It’s a gallery of shame; a rogue’s gallery.  It‘s an FBI Most Wanted exhibit at the local Holocaust Memorial Center.  It’s that hard-to-find listing in your favorite almanac.  Syrian Perspective is proud to recognize these individuals as the very best on a short list.  The statistics were compiled by our Research and Development Division with the assistance of Dr. Floyd Ayckroyd of the Whew Center in Passaic, New Jersey.  Dr. Ayckroyd developed the infallible “Nuremberg Calculus” to rate our nominees for World’s Best War Criminal and presented a detailed proof of how the system workedWe are impressed.    

Dr. Ayckroyd explains the methodology he used to develop the “Nuremberg Calculus” instrumental in identifying and classifying the war criminals SyrPer is about to recognize. Dr. Ayckroyd holds three Ph.Ds despite six frontal lobe lobotomies.
When it comes to war crimes, most people perfunctorily think “GERMAN”!  And, why not?  Germany gave the world Heinrich Himmler; Adolph Hitler; Hermann Goering and so many other flamboyant mass murderers whose names conjure up the most vivid images of mayhem, bedlam and gratuitous slaughter.  Could these same people still walk the earth?  
SyrPer’s first recognition must, unfortunately, go to a German.  Don’t groan over there in Germany.  We have thousands of readers in Deutschland and wouldn’t want to lost a one of you.  We believe that this individual’s inclusion will probably increase our readership four-fold.  She is none other than the Hundin vom Teufel, Frau Kartoffeln herself:  ANGELA MERKEL 

Reichsmarschallerin, Angela Merkel, seen here in this idealized portrait, leads hordes of goose-stepping Germans to victory over helpless Syrian civilians.   “Es tut mir leid zu sagen das alles in Syrien muss zerstorte sein.  Das war dass Gesetz Und das ist das Gesetz, Heute!!“.  With those words,  Frau Merkel opened the United Nations Conference on Aging Badly in New York, 2009. 

Mrs. Merkel received a whopping 7 points for each of these categories:  Crimes Against Peace:  1.  planning for war crimes 2.  preparation for war crimes 3.  initiation of a war of aggression.  For Crimes Against Humanity, she held her own with 8 points for crimes against Syrian soldiers and civilians by enabling terrorists in their effort to destroy the secular state of Syria, killing civilians and promoting indiscriminate bombing on non-military targets.  After all points were tallied for the above-mentioned categories along with others such as “Icy Indifference to Human Life”, “Teutonic Barbarousness” and “Pure Meanness”, she racked up 176 points.

Honorable mention must also be made for the works of Germany’s newly crowned Joachim Von Ribbentrop, the haughty mastermind, the slick trickster and dapper Dan:  Guido Westerwelle!  His assistance to Mrs. Merkel made all this glory possible. Can’t forget the chief of Germany’s Abwehr either, Gerhard Schindler who won this year’s SyrPer EGON KRENZ MEDAL FOR SERVICE TO THE SYRIAN SECURITY ESTABLISHMENT.  His bungling Intel for Syrian terrorism with his rudderless Shpionboot docked in Turkish waters led to more arrests and deaths among the terrorist allies of Germany than any other single factor in the conflict.  He brings honor to mass murder and backwardness.

The next individuals deserving recognition are none other than France’s own Nicolas Sarkozy and Francois Hollande! Sarkozy, of course, is Hungarian and no stranger to atrocities, his Hunnish background an open secret or wound.  Hollande is a dyed-in-the-wool liberal socialist with typical fascist ideations, a Robespierre without the benefit of a guillotine.  These men, together, have unloaded more opprobrium on the French people than Marshall Phillipe Petain and the Maginot Line.   

Nicolas Sarkozy, was president of France during the Syrian conflict but lost his chance for reelection to Hollande.  While these two might be considered enemies, in truth, they are cut from the same cloth.  Even in matters concerning morals, ethics, depravity, they embody what is France:  Sarkozy, a professional cuckold, and Hollande, a father of four bastards.  No nation on earth can claim it had two successive premiers each one being more perverse than the other.

Sarkozy left politics and war crimes after his election defeat at the hands of fellow war criminal, Hollande.  Here, in a new life, he entertains audiences with his “uncanny” impersonation of Charles Aznavour.  He remains a cuckold, nevertheless.   

Sarkozy began French involvement in the Syrian crisis due to his infatuation with all that natural gas on the coasts of Syria, Lebanon and Cyprus.  It was no secret to the cognoscenti that he wanted to break Russian GAZPROM’s asphyxiating grasp on the European windpipe by securing rights to develop the gas reservoirs under the Eastern Mediterranean.  He opposed Turkey’s entry into the EU, not because of the much publicized suspicion that Turkey was not really European, but because he harbored deep resentment toward Ottoman Turkey’s occupation of parts of Hungary which resulted in the reformulation of goulash as a beef dish when, originally, it was made with pork.  It is reported he can still be heard barking orders to his Mexican chef:  “Ou est mon porc Paprikash? Hein, charogne?”  

Sarkozy is the architect behind spiriting Lebanese Hog and Saudi catamite, Saad Hariri, from Lebanon so he and his rented-catamite, Uqab Saqr, could begin to market weapons for Islamist terrorists trying to overthrow the secular government of Dr. Bashar Al-Assad.  His crimes include both Crimes Against Peace and Crimes Against Humanity.  He has hosted terrorists on French soil; engineered transfers of Libyan terrorists to Turkey; delivered weapons to the same terrorists; and trained French terrorists in assisting FSA members in Northern Lebanon.  All this, to overthrow a sovereign government.   

Sorry, but stupid is as stupid looks.  This cretin’s only achievement in life was fathering four children all of whom must live with the stigma of being legally illegitimate.  He did this with his paramour, the stuffy and insufferable, Segolene Royale.  He is typically French, however, in that he revels in his perversity.

Hollande did nothing to rectify the crimes committed by his predecessor.  Not to be outdone in the realm of slaughter of old colonials, he upgraded France’s involvement in terrorism-enabling – sending even more weapons and communications equipment to the killers, all in knowing breach of the Nuremberg Charter and the U.N. Charter.  He made Libya his own shopping mall,  facilitating the work of arms dealers in collecting and sending heavy machine guns to the criminals in Turkey.

These two blackguards racked up 179 points, defeating the German lady we mentioned herein-above.

The third war criminal who deserves mention is U.S. president, Barack Hussein Obama.  Don’t you believe for one moment this wretch is anything but a tool of the system he was supposedly honor-driven to change.  This smooth-talking Chicago gutter rat and Zionist enforcer is about as committed to world peace as John Wayne Gacy was committed to the YMCA.  Oh, but he is slick.  He handled Libya handily.  He pretended not to be involved in order to appease the war-battered American public while he ordered thousands of sorties in support of the criminal acts of England and France to overthrow the government of a sovereign member state of the U.N.  He never condemned the brutal, savage murder of the Libyan leader by a psychotic teenager whose only moment of fame would last a few seconds of sheer, monstrous self-satisfaction.  This grub of a man has ordered Americans to both train and direct outright, vicious terrorists from both Turkey and Jordan.  He provides the terrorists logistical support; he does it through the British  in Southern Turkey, all the while pretending to be disassociated; condemning Jabhat Al-Nusra, which he virtually created.  He is trying to overthrow a legitimate and sovereign government.  His war crimes are legion and he thinks, probably rightly, he will not have to face arraignments on this issue.  But SyrPer can expose him for what he is.  A stinking fake.  A mass murderer.  War criminal. 

The devil as described in the Book of Revelations is appropriate for this smug, very competent murderer of Syrian children.

Obama racked up over 191 points in Dr. Ayckroyd’s formula.  He is ahead in the competition.

The Fourth contestant for recognition is the one who is so subtle in his evil that it appears to be almost appropriate, in an ironic way, that his face would, even in adulthood, look like a baby’s ass.  He is none other than England’s own war criminal, David Cameron.  Already nominated for TONY BLAIR LIAR OF THE YEAR for 2012, (lost to Anders Fogh Rasmussen of NATO),  he stuffs his mephitic smegma right up old England’s venerable duff with a cherubic smile consistent with a raving, demented psychopath.      

Oh, doesn’t he look sweet?  You almost want to take a cloth and wipe the spittle from the edges of his cupidon’s mouth.  Don’t be fooled by this criminal’s appearance.  He might look like he needs to be wearing a diaper over his head, but, this larval clot is the tissue from which flies are born.    

We have already written about England’s commitment to insuring Syria becomes a failed state.  No more need be said on that subject.  He has sent British terrorism-enablers to Incirlik, Gaziantep, Adana and Apaydin to recruit, train, direct and facilitate terrorist operations against a sovereign member state of the U.N.  This son of privilege took nothing from Eton or Oxford but a sense of license to perform any abomination as though he lived in a solipsistic world in which an audience of like-minded felons applauded his every outrage like American wrestling fans.

He is trying to kill our president.  He has supported terrorism as a mechanism to overthrow a government of a sovereign state.  He and his French allies have already overthrown the Libyan leader, Muammar Al-Qaddafi through a well-concealed U.N.S.C. resolution that even fooled the stoic Russians.  He has murdered innocent civilians.  He is a champion of slaughter.  He is destroying our country.  His score is 192.
The next to last culprit is none other than the empty-headed, dimwitted, knuckle-brained and meat-headed Prime Minister of Turkey, RECEP TAYYIP ERDOGHAN.  Look people!  You know that we at SyrPer are Shavian Freethinkers.  Any person who harbors extreme religious beliefs along the lines of these Jewish haredim, Christian Pentecostals, Islamic Salafists, Takfiris or Jihadists, are by their nature, invincibly ignorant and stupefyingly stupid.  That’s it!  Punkt!  And Erdoghan, who might try “diminished capacity” as a defense at his war crimes trial, is an exemplar of the exasperating existence of these irrational zombie Lilliputians.

The resemblance is amazing.  Who would think a dumbuffski Turk like Erdoghan could possibly equal the unparalleled brutality of the Fuhrer?  Well, we do.  Maybe there’s a correlation between mass murder and thuggery.  

It goes without saying that Turkey’s involvement in trying to exterminate tens of thousands of Syrians is a war crime and crime against humanity.  Erdoghan has gone beyond Cameron, Sarkozy, Hollande, Obama and Merkel.  He has all but inaugurated a new resort area in Turkish Occupied Hatay called “Terroraniaworld”.
Not content with wallowing in the genocidal legacy of his forefathers,  he wants to outdo them by extinguishing the lives of millions of secular Sunnis, Christians, Alawis, Druze, Shi’is, Ismailis and those pesky Kurds.  Erdoghan lives in a dreamland of murder where all the good guys in the movies are on his side.  Why he has England and France and Germany – and the U.S., all lining up to help him kill Syrian children using an enemy who would normally be the target of extermination in those same countries.  What a dream come true.  Erdoghan has his cake and can eat it too.  He is now the “good Muslim terrorist”. 

Erdoghan makes no bones about it:  he wants to overthrow our government and install a Muslim Brotherhood junta in its place.  He has already killed over 40,000 but has a long way to go to kill the other 23,000,000.  Maybe, if we are lucky, Dr. Assad will finally unleash our Scuds on Erdoghan’s dams on the Euphrates and crush this viper before he kills anymore Syrians.  Erdoghan’s score is 197.

Tomorrow, we will announce the winner, who is not one of the recognized criminals in this post.  You’re going to be surprised.  ZAF    



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