And, Oh Brother!  When we told our readers the new head of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolution and Opposition Force (NACOSROF) was a Muslim Brother, we meant it.  It’s true.  The NACOSCROF has declared that its new HQ would be moved from Istanbul (where the SNC bombed) to Muslim Brotherhood-friendly Cairo where the new president is a member and official of the MB!. That’s right!  The so-called movement to unite Syrians; fundamentalists, communists, leftists, rightists, centrists, Christians, Druze, Armenians, and all the rest who make up the Syrian mosaic are now buried deep in the center of the Muslim Brotherhood’s new clubhouse:  CAIRO, EGYPT.  George Sabra will now have to grow a beard and support the Caliphate.  We predict that Egypt will be the final resting place of the NACOSROF fiasco.  We also predict George Sabra will stay in Paris.  All of us Syrian patriots are breathing a real sigh of relief.

Atsa ma boy!  This fanatic (Ahmad Mu’az Al-Khatib) will issue fatwas for the slaughter of anyone he suspects opposes his new Caliphial plans for Syria.  Of course, he will be shot dead soon, God willing.

It was reported first on SyrPer that the terrorists in Syria are burning the bodies of their fellow killers when they are foreigners.  This order came from American terrorist-enablers in Jordan who want the least amount of media noise about the identities of foreign murderers and mercenaries funded by America’s top allies in the region, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.  How does SyrPer know it was an American officer who gave the order for the cremation of foreign corpses?  A captain in the Jordanian army told us that it was now common knowledge that the U.S. was directing operations for the FSA in the south of Syria.  He also said that the U.S. had become sensitive to increasing reports that the “Syrian uprising was a creation of the U.S. as evidenced by the large number of foreigners in the ranks of the opposition.” 

American troops in Jordan are training new terrorists deemed “acceptable” for fighting in Syria.  Our sources tell us that the U.S. troops are there for only one reason:  to “sift” the recruits to insure none are Salafist in orientation. 

American propaganda emanating from CIA Director Panetta’s office that American troops were also in Jordan as part of some project to insure the safety of Syria’s huge stockpile of deployed WMDs is patently false.  It would take more than 100,000 American troops to secure our WMDs given their dissemination around the country and the fact that Syria has over 50 manufacturing sites for the weapons.  Add to this the fact that both Syrian and other non-Syrian security forces provide impenetrable protection for the weapons and you have pure U.S. folderol.  Given the fact that Syria’s WMDs of VTX, Sarin and various types of mustard gases are fixed on artillery and strategic missile warheads and you have an impossible scenario for any such action by the U.S. or NATO. 

The U.S. is now directing all operations of the terrorists in Southern Syria just as the useless British and Germans are in Southern Turkey.  Syria’s allies, Iran and Russia, have proven themselves very adept at intercepting and confounding German and British efforts to control the battle theater in the North.  Fighting in the South near Jordan has decreased remarkably over the last two weeks indicating a failure on the part of the U.S. to persist in developing a credible terrorist force. 

Nobody wants to say it in the West, but, it must be said on SyrPer:  Prince Fatso’s visit to Gaza and his promise to grant the Palestinian enclave $400,000,000 is now a contingent consolation prize after the Zionist Army of Death levels Gaza.  Instead of being used to develop the enclave,  the money (whatever he’s willing to cough up now)  must be used to rebuild whatever will be pulverized by the Zionist army.  We don’t know what Prince Fatso wanted to accomplish by visiting Gaza.  All we know is that, like Mr. Bean or a King Midas in reverse (everything he touches turns to feculence), the whole situation is whirling out of control. 

The Middle East is always rife with rumors and conspiracy-mongering.  Some have suggested that Prince Fatso’s visit to Gaza was linked to his own preference for the Muslim Brotherhood as a potential ally in the war against Iran.  It is only interesting how the portly Prince manages to finance weapons transfers to terrorists in Syria (which is one of Hamas’ main suppliers of weapons and high-tech) but rails against Hamas’ military campaign in the Gaza Strip with an eye to improving relations with the Zionist Entity.  If the child-molesting prince is such an Arab nationalist, why doesn’t he fund Hamas’ weapons purchases?  Why is it Iran?  You figure.

Ismail Haniyyeh, no slouch when it comes to irrational religious beliefs, can barely, but graciously,  hold his breath as someone rushes to the limousine door to release him from the noisome stench of Prince Drum Son of Doubledrum Husband of Madame Banana of the Second Rate Tribe – Prince of Catarrh!!! 
Here’s Lew Rockwell in a video post on the “Arab League of Vipers” recognizing the new NACOSROFF: