This just in from Wael and Aslan.  Aslan is in Arsuz today on the coast of Turkish-occupied Iskenderoun Province.  Wael e-mails from Latakia.

Aslan reports that NATO terrorism enablers in Adana, Incirlik and Gaziantep are livid with anger over the break-up of their carefully planned Latakia operation which was to involve over 8,000 terrorists entering Syria unarmed and mixing with the coastal population, hiding in the area’s numerous orchards or in the mountains around Sunni villages.  According to Aslan, his Turkish sources inside MIT (Turkish Intelligence – one of the world’s greatest oxymorons) admit that something went terribly wrong about a month ago.  The suspicion is that a Syrian mole inside the so-called FSA was privy to every step along the way and alerted Syrian Air Force Intelligence or General Security about the plan to “stack” huge amounts of weapons in the Tabiyyat and Sleibi Quarters of Latakia for use around Christmas time.  All Syrian-born terrorists were given a code for a contact person inside Latakia who would be able to both deliver weapons and provide safe houses for the killers.  The Syrian terrorists would then be responsible for disseminating the weapons to Libyan, Saudi and Jordanian confederates hiding in pre-designated areas.

Aslan says that German spies were given the responsibility for monitoring Syrian military communication to ensure terrorist mobility.  There was a fear that many of the FSA felons were prone to confessing details if captured.  This is why the plan was designed around what was viewed as a fool-proof scheme to first: build up a huge arsenal inside Latakia.  (The only reliable quarters of the city are Tabiyyat and Sleibi which have a history of Sunni Islamist extremism and intolerance; Jableh was viewed as too close to Syrian security HQs).  Second: to arrange the entry of a limited number of terrorists familiar with the area to insure no orientation problems or suspicious activity.  This would establish weapons distribution channels for the nihilist mercenary killers the British had trained at Apaydin.  Third: the process of infiltration was to take place over a period of two nights during which the terrorists would use unguarded mountain passes from Rayhanli to establish their presence.  Fourth, once the mercenary killers were in place, the weapons would be disseminated over a period of four days with commercial trucks and taxis used to move the material.

This weasel’s frustration with Dr.Assad’s durability and popularity has taken him to the abyss of war crimes.  

The attack on Latakia was to be a wild operation targeting Ba’ath Party HQ, Sheikh Daher commercial buildings, Christians and Alawis in Mar Taqla, the airport, the harbor and Tishreen University.  But most interesting was the British intent to devastate Dr. Assad’s hometown of Qardaha by committing unspeakable crimes against the inhabitants.  This was the message War Criminal Cameron thought he was going to send to Dr. Bashar Al-Assad.  The sight of innocent Syrian civilians slaughtered by Cameron’s apes was supposedly dramatic enough to get the young Syrian president out of Damascus.  

Wael tells us that over seven families have been detained in relation to the finds at Tabiyyat.  He says they are being cooperative and have given the names of involved terrorists who are now being stalked by our security services.  Their capture is viewed as crucial to the fleshing out of the NATO-British plot to exterminate whole populations of local minority groups.  He intimates Russian interest in this operation as tapes are being studied to better understand how Cameron’s nihilists were to operate on the coast of Syria.

Children of Latakia, like these, were targets of Cameron’s ugly war to exterminate the minorities of Syria.  Cameron is a war criminal and should be brought to justice.

NATO’s terrorist enablers are now revising their plans to utilize the 8,000 killers in Idlib in anticipation of the massive operation to completely liberate that city and governorate by the Syrian army.  Wael says that intercepted communications from German spies and war criminals in Incirlik indicate a fear that “war crimes” are going to be committed by the FSA and the allied Islamist Wahhabist thugs paid for by the Arabian cockroaches of the Zionist-Raghead alliance.

In the meantime, Aslan tells us that NATO is upping the stakes now because there is a conviction that no force can defeat Assad’s army.  The cost of invading Syria is, however, staggering.  There is also a fear that Russia is more committed to the Syrian government than Sergei Lavrov is letting on.  The NATO killers are banking on a possible opposition-controlled area linking northern Aleppo Governorate to Idlib.
Idlib, as we reported, in on the verge of being enveloped in horror as our army takes position.  NATO has been defeated.  Two batteries of Patriot missiles will accomplish nothing as the population of Southern Turkey is being armed to the teeth by the PKK with War Criminal Erdoghan in its sights.

We will have more news on the Damascus front when I return from lunch and review Monzer’s e-mails.


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I have always said the the Iranian expertise in counter intelligence, intelligence eavesdropping, asymmetrical warfare and decryption technology is second to none. I think NATO over estimated their technological advantage. BTW what you think about the Saudi planes falling off the sky recently! Me thinks the Khazar’s have overplayed their cards, the celestial alignments are the same as when the Khazar empire collapsed and was suppressed.