The disastrous American gambit to coordinate a NATO assault on Syria under the pretext of preventing use of chemical weapons (canard) by the Syrian army with this new OPERATION ZERO has turned out to be like Obama, ONE BIG ZERO!  American terrorists in Northern Jordan who are directing operations for the rats of the Fake Syrian Army have been heard by Syrian Military Intelligence agents telling the horde of rodents in the South Damascus countryside to “head West and regroup at Tafawwuq Coordinates” or إحداثيات التفوق.  The voice on the tape heard by our source Monzer was either Jordanian or Der’awi, very similar.  When militia were dispatched to points east of the Airport Highway,  they encountered small units of rodents trying to crawl and rejoin their runt-like litter-mates on the hem of the Golan.  That was not a good move for them as the Arsuzi Regiment cut all of them down.  Monzer says that the encounter near Al-Kisweh resulted in the total annihilation of 76 rats.  Of those killed 20 were Jordanians or Palestinians; six were army deserters; the rest were just rustic scum.         

We will continue to repeat that Darayya, South-East of Damascus (see map) has been completely liberated, western propaganda notwithstanding.  The damage done by the terrorists is extreme.  The suburb will have to be rebuilt, almost from scratch.  Monzer says that Syrian troops were embraced by some returning families who had overstayed their welcome in relatives’ homes.  Clearing the town completely now are militia and units from Political Security.  Police officers will be redeployed in Darayya in a few days.

Wealthy Christian and Druze families have hired retired Syrian soldiers to handle security in the progressive suburb of Jaramana.  Monzer says you cannot just drive in with some rigged car anymore.  All vehicles are searched.  When I suggested that dogs be trained to detect C-4 and the like, he shrugged off the idea as something culturally improbable.   I believe that attitudes about dogs have to change in the Middle East. 

During the last two days, the Syian army has killed over 1200 rats in the Damascus area, clearly putting an end to the much-trumpeted “ZERO HOUR” operation that collapsed on itself within a few hours of its announcement.  Shadia, in Al-Qussa’, Damascus, called us and said that the propaganda about Syria is “rotten smelling”  شئ نتن and that morale was very high in the city.  “We have a sense, Ziad, that the army seems to understand what the FSA is doing.  We get a lot of help from the people in the villages.  Everybody is sick of the fighting”.  She confirmed that gas was plenteous but that certain basic foodstuffs were not.  Medicine is in good supply in Damascus but “very lacking” in Aleppo and Hama. 

Wael, in Latakia, says the situation in Aleppo is static.  “We are killing the mercenaries in large numbers but they keep infiltrating.  It’s like they have no limit.”  He did mention that there are fewer Libyans fighting in Syria.  He thinks they’ve been killed over the last two months.  He also said the report about 15 Syrian officers deserting and asking for asylum in Turkey is a fabrication by a Turkish paper now known for disseminating propaganda for Erdoghan. 

It appears Operation Zero Hour is one big Zero.  Over the last five days, Syrian army units led by the Republican Guards have put to death over 2,000 terrorist mercenary rats, destroying over 62 Doschka-fitted  hybrid flatbeds, seizing tons of weapons and drugs used by the terrorist drug addicts and confiscating “very advanced satellite communications equipment” which Monzer says are immediately turned over “to our Iranian friends” for analysis. 

Talk of the Fake Syrian Army receiving tanks from France is false, according to Wael.  “It would take several months for the mercenary trash to learn how to operate a new type of armor”.  He also says that Iranian-manufactured anti-tank RPGs would grind these thin-skinned tanks into so much manure”.

In Deir El-Zor, spectacular ambushes by the Syrian army at the city cemetery near Maysaloun resulted in some significant statistics for our troops, or so Hanadi e-mails.  “They’re hiding now behind graves”, she said. Deir El-Zor is very stable.  People are tired of the conflict and genuinely hate the FSA.  The idea of foreign intervention would galvanize the population behind the president.  “We hope you Americans learned a lesson from Iraq.  Don’t make the same mistake in Syria.”

This photo taken some days ago shows the Syrian army’s amphibious tanks in complete control of Deir El-Zor, a picturesque town on the Euphrates River with elegant bridges and all.  These tanks enable our army to by-pass bridges which are often sabotaged or rigged with explosives.

So what now, Obama?  What’s your Affirmative Action education done to get you out of this mess?  Operation Zero is a big Zero!!  The “Love Boat” is farther than 300 kms from the shores of Syria – kept just far out of the range of our Yakhont missiles.  But Yakhonts have variants capable of being deployed on ships.  What are your sailors going to do when they find themselves swimming in the wintry waters of the Mediterranean?  Keep your nose out of this and protect the USA’s overused volunteer military from any more of your cowardly draft-dodger’s fantasies.  Long live secular Syria.    

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re: “Wealthy Christian and Druze families have hired retired Syrian soldiers to handle security in the progressive suburb of Jaramana. Monzer says you cannot just drive in with some rigged car anymore. All vehicles are searched.” This sounds rather surprising. You mean that it was possible to drive into a major suburb of Damascus without being searched until recently? No wonder there’s talk of the invading gangs continuing for another decade. When will cars be searched near the airport? Once some rich guys hire retired soldiers for the days that they want to fly? Not trying to be mean, but… Read more »
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The Arabs pay to much respect to their colonists masters, just watch what happens in the UAE, Qatar etc. Syria must begin to be more proactive and take the fight directly to the perpetrators. The end battle for Iran is just not regime change but also the destruction of Shiaiism. The Khazars have aligned with major Sunni, Christian, Buddhists establishments. This end game has been forecast by the Mayans and is culminating in the Ninth wave.