This is opening day (November 15, 2012) and I’m spending it at the Henry Ford Hospital in West Bloomfield where I was asked to spend the entire day translating for a sick old Assyrian man who is suffering from bloating and dehydration occasioned by some condition in his bowels.  I have been here for two days now and miss all the news I’ve been getting at home and in the office.  I’ll be back on track tomorrow.  The great news is that I am now able to use my Mobile Hotspot to blog from anywhere within 80 miles of civilization.  It’s now 3:45 P.M. and I’m dying to have someone here tell me they want me to leave so that I can join my luckier friends at my favorite pub.  I look forward to posting my photos of our hunt last week when a friend, Yasser, bagged a buck with a rifle out of rifle season.  But don’t say anything. 

John Esquire sends this fascinating article from the Atlantic about Petraeus which should be read along with a previous article we posted from Lew Rockwell.  Is it possible that Petraeus was targeted for elimination by the Neo-Cons and their Zionist handlers?  Read this:

We can’t wait until the first BA civilian aircraft goes down in a ball of flames.  Air France will be following suit.  And what will a man who fathered four bastards tell his people when they find out NATO supplied the weapons?  Dr.Assad, you have got to get nasty.
I am told that the Russians are very comfortable with the situation in Syria.  The evidence is that our army is very well supplied with ammunition and new technology which is being deployed effectively against the terrorist mercenaries funded by Qatar and Saudi Arabia.  If NATO chooses to provide the terrorists with weapons, (which they already have, e.g. Libya to Turkey anti-aircraft weapons and logistical systems),  Syria will be free to arm the PKK with the same.   We, at SyrPer, have long advocated a robust rearming of the Kurdish freedom fighters in order to defend areas of Northern Iraq and Syria from the illegal bombardment by Turkish aircraft. 

Poor King Abdallah II.  What is it called?  “Blowback”?  “Spill-over”?  My, my.  Maybe that house in Surrey sounds better and better.

Here’s an intelligent article about how the British would react to Hamas’ rocket attacks.  Something to chew on:
I think the Iranians are more Arab than the Arabs.  Their loyalty to Palestine cannot be underestimated:

The end of the Zionist settler state is nigh, my friends – with or without the MB:
Hurrooo! for the Iranian security services.  Hell will hold no surprises for the miscreant spies and terrorists:

Frau Kartoffeln weights in on Gaza.  As always, she is out of touch:

And your auntie’s sofa speaks out like Frau Kartoffeln:

The usual brilliant analysis from Tony Cartalucci.  Of course, all of us knew Hamas was created by Israel and the West.  Mary Shelley had a good idea about things going wrong:

Yay!  The Mayan calendar is right.  It’s all going to Hell in the next few weeks.  I sure hope the Palestinians will stop growing beards, though:

We warned Lavrov about this up-tick some time ago.  It really is time to unleash our WMDs and muscular missile capabilities.  Let’s do a Dresden on Idlib:

Spin doctor extraordinaire, Regev, Australian born propaganda machine, is treated vomitously by our friends: