No one won the mind-bending Brainteaser last week.  If you’ll recall, it was limited to only QUENSA members.  Unfortunately, QUENSA has so few members that nobody sent in a set of answers.  It appears they were all contemplating their navels. Let’s try again:

1.  Cannibalism is wrong because?

a.  It can lead to addiction;
b.  You can pick up people’s cooties;
c.  There are no good recipes published yet;
d.  You might wind up in prison or an asylum if you do it;
e.  There is a cultural prohibition against it.  It really does taste like chicken though. 

2.  If horticulture is the science of growing plants, what is snorticulture?

a.  It’s the art of snorting;
b.  It’s a collection of snorts;
c.  It’s a civilization based on snorting;
d.  It’s a way to get plants to grow by using snorting;
e.  It’s a way to find fungi in snouts. 

3.  Dave Brubeck just died at almost 92 years. What was the cause of death?

a.  He was 92 years old;
b.  Mumps;
c.  Rap music;
d.  Tonsillitis;
e.  No body cares.

4.  Many don’t know this, but a mango pit is very useful as a?

a.  Doorstop;
b.  Hockey puck;
c.  Skimming rock;
d.  Eye gouger;
e.  All of the above.

5.  Res ipsa loquitur, means what in Latin.

a.  Exactly that, in Latin, stupid;
b.  Race is a location;
c.  Reese ups his liquidity;
d.  The thing speaks for itself;
e.  Raise the seat, gentlemen.  

6.  Najib Halabi was the most famous president of Pan Am airlines. Who is his famous daughter?

a.  Halabi Wallaby;
b.  Halabi Wannabe;
c.  Lisa Halaby, a/k/a Princess Nour;
d.  Wannabe Halaby Bumblebee;
e.  Frieda Bumstead.

7.   A candlelight in a salon window indicates what?

a.  The curtains are going to light on fire and the house will burn down;
b.  Everyone is welcome, even riff-raff;
c.  There is a blackout;
d.  The family is making drawn butter for lobster;
e.  Someone just committed suicide; enter at your own risk.

8.  Radon was a terror puffed up by unscrupulous marketeers in the 70s.  What is it?

a.  Why it’s the inert gas found only on the planet Zontar;
b.  It’s the gas emitted by the monster Rodan;
c.  It’s Nodar spelled backwards;
d.  It’s the key to the movie “Raid on Rommel”;
e.  It’s a naturally occurring gas which doesn’t hurt you unless you breath it with cyanide.

9.  Catalepsy still exists.  Where do you mostly find it?

a.  In the minds of cretinous lunatics like Edgar Allan Poe;
b.  In primitive societies;
c.  In funeral homes where the dead arise and walk the earth like zombies;
d.  In graves exhumed for analysis only to find frenetic scratch marks on the lid;
e.  In England, at Twickenham Studios.

10.  In Da Vinci’s masterpiece, The Last Supper, a strange looking apostle sits to Christ’s right.  Who is that?

a.  Some cross-dressing freak named Julius;
b.  Pontius Pilate in drag;
c.  Sal Mineo;
d.  Mary Magdalene;
e.  Herod’s concubine, Prunella.     

Win this week’s contest and eat for free at any local White Castle as our guest.  Good luck.