With news of Internet blackout in Syria headlining the news, one would think SyrPer is without contact in the short term.  Wrong.  Latakia is buzzing with Intel.  Our source in Beirut, Radwan, keeps in close contact with our people in Syria.  Hanadi in the Northeast is able to send e-mails.  

Yesterday, at approximately 2:30 a.m. local time, armored and infantry units of the Republican Guard, supported by armored elements from the First Army Corps, militia and paramilitary police, attacked the following targets with devastating effect:  Harasta, Douma, Darayya, Al-Hujeir, Al-Ghouta and Zabadani.  All communications with the rats infesting these suburbs of Damascus have been cut completely.  As we write this post, Wael, in Latakia, says that over 230 vermin were exterminated in these areas of Damascus with fighting continuing on a broad front.  Wael says that his sources confirm movement of a newly trained militia south of the capital which is being tasked with preventing exfiltration of rodents.  The Orkin Man has come to Damascus!

Near Tal Kalakh, an area largely depopulated of terrorist filth, the Syrian army sent French terrorist enablers disinformation indicating a withdrawal to join forces in Homs.  The French buffoons, anxious for some act to justify their presence on Lebanese soil, engineered an infiltration of 23 Tripoli terrorists across the border to Tal Kalakh.  A full regiment of Syrian infantrymen and militia were there to greet them.  According to Radwan,  the rats quickly learned of the trap and surrendered.  As the terrorists were being frisked and their weapons confiscated,  a Syrian NCO contacted Air Force Intelligence to have a animal control truck come to pick them up for questioning.  One of the prisoners panicked and made a break.  He was shot dead.  That sight made his confederates resist arrest, at which point a mass break-out was attempted and the rest were all shot in different places east of Tal Kalakh. 

The Lebanese Foreign Ministry has confirmed the deaths of over two hundred Lebanese terrorists on Syrian soil.  This figure is not final.  There are many Lebanese mercenaries who were killed and whose identities have yet to be revealed to the Beirut government.

At Deir Al-Zour, army regulars, tanks and militia supported by some Iraqi volunteers, vaporized a terrorist nest just south of the main bridge at Maisaloun Quarter.  Hanadi reports that over 40 rats were dispatched to the netherworld with more to come. 


Deir Al-Zour spouts some healthy smoke as the rodents are put to flight.  Syrian military completely victorious.

The Tabiyyat Quarter of Latakia is producing more and more tons of weapons than anyone had expected.  The weapons appear to have been smuggled from Tripoli by boat to Latakia.  How this was allowed may bring into question the integrity of some of Syria’s security employees and the alertness of our Russian naval visitors.  Wael says that the tonnage so far exceeds six as search and seizure operations are continuing round the clock.  Homeowners are being arrested for aiding and abetting terrorism, a capital crime which can now trigger the death penalty.  Weapons were being cached for some future operation tied to the presence of 8,000 terrorists presently garrisoned at Apaydin in Turkey and who are being trained for combat by American terrorism-enablers.  I cannot get a hold of Aslan or Garabed to learn more. 

In Aleppo, the situation is static.  Syrian army successes are many but too small to completely clear out the scum.  Leveling the city is not an option with numerous neighborhoods hiring personal guard services and others taking up arms.  In Suleimaniyya, the situation is explosive with ardently pro-government Armenians and Christians flush with weapons, some provided by the government.  There is a sad but unavoidable descent into vigilante violence.  Wael, who has a sister in New Aleppo, says that any foreign terrorist who is captured by civilian vigilantes can expect a slow death.  Even the normally pacifistic Christians are hell-bent on finding and killing foreign terrorists.  If Obama thinks he’s liberating anyone, he’s high on airplane glue.  There’s no victory for Obama here. 

Great news from Jordan.  We do believe that a chastened King Abdallah is heavily involved in preventing the infiltration of Salafist killers into Syria.  Confirmed reports from Jordan show the military there to be actively pursuing rats.  The scary part is what the American CIA is doing in recruiting “acceptable” killers for Obama’s murderous war on Syria. 

My reports from sources whose names I have not been allowed to reveal tell me that Idlib is about to face devastation.


This is wonderful news.  Poor Iraqis can’t search all Iranian planes.  We think this article by a pro-Zionist March 14 Hariri rag is published for all the wrong reasons:

John Esquire might fing this one amusing. I mean, what’s with these so-called lawmakers?

Mark the Brit will like this one about the Palestinian experience and the remark about how the British confounded everything:

The numbers Ignatius cites are a sober reminder of the kind of enemy this dog Obama has bought to usher in his Age of Hypocrisy:
Paul makes this comment:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “FIRST POST – NOVEMBER 29, 2012 – NEWS COLLECTED FR…“:

re: “A question to Ziad, why is the Syrian government not attacking the source? It seems to lack the will to destroy the homes of the terrorists in Qatar, Saudi, Turkey.”

No guts? Another question is about what seems to be the lack of progress over the last two or three months. Was the army really unprepared for urban and drawn-out warfare? It has been widely known that NATO wanted to take out Syria for over a decade, so various counter-measures, such as tunnel-finding devices, would have been obvious.


hans has left a new comment on your post “FIRST POST – NOVEMBER 29, 2012 – NEWS COLLECTED FR…“:

Internet monitoring firm Renesys said the country’s connection protocols were unreachable, “effectively removing the country from the internet.

A question to Ziad, why is the Syrian government not attacking the source. It seems to lack the will to destroy the homes of the terrorists in Qatar, Saudi, Turkey.

I can tell both Hans and Paul that the destruction of Saudi Arabia and Qatar are events that occupy our  imagination almost as much as the liberation of Palestine and Iskenderoun and  the annihilation of the terrorist menace in Syria.  It’s coming soon to a theater near you.

Paul is right about preparation for this kind of war.  But we must keep in mind that the Syrian security establishment was so effective for so many decades that no one thought a rag-tag group of simian excrement like this could actually challenge the government.  Live and learn.  The battle in Aleppo is a disappointment to us.  But, one good thing is that the terrorists are unable to establish themselves in any quarter.  Remember too that 80% of Aleppo is terrorist-free.  We are only talking about the old city areas which are more suited for urban warfare.  My sources tell me that New Aleppo is untouched and well protected.

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You need to get some folks with a broader perspective if nobody thought that NATO and a simian brigade couldn’t at least cause the near collapse of the Syrian economy. Particularly if Qatar or the Saudis are willing to throw a few tens of billions into the matter. It isn’t the Cold War any more, and there is no USSR backing Syria to the hilt. Russia is basing its power mostly on financial affairs, and one would assume that she does more trade with Turkey than with Syria. Not that she is betraying Syria or anything, it’s just that countries… Read more »