I may soon have a source in the Palestinian Yarmouk refugee camp.  I am waiting for Monzer to set up the first contact and will keep our readers informed with sources directly affected by the fighting.  This is great news for us.

Monzer tells me that his sources have confirmed that elements of the Syrian First Army have surrounded the southern areas of the Yarmouk Camp, (in truth a city now thanks to the generosity of the Syrian government), and have targeted buildings with snipers.  The troops were not called in by the PFLP-GC as has been reported.  Instead, they were called in by militia and Sa’iqa commandos allied with the GC.  The fighting is intense along the border with Tadamon, an area cleared of rats two weeks ago.  Tadamon is now a destination for many Palestinians who want to escape the bloodshed.  Monzer says all the terrorists are from Jordan and are trained by Americans.  He knows this because interrogations with captured mercenaries resulted in admissions of training near the Za’atariyya camp and instructions by Arabic-speaking American terrorist-enablers.

This satellite map gives the reader an idea of the locations of the Palestinian camps.  They are a tempting target for terrorists.  Most Palestinians are grateful to the government of Syria for the treatment they have received.  Some are, however, Sunni fanatics driven by the nihilism of Ibn Taymiyya.

Monzer told me that I would be shocked to hear what the Americans instructed these killers to do.  If anyone has any doubt that the United States is a terrorist-supporting country, read this from Monzer in Damascus who lists the priorities given to one of the terrorists named, Ahmad Sufyan Abu Jammaleh:
(Translated by the editor)

1.   No contact with security until arrive at Hajar Al-Aswad, Safad Pharmacy.  You will meet a man named Fa’iq who will introduce you to Abu Al-Haija.

2.  “You are now a member of Al-‘Asifah which is to liberate Syria from Alawis and Palestine from Zionism”;

3.  You will do everything Abu Al-Haija tells you.  

4.  First priority:  protect your weapons by following instructions from your commanders.  Protect your weapons with your life.

5.  When told to, strike at gas supplies and electricity.  When people are suffering, they will hate the government and look to you for support.

6.  You should memorize this chart.  It tells you what are the soft points on the fuel supply routes and the electricity grids.  Attacks should be at night, only.  Daytime attacks on fuel tankers.;

7.  Strike at all fuel lines and electricity grids.

8.  Stay away from the regime spies.  There are others to take care of them.  Your job is to keep fuel and electricity from coming to the capital or the Camp.  Any person you suspect of being a regime spy, give that name to Abu Al-Haija personally during daytime hours only.  No contact by telephone.

At this point,  Monzer says the terrorist was given an escape plan from Damascus to Jordan via contacts in Der’ah; otherwise he was to work his way into the Golan and give a sequence of letters to Israeli soldiers which he failed to memorize adequately.  Abu Jammaleh had two years of mechanical engineering at Ba’ath University and was familiar with electrical circuitry. 

Monzer says that Jordan is becoming a nest of terrorists.  There are thousands of them being trained in the north of the Jordan.  Language problems and drop-out statistics are affecting the way American terrorist trainers are meeting their goals.  Monzer says that Obama’s major concern about the use of WMDs is not because of any “humanitarian considerations”, but, fear that Syria will kill many American terrorists now stationed in both Jordan and Turkey. Average pay for these American- trained terrorists is $500.00 per month payable to bank accounts opened at the Arab Bank in Amman and the Bank of Commerce in Al-Ramtha.

Wael says that his Intel is up-beat.  Syrian Defense Minister Al-Furaij is livid over the interview given by Vice President Farouq Al-Shara’a to Al-Akhbar.  Wael says that he too found the interview inaccurate and misleading.  General Al-Fureij is confident that the opposition has “a zero chance to fight for much longer unless foreign armies intervene on their side.”  Wael estimates that the number of terrorists killed over the last week from Aleppo to Der’ah exceeds one thousand.  “How can they keep tolerating these numbers?  It’s impossible unless they have a hundred thousand fighters.  How can the Saudis afford this?”  (Editor’s translation)     


The terrorist propaganda machine tried to convince the world that V.P. Al-Shara’a had defected.  Fat chance.  The Al-Akhbar interview made mincemeat of those allegations.

Hanadi in Deir El-Zor says that the terrorists are having a hard time finding weapons to replace the hundreds of Doschkas they have lost against the Syrian army.  I asked Monzer about this on Skype.  He said that the Doschka is “a thing of the past” because Libya had only a certain number.  The ones deployed in Syria were destroyed and new sources for this weapon are difficult to find due to Russia’s keen eye on this issue.  “The Libyans appear to need the Doschkas for themselves.”  He also laughed and said: “Maybe, the rest is in Mali for the Americans”.   

This is a DSHk, Doschka, 50 caliber anti-personnel and anti-aircraft machine gun.  Pretty useful when there’s ammunition.  Can hit low flying jets and helicopters with some good statistics.  Syrian-based mercenary felons used these on hybrid-type flat-bed trucks for mobility.  Their numbers have been reduced to almost zero now, thanks to the Syrian Army.  Of course, the U.S. and NATO are pleased to offer anti-aircraft missiles now as a replacement.   


Two widely-covered declarations filled the airwaves last week and this weekend.  The first was the Mikhail Bogdanov statement made “off-the-cuff” during a panel discussion in Moscow.  The second was a head-to-head interview in Damascus with Mr. Farouq Al-Shara’a, the Syrian First Vice President.  (Syria has three V.P.s, one of whom is Dr. Najah Al-Attar, a woman and the first to hold such a position in the Arab World).   

      Mr. Bogdanov, Deputy Russian F.M. rousted a hornets nest with some comments he made, ostensibly, off the record. 

Amazingly, both individuals made statements that could be interpreted in a very unflattering or negative manner for the same Western propaganda machines which tried so hard to slant  their words against the Syrian government.

Bogdanov’s big statement was that the “Syrian military could conceivably lose”.  It was translated differently in another media lying factory as: “we cannot exclude the possibility that the opposition could win on the battlefield”.  Another source for puffery and disinformation gave it as “…..the victory of the opposition is not something that is inconceivable.”  That’s it!  Punkt!

Poor Mr. Shara’a was even less generous with his real opinions, but, that did not stop the lying.  His only controversial statement was that neither party can beat the other.  There has to be a political solution.  That’s it.  Now, people, Mr. Shara’a is not a military man.  He has been a foreign minister and vice president for Syria.  I don’t even believe he ever served in the military as no records have been found to show that.  I could be wrong, but my sources show no history in the army or otherwise.

Sources which quoted Al-Shara’h as though he had some special military knowledge were performing a disservice to their readers.  Al-Shara’a is a diplomat and is “out of the loop”.  His statement could be interpreted as “The opposition cannot defeat the Syrian Army.”  Isn’t that encouraging for the mercenary terrorist rats?  Hilariously,  the Huffington Post headlined its article with:  “Syrian V.P. says Syrian Army can’t win.”  They did not bother to mention in their headline that he also said the terrorists cannot win either.   

Russia today announced her opposition to any U.N. Peacekeeping Force in Syria.  This is not consistent with previous positions taken by the Kremlin.  Russia supported the Arab League-inspired Observer Force led by a Sudanese General.  Russia was supportive of Kofi Annan and Lakhdar Brahimi.  So why now does Russia oppose a U.N. project.  There are only two reasons:

1.  No Libyan type scenario, a famously announced position;
2.  The Syrian army must be given more time to exhaust the NATO terrorist army.

Putin’s own remark once to Patriarch Kiril that he would rather fight the Syrian terrorists in Moscow than allow them victory in Syria is a lesson for those who doubt his resolve.  We have discussed in previous articles why Russia cannot be defeated here; the gas reserves, Russia’s reputation among allies, Syrian weapons markets and so forth.  It is clear now that Russia is preparing the world for a major shift toward greater involvement in the Syrian conflict.  The Bogdanov declaration is merely a prelude to a decision at the Kremlin not to allow this conflict to last too long.  When the Al-Shara’a remarks are read alongside the Bogdanov statement, it seems that the Russian position has become entrenched and that no change can be expected except a “tit-for-tat increase in involvement consonant with NATO’s grand hypocrisy”.

We, at SyrPer, believe that Russia will make its endgame clear in January.

Fabulous article from Amir.  A must-read even for those whose eyes are closed.  The people who wrote this are wonderful:

The message is loud and clear: Russia believes the Syrian government is defeating the terrorists.  The U.S. knows this, and that’s why the talk about saving their bacon:

For our propaganda students, here’s one which is surely folderol.  After all, it quotes, Rami Abdel-Rahman.  We have the real news from Syria:

Hariri rag begs the question, why isn’t Obama designated a terrorist by Cohen?  And what about the role of the U.S. in spreading sedition and trying to destabilize Syria?  My, my.  The hypocrisy is getting viscous:

Here’s a canned article from the AP, a Qatari-financed b.s. machine, with a know-nothing reporter who should be writing comedy for Hollywood.  A laugh-a-minute piece for the strong-stomached:\

We don’t think this is enough.  Hariri’s entire organization in Lebanon must be whacked, now!

I’m not big on anti-Semitism, but I like anti-Zionism.  Go Jobbik!!

This one is from that lousy California anarchist and doofus, As’as Abu-Khalil, writing about Captain Ahmad Jibril.  I knew his sister, Fawzieh, and brother-in-law, Marwan Yahya, for many years.  I also just missed Abu Jihad when I was in Jordan with the PFLP in 1968.  He is a great man.  Read how he says that Abu Jihad has “some military experience”.  He writes like a propagandist.  He’s old and decrepit, this Abu Khalil.  Captain Jibril is not a louse like the one who wrote this stupid article:  

Here’s some about the PFLP-GC from one of its leaders:



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Ziad your blog is great keep up the good work. I wanted to tell you about a youtube channel that looks at the whats going on the ground militarily. The channel is called verified news you won’t be disappointed.