We can confirm to our readers that the Internet is alive and well in Damascus.  Monzer just sent me a detailed e-mail whose substance he asked I share with our readers.  

First, he wanted to make it clear that there is no fighting at all around the Damascus Airport area and that Syrian State T.V. is honestly describing the situation there.  Monzer says the road to the airport is completely clear but, that some fighting continues near the Ghouta area.  The Syrian army and paramilitary police have killed over 18 terrorist rats in Ghouta.   Monzer says he is aware that some Western media is describing fighting for the airport.  He says this is false and is the result of U.S.-orchestrated terrorist warfare.  

            This rodent was captured at Al-Ghouta and warbled loquaciously for our interrogators. 

Monzer warn all our readers that the terrorist alliance keeps morale high by broadcasting completely false information.  Often the data is sent to select news sources trusted by CIA, MI6 and Mossad.  These sources are well-known to the Syrian Information Ministry.  They include, but by no limitation, the AP, Reuters, Daily Star (Lebanese March 14 source), Ya Libnan (Israeli supported Lebanese media), New York Times and Washington Post (State Department whores), the BBC and New York Daily News.  Any information gleaned from these sources must be understood to contain “psych-ops” characteristics approved by relevant departments at Langley and MI6 HQ in London.        

When the terrorists hear news that heavy fighting is taking place at the Damascus Airport, it is a sign that their communications are breaking down and Western intelligence agencies begin to use public domain news sources to get messages across which, essentially, manipulate the movements of these felons.  For example, Monzer says that when the West broadcasts fighting at the airport, it is a message to the terrorists to stay away from that area.  The code is that the army is there in full force so the terrorists should stay away.  But the media picks up on this and disseminates completely fanciful stories to a gullible audience.  When people hear the army is “locked in battle” with the terrorists, the assumption is that they are close to victory in Damascus.  But the stories they are spreading are completely false. 

At Darayya, outside of Damascus, the Syrian Republican Guard discovered a tunnel with a meandering course containing 16 terrorists from Jabhat Al-Nusra and Liwaa Al-Tawheed.  Our army used smoke canisters to fill the tunnel – effectively making any attempt to remain impossible without asphyxiating.  Two terrorist rats were found inside.  They were unable to get out in time and died of smoke inhalation.  The other fourteen were taken captive and, hopefully, executed after proper interrogation.  These are some of their names:

Said Awadallah Al-Haddad (Syrian)
Abdel-Ghaffar Ahmad Al-Sini  (Syrian)
Malik Badreddine Al-Aqrouq (Iraqi)
Subhi Muhammad Sweidan (Lebanese)
Jibril Muhammad Al-Buhturi (Iraqi)
Cemil Defterdarzadeh  (Turk)
Samih Al-Jahsh (Syrian)
Undocumented Saudi called “Al-Shemlan”
Ahmad Kheir Bathish (Jordanian) 
Suleiman Zuhayr Antabli (Syrian)
Furqan Mahmoud Halabi (Syrian)
Jihad Muhammad Dakhbandi (?) (Syrian)
Unknown at this time
Unknown at this time

Syrian t.v. shows bodies of foreign fighters incinerated by helicopter gunships in Darayya.  Burned in this  life to face eternal flames in the other world.  So much for their “Allahu Akbar”. 

At Harasta, another village outside Damascus that’s been absorbed into the urban mess of the capital, 11 terrorist rats were sent to Orkin Heaven.  Some escaped apparently, according to Monzer, and are being pursued.  They will predictably try to find haven among the pitifully ignorant people in the villages.  Failing that, they will be killed.   
An explosion in Homs yesterday killed about 12 people.  This is the Obama-sponsored campaign of murder which the affirmative action president hopes will break the Fatimid Crescent.  No such luck.

Spectacular arrests in Latakia as whole families of Salafist sympathizers are uncovered and brought to justice.  No mercy here.  These people who had every reason to thank the government for their comfortable way of life in Tabiyyat and had every reason to curse the German and English killers in Turkey, must now pay for their treachery.  Wael reports that the six tons of weapons and ordnance discovered as of yesterday has gone beyond ten tons.  That’s 20,000 pounds of killing material destined for use in an upcoming campaign of terror launched from Turkey with 8,000 rats.  The campaign is expected to start around late December.  However, it appears the deployment of over 40,000 Syrian soldiers around Idlib may put the operation on the back-burner for a while. 

A terrorist in Tabiyyat, who acted as a logistical coordinator, was found to have Lebanese citizenship although he was carrying forged Jordanian documents.  His name is Suhail Farouqi.  Wael reports that his accent is clearly Northern Lebanese. 

Hanadi says fighting in Deir El-Zor is sporadic with the army very much in control.  PKK and PKY have pacified all the Qamishly area and are presently involved in deracinating the disease-carrying rodents at Ra’s Al-Ain. 

A Syrian tank plows through a completely rat-free Deir El-Zor two days ago.  The terrorist mercenaries were routed, as usual, by our great army.

Radwan, in Lebanon, reports a feeling that things cannot stay the same.  Radwan is a keen observer of the minutiae of life in his country, the political beat which is unmistakable on the streets of Beirut.  He senses a dissatisfaction with the slow progress of the Syrian government’s response to the terrorism war being waged across the border.  There is even a palpable disgust in the way his friends discuss the March 14/Hariri-whore-financed media.  People are wishing As’ad Hardan would get back into action.  I’ll let you figure out what that means.

By all accounts, the useless but dangerous minds in the Neo-Con constellation of “think tanks” and lobbies miscalculated the tenacity of the Syrian people in their insistence on preserving their secular country; keeping it free of Islamist-Jihadist-Salafist-Takfiri crackpotism.  As the Syrian army becomes stronger, both in equipment and tactics,  it appears obvious that no matter how many foreign mercenaries are marshaled in the fight to kill off Syrian modernism, it will never be enough to defeat the will of the Syrian Army, and by evident proof, the people of Syria.  American policy is in a shambles.  Obama, the dirty weasel that he is, now must face the repercussions of deploying Patriot missiles in Turkey with the incendiary qualities such strategies necessarily engender.  Russia may toss the Geneva Document in the sewer and deliver much more potent weapons and equipment.  The people of Southern Turkey, Alawis and Alevis, might join forces with Sunni secularists in a destabilizing civil war over the religion of the country.  Syria may finally use its vast arsenal of missiles to make the burgeoning terrorist army in Turkey nothing more than a compost heap to help fertilize the Spring soil.  Whatever the event, it appears the U.S. is once again headed on a course designed to test the patience of the American citizen and to bring America perilously closer to that down slope so well studied by historians of civilizations.       


So, the criminals at Anonymous support Al-Qaeda, eh?  Let’s see where that gets them:

If you want to read pure propaganda, get this one from the Geagea factory.  It’s a gut-busting farrago of lies.  When you have to cite the Syrian Lavatory, you know the source is CIA. We have real news for our readers from real sources:

Mildly interesting article is a good source for intelligent debate.  Statements about Tunisia are false:

We must get the PKK and others to sabotage Turkey’s gas pipelines and freeze the Turks so they’ll know what it feels like to have their rats undermine our gas pipelines in Syria.


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Ziad, It would help us understand the situation better if you could explain the Government’s approach earlier in the war and then today. For example, if a family helps the FSA and gets caught, what happens? Does the Army issue orders that a region will be shoot on sight and actually follow through? To what extent is the Army using tanks, as opposed to air attacks and ground units? Have perimeters and possibly ditches or mines been set up around key areas? How was the border closed a month or two ago, and how is it closed now? Some of… Read more »