Whenever the NYT starts regurgitating State Department hooey, you know something is in the works.

For you archivists, here’s some info on the vote for Palestinian recognition.  Please note the powerful nations which supported Oreo Obama and the Zionist Abomination:

This is not a bad article from the AP.  For once, it shows a Syrian soldier firing at terrorists instead of the bearded apes the media tries to display as “human” and “vulnerable”.  But the characterization of how the Syrian government refers to “rebels” is hilarious for its complete naivete:

And when will these feckless Saudis rise up against the zombie-monarchy and put an end to Wahhabism?

These Azerbaijanis are weird, but this short article has some neutrality to it.  I like the reference to the “well-armed” terrorists:

This is British silliness at its most raucously funny.  The Telegraph telegraphs stupidity, at a minimum:

But now, read this:

Yeah, and how about terrorism in Syria, you blundering oaf?

We love this article.  It’s a great read for those who understand the nihilism of radical Wahhabist Islam and how its being used by the West:

Some of this article is pure drivel.  The airport was never in jeopardy.  Only areas around the Ghouta were the subjects of air strikes.  By the way, Egyptair stated it would resume flights to both Damascus and Aleppo after its agents confirmed government forces in control.  The SOHR is a fake organization.  Its reports are fabrications:

Paul writes this to SyrPer:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “SECOND POST – DECEMBER 2, 2012 – POTPOURRI OF INTE…“:


It would help us understand the situation better if you could explain the Government’s approach earlier in the war and then today. For example, if a family helps the FSA and gets caught, what happens? Does the Army issue orders that a region will be shoot on sight and actually follow through? To what extent is the Army using tanks, as opposed to air attacks and ground units? Have perimeters and possibly ditches or mines been set up around key areas? How was the border closed a month or two ago, and how is it closed now?

Some of us see the phenomenon that you mentioned earlier with the SAA and others in high places not really taking things as seriously as they should have. The view seems to be that time is on the SAA’s side, as long as China and Russia provide diplomatic support. This may be true, but let’s say things continue as they are for another five years. Very limited trade with surrounding countries, and a depleted industrial capability. Where will Syria stand? Will the business class not try to cut a deal with the West? Obviously, Turkey and Lebanon will pay a price, but they are not really independent countries in today’s world.

Dear Paul, families which help the FSA are now subject to Dr. Assad‘s relatively new criminal statute which was approved by the People’s Assembly back in July 2012.  It provides that anyone who assists terrorism can be subject to capital punishment.  To this date, I do not have examples of how this law has been carried out.  In Latakia, several families have been found to conceal large caches of weapons for the terrorists.  My source says that the security services are trying to identify the “mastermind”.  His fate is sealed, Wael says.  He, or his confederates, will face the death penalty.

The rules of engagement vary with the officer in charge of a particular unit.  In general, the Syrian army is very conservative.  The police and militia are more likely to take a “shoot and ask questions later” approach.  The army is very professional and there is a tendency to look the other way if shots come from a particular home.  Homeowners are presumed to have been coerced by the terrorists.  The army always uses tanks except where Intel has confirmed large numbers of RPGs or any anti-tank weapon.  The T-62s are particularly vulnerable to anti-tank weapons and they must be used carefully.  Aircraft is always called in to soften up targets before a frontal armored assault.  Syria’s tactics are not unusual or innovative.  But, they work.

So far, the fear of having an Islamist victory has driven the wealthy and the middle class closer to Dr. Assad.  In this, the U.S. and NATO have failed miserably.  Thanks for writing. Always stay in touch.  Your friend, Ziad Amin Abu Fadel, Esq.


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Ziad, Thanks for the explanation. Some have said that the army has been using tanks too much. I have no knowledge. One would certainly think that many slightly high-tech weapons could have been used, but weren’t. It’s clear that the West has driven those with something to lose into the government’s hands. On the other hand, the West has made a fair bit of progress in damaging Syria’s infrastructure and economy. One last thing you could discuss is what cards Syria may have. What options has Syria got besides just reacting to the mercenaries? You regularly write about Turkey paying… Read more »