CFS Brücke Aleppo-Latakia

CFS Brücke Aleppo-Latakia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We are delighted to report the death of an untrustworthy Kurdish politician.  All Kurds who work with Barzani are reprobates.  We are looking forward to a replacement more in line with the Syrian way of thinking:

But then, just as with Stalin, you just can’t get the truth:

Global Research is wrong about where Bogdanov made his controversial statements.  Yet, this is still a good article consistent with their site’s position:

Excellent, thoughtful article from Al-Akhbar deriving ideas layed down by Farouq Al-Shara’a:

Richard Engel, liar and prince of fabrications, has made this silly story up at some studio in Cairo.  If he really was in Syria,  I wish someone had put him to death.  This Zionist spy should never have been let go, if he really was in Syria.  It’s a made up story for the West:

Turkish intellectuals are finally waking up about their genocide against the Armenian people:

All news in the Western media about Aleppo is false, pure propaganda.  The Syrian General Staff denies any loss of bases to the terrorists.  This is confirmed by Wael who is in contact with the military in the North.  The Hanano base is still in the hands of the army, he tells us, and over 300 terrorists were killed yesterday in fighting across the arc from Salqin to Qamishly.

There is only one hour of electricity for the city of Aleppo.  This is because of terrorist attacks on electrical lines and generators.  Syria is flush with food,but, as Prime Minister, Wael Al-Halqi, stated yesterday, the terrorists and criminals are interdicting supplies into the city.  This is exactly the plan the Americans have developed to kill off the Syrian people.  Obama is a war criminal. So are his allies in Germany, England, France, Turkey and the Arabian apes of the Peninsula.

I told our readers last week that Russia is going to up the ante on the American and NATO villains.  The flotilla that is approaching Syria today is not to evacuate anyone.  We can assure our readers, based on Intel we have from Latakia, that the battle group is accompanying a frigate loaded with weapons systems newly purchased by Syria and that, according to the same sources: Russians will be training our troops on them.
This is important news.  It may mean that Obama is not so anxious any longer to see Dr. Assad overthrown.  It may mean that the two powers have come to an agreement.  What that is remains an item of speculation that needs to be fleshed out as time goes by.

The story being told by Richard Engel is typically American balderdash.  His story keeps changing.  He even went to far as to say that the captors were Shi’is belonging to the pro-government militia known to enemies of Syria as “shabbiha”.   We have discussed this term ad nauseam in our blog.  I urge readers to scroll back to find the numerous explanations for the term and what our militias really are.  And how are they able to film themselves before and after?  How did they escape?  Danny the Syrian is back with his production company.  In any case, it makes no difference, because Russia has made it plain that no one can intervene.  So, Engel, stop your lying.  This story is obviously being fattened up for a Hollywood script.