Spectacular news debunks all the lying, deceit and calumny filling the Western press today.  SyrPer told you the operation to liberate Idlib completely would start soon.  It has.  It is timed, interestingly, with Russian naval maneuvers off Tartous and Ra’s Al-Basseet testing Russian marines’ abilities to problem-solve on the high seas and to fight terrorism.  The news we are giving you now is straight from Syria without any filters or CIA psyops spooks playing with the facts or the words.

HUNDREDS OF TERRORIST RATS ARE SLAIN in the hills of Idlib as Syrian Army Third Corps tightens the noose with the 4th Mechanized Armored Division leading the way.  In two spectacular operations at the town of Ya’qoubiyya near Tal Al-Dhahab outside Jisr Al-Shughour in Idlib Governorate,  multiple brigade-sized units of terrorists coming from Turkey were surprised to find over 20,000 Syrian troops waiting for them.  We reported this to you yesterday without having information detailing the size of this encounter.  It appears the SAA has delivered a fatal body blow to the terrorists and their British handlers in Incirlik. Monitoring communications between the rats demonstrated that the influx was haphazard, no real planning to distinguish it and no military purpose other than to instill fear.  With inhabitants of Idlib now rebelling against the terrorist rats, this massive left hook can only bring the fight to a miserable and humiliating end for the Jihadists and their German and English terrorist-enablers.


Wael is near the fighting.  He has seen units from our militia heading toward the Ghassaniyya-Kinsibba axis where he expects heavy fighting to dislodge the rodents from this largely Christian area.  His contacts in the Syrian 4th Division tell him that the number of dead rats has reached 400 and that identifying the killers is now the job of the Military Intelligence people and police.  He says the terrorists were “clearly poorly trained”, relying on courage more than brains.  Inhabitants of Ya’qoubiyya are helping with removal of bodies dotting the entire countryside.  Still, fighting continues as remnants try to escape back to Erdoghan’s fecal embrace.

Monzer expects the assault on Idlib City to start any day now.

Syrian state t.v. has broadcast a report confirming the existence of a training camp for rodents on the border between Tunisian and Algeria.  We hope the Algerian authorities will take steps to dismantle this camp and kill the vermin inside.  Algeria has fought decades against the Jihadist-nihilists and knows how important it is to control this kind of plague.

Syrian Army kills 11 rats near the Al-Nahda Company in Al-Hujaira in Damascus.  The dead terrorist grubs include:

Awad Abu-Wardeh  (Jordanian)
Muhammad Asif Abdel-Malik
Safi Ahmad Khalil Al-Sankari
Jum’a Anas Jum’a
Riyadh Al-Kishik

Another 7 rodents were dispatched by the Orkin Man in Al-Hujaira at the Ibn Al-Walid Mosque.  We have their names, but there are no important remarks about them.  They are in Rodent Hell.

In Hama, a spectacular operation nets Jabhat Al-Nusra leader and professional pervert Abd-Al-Rahman Al-Qatini at Al-Murk.       


In Homs also, our sappers successfully disarmed an explosive device rigged to over 150 lbs. of explosive C-4 with enhancers.  The bomb was positioned inside a tunnel under Al-Ba’ath University in Homs.

A great operation near Damascus in the Qalamoun area scattered vermin all over the countryside.  The SAA  scored a big knockout when it killed Jabhat Al-Nusra weasel “Muhannad Billeisi”, a Libyan pimp masquerading as Islamist fighter.  


The guy who wrote this tale of woe means well, but, he’s got one thing wrong:  Pres. Assad isn’t going anywhere:

Disturbing video shows terrorist rats trying to shoot down civilian airliner.  Well, how do you like it Obama?

A great read for thinking Syrians.  This is well-written and insightful:

And a fraud is a fraud is a fraud.  We agree:

Go Asa’ib Al-Haq.  Get Erdoghan’s killers:




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Someone posted some crap FSA propaganda on a site I visit and posted a poll.After 2 hours not going the way they hoped!!

Do You Support Bashar Assad or Syrian Rebels?

(122) 82.43%
(26) 17.57%

They are on there constantly with lies.

They are losing support all the time.Keep up the good fight SAA!!

WOW! THANKS, AGAIN, ANONYMOUS.  And don’t watch those alien web sites too much.

Michael McGee from Strasbourg, France sends this enticing article.  Sadly, he did not send the link, so, I’m going to print out the whole article for our readers:

Changing U.S. policy in the Middle-East ? : Obama II – the purge and the pact

Friday, December 28, 2012 6:56 AM
“Michael McGEE”

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Hi Lenny, Linda and Ziad,
Here is an extremely interesting article, translated into English, from Thierry Meyssan at the Voltaire Network concerning changing U.S. policy in the Middle-East, very different from the usual war propaganda on the Western mainstream media.
Happy Holidays,
Obama II – the purge and the pact – Thierry Meyssan, Damascus, Syria – November 28, 2012
JPEG - 27.9 kb
Photo: Mr. and Mrs. Kerry with Mr. and Mrs. Assad, during a private
dinner at a restaurant in Damascus, 2009.
Enjoying a legitimacy reinforced by his reelection, President Barack Obama is preparing to launch a new foreign policy – drawing the conclusions from the relative economic weakening of the United States, he has renounced the idea of governing the world on his own.
US forces continue their departure from Europe and their partial disengagement from the Middle East in order to take up positions around China. From this perspective, he wants to weaken the developing Russo-Chinese alliance at the same time as sharing the burden of the Middle East with Russia. Consequently, he is ready to apply the agreement on Syria which was reached on the 30th June in Geneva – deployment of a UN peace force, composed mainly of troops from the Collective Security Treaty Organisation, and maintenance of Bachar el-Assad in power if he is designated by his people.

This new foreign policy is running into strong resistance in Washington. In July, a series of organised leaks to the Press sank the Geneva agreement and forced Kofi Annan to resign. This sabotage seems to have been hatched by a group of senior officers who are unable to accept the end of their dreams of a global empire.
This problem was never evoked during the Presidential campaign, since the two main candidates were in agreement about the change of policy and only disagreed on the manner in which it should be presented.
So Barack Obama waited no longer than the evening of his victory before giving the signal for the start of a purge which has been in cautious preparation for months. The resignation of General David Petraeus from his functions as head of the CIA has been widely publicized, but it was only the appetizer. The heads of many other senior officers are about to roll in the dust.
The purge first affects the Supreme Commander of NATO and Commander of EuCom (Admiral James G. Stravidis), who is at the end of his term, and his scheduled successor (General John R. Allen). It continues with the ex-Commander of AfriCom (General William E. Ward) and the man who has been his successor for a year (General Carter Ham). It will probably also eliminate the chief of the anti-missile shield (General Patrick J. O’Reilly) and still others of lesser importance.
Each time, the senior officers are accused either of sexual misconduct or embezzlement. The US Press has feasted on the sordid details of the sexual triangle which implicates Petraeus, Allen and Petraeus’ biographer, Paula Broadwell, while avoiding any mention of the fact that she is a Lieutenant-Colonel in Military Intelligence. It seems abundantly clear that she was infiltrated into the entourage of the two Generals in order to bring them down.
The purge in Washington was preceded in July by the elimination of the foreign executives who oppose this new policy and who were implicated in the battle of Damascus. Everything went down as if Obama had allowed the clean-up to happen. For example, the premature death of General Omar Suleiman (Egypt), who had come to undergo treatment at a US hospital, or the attack on Prince Bandar ben Sultan (Saudi Arabia), seven days later.
It remains for Barack Obama to compose his new Cabinet by finding men and women who are capable of forcing acceptance of this new policy. He is counting especially on former Democratic candidate for the Presidency and current President of the Senate Committee for Foreign Relations, John Kerry. Moscow has already made it clear that his nomination would be welcomed. In particular, Kerry is known as an “admirer of Bachar el-Assad” (The Washington Post) whom he has frequently met in preceding years. [1]
In the event Kerry should be given the State Department, the Department of Defense may be entrusted either to Michèle Flournoy or Ashton Carter, who would continue to apply the current budgetary restrictions.
In the event that Kerry should take over the DoD, the State Department could be given to Susan Rice, a nomination which would be sure to pose certain problems – she was seen to be particulary discourteous when Russia and China opposed their recent vetos, and doesn’t seem to possess the cool head this job requires. And in fact, the Republicans are attempting to block her nomination.
John Brennan, who is known for his particularly unethical and brutal methods, may become the new head of the CIA. He would be tasked with turning the page on the Bush years by liquidating the jihadists who are working for the Agency and dismantling Saudi Arabia, which is of no further use. Failing this, the mission would be offered to Michael Vickers or even Michael Morell, the shadow advisor who was at George W. Bush’s side on a certain 11th September, and who dictated his conduct.
The noted Zionist, but nevertheless pragmatist, Antony Blinken may become head of the United States National Security Council, and could revive the plan he had elaborated at Shepherdstown in 1999 for Bill Clinton – make peace in the Middle East by relying on the Assad family.
But even before the nomination of the new Cabinet, the political about-face has already begun with the resumption of secret negotiations with Teheran. In fact, these new policies require an end to the isolation of Iran, and the recognition of the Islamic Republic as a regional power. The first consequence – the construction of the new gas pipeline has resumed. It will link South Pars, the largest gas field in the world, with Damascus, and then the Mediterranean and Europe – an investment of 10 billion dollars which could not be profitable unless there is lasting peace in the region.
Obama II’s new foreign policy is going to upset the Middle East in 2013, but in the opposite way to that announced by the Western and Gulf media.
Thierry Meyssan Thierry Meyssan French intellectual, founder and chairman of Voltaire Network and the Axis for Peace Conference. Professor of International Relations at the Centre for Strategic Studies in Damascus. His columns specializing in international relations feature in daily newspapers and weekly magazines in Arabic, Spanish and Russian. His last two books published in English : 9/11 the Big


Morris Minor sends this astute observation to SyrPer:

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I think Ziad could have been a contender for Man of the Decade, probably the 1960’s.

Answer:  Ha ha.  I have always maintained traditions long dead before my time.