Sorry about not blogging yesterday. I was busy in court all day and couldn’t get to the p.c.  I’ll try to make it up by blogging up North at our dacha.

Here’s some more about that article about France being behind Wissam Al-Hassan’s assassination:

This is a terrible site for news. They constantly refer to our government as a “regime”.  Anyways, here’s a very poor synopsis of what Mr. Franjieh said in his interview:

This is a wild article worth reading because we all hope it’s true.  But Hamad, Prince Fatso, advocating the overthrow of King Abdallah of Jordan?  Hmmm.  Maybe that’s why Jordan has become to cooperative with Syria recently:

The sources are so contradictory.  You wonder who’s got it right.  Is some of this made up?

This very well-written Marxist view of a new situation in Syria is a must-read even if you might disagree with some of the conclusions:

Wanna read some hogwash.  Look at how this right-wing Lebanese yellow tabloid explains the massacre at Saraqeb:

The traitors don’t stop working when they have a bloody-handed imperialist regime behind them:

How Erdoghan ruined the relationship with Iraq.  How about Syria?  How about Iran?

The massacre at Saraqeb again from a true Syrian standpoint:

Hard news from SyrPer sources in Syria:

Aslan continues to predict Turkey’s fall into anarchy in the Southern regions as something (we can’t mention) takes place.  The PKK is contstantly attacking Turkish forces in the Eastern Anatolia region and holds over 26 hostages, all officials of the Ankara government.  They are being held in an effort to exchange them for jailed freedom-fighter Abdallah Ocaylan.  Aslan also says that Erdoghan’s popularity is sinking rapidly and that he feels a need to move quickly before the catastrophe takes place.  This means that Turkey will start making errors.  He also confirms that the U.S. has provided anti-aircraft missiles to the terrorists hoping they don’t fall into the hands of Jihadists.  Aslan says they have definitely come into the hands of these accursed killers and that he expects a human disaster very soon at a civilian airport.
Turkish security people have not been able to control the distribution of arms.  Syria has not yet delivered any of her massive arsenal of Strela’s to the PKK. When that happens, Aslan says, “the volcano will explode”.  لما بصير بدو يفقع البركان

Monzer says the situation in Damascus is the same.  Much concern about the areas abutting the Turkish border.  There are many rumors about a huge weapons delivery that might include the Yak-130s I have demanded the Russians send to Syria.  Our missile bases and anti-aircraft systems are very safe all over the country.  He warned that people should be careful now about the propaganda. It’s becoming really thick.  The officers with whom he trucks are confident.  He also says that Syria’s strategic reserve of oil and gas is substantial thanks to Iran and Venezuela.  Syria’s refineries are working day and night and are heavily protected.    

Wael says the deployment of Syrian troops around Idlib continues.  My wife’s nephews are part of that deployment.  It is believed that Maj. Gen. Maher Al-Assad will be in command. 

I will have a lot to say about the Doha Conference when I get up North.  It will take me about three hours. I have to cover our pontoon boat and cut some wood.  After that, I’ll sit down and give my thoughts about this Doha thing. 

As we told you, Ma’arrat Al-Nu’man has been cleansed of all terrorists.  The ones who survived, all five of them, are now fighting our army around Saraqeb, the Sunni ice cream capital of the North.  Roads have been paved by bulldozers around the town to facilitate transport of armor.  We fear that Saraqeb may be levelled if the terrorists don’t get out soon.  While I despise the whole city,  I don’t want to see any more human suffering.

Dfeil has been completely made terrorist-rein.  We can now state with certainty that the countryside around the mountain town of Al-Hiffeh has been cleared to the cheers of the local population.  The terrorists, some from Libya, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, mistakenly thought that the Sunni villages would welcome them. Instead the inhabitants escaped and called in assistance from the army.  The army moved in four days ago and began clearing the area with militia forces. 

It is amazing how Jordanian cooperation on the border has resulted in a decrease in violence in the area of Der’ah.  With few exceptions, life is slowly returning to normal in Izra’a, Da’il, Shmiskin, inter alia.  The Muwahhid-Druze area of “Jabal Al-Arab” or “Suwaida” is completely violence-free.  The PKK is doing its job superbly in Qamisly and its environs.  BUT SOMETHING BIG IS COMING. 



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Level 0 - Anonymous

Thanks Ziad for the information on the conflict. Do you have any updates from your sources in Syria about the situation in Qusayr and Homs? I thought that the SAA had encircled Qusayr and was about to overrun the last rebel/terrorist held districts in Homs a few weeks ago.

Paul D.

Level 0 - Anonymous

BUT SOMETHING BIG IS COMING. Yes it is 7 weeks before we have the winter solstice. They will also be some major events in Libya, USA the celestial alignments show us that.

Level 0 - Anonymous

@Hans Are you talking sarcastically or real things?