think other options than Scuds would be the way to go. For one thing, missiles might have been a much better choice in the past than now. This is due to the current hysteria over Syria‘s WMDs and the propaganda that the country is about to collapse. For another, what would be the next step? This would cause more of the anti-Syria alliance to hold together. If you are going to kick a dog, kick him hard.

Decided not to say anything here as the West is now totalitarian, but if Syria returned 1% of the favor to Turkey, the economy there would be hit significantly. All the better if the losers from any action were those most in favor of the war.

Isn’t it past time to announce something along the lines of “all civilians need to leave any area the invaders take, and all humans will be killed within 24 hours”? And surely you’ve got sound bombs and smoke and EMF weapons and such to make their very short lives less productive? And start putting up those signs you see in Southeast Asia that say that serious drug offenses leads to certain death; just modify them for the invaders and actually follow through. If you are fighting a “Chicago rat”, as you say, what choice have you got? A “Chicago rat” would leave chemist shops with popular items with something in them that causes death in a month or so. Then start a rumor that a local called a jinn to salve his pain and that a curse was put on all medicine in Syria. The other rats wouldn’t know whether to steal or use medicine or not. Some of them are junkies, of course, so they would probably use the stuff eventually, but worry a lot.


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The Zionist Alliance has been hoping for a safe zone on the border with Turkey for a long time. What do you see the possibilities for this? If they use missiles, planes, and so on, what would Syria, Iran, and Hezbollah do? As far as Russia goes, it might be wise to remember the quote a century ago or so about how Russia has only two allies, its army and its navy. An obvious goal for a long time has been to partition the country, and ask Russia to support the UN-backed troops that will come in to enforce the… Read more »