FIRST POST – NOVEMBER 23, 2012 – NEWS ROUNDUP FROM AROUND THE WORLDIsrael as a rogue state is explored in this article:

This may be one of the few sanely written articles by the mainline press:

The despicable Saudi government and its mores on display again.  The allies of the U.S.:

Latin America is shaping up to be our savior:

Ercan Candan might be a new nominee for the Liar of the Year Award:

Maliki is right. SyrPer has predicted this in Turkey:

American terrorism and imperialism discussed here through statements by Wesley Clark:

SyrPer has already exposed Khaled Meshal as a spy for the United States and Israel.  He speaks for no one in this silly article:

Sibir sends this article:

Sibir also sends this video of Syrian state t.v. news:

Bob the Bear sends this one from Muslim-hater Debbie Schlussel.  But it’s still interesting to read about this Lebanese “dhimmi” gal and General Betrayus:

John Esquire does not know whether to laugh or cry about this article exposing American ignorance of world affairs.  It’s a gut-buster:

John Esquire sent this one which I might have already posted. It’s about Zionist soldiers admitting to atrocities:


READERS’ LETTERS: (Letters are only edited for spelling)

Puller 58 sends this one:

Let’s see, Iraq is teetering on the edge of sectarian war, Libya is a basketcase of rogue militias, and Egypt’s President is doing a kabouki dance to convince people the Egyptian Army is NOT in control.  What is there to learn? Reply 

FKDahl sends this:

FkDahl has left a new comment on your post “SECOND POST – NOVEMBER 22, 2012 – THE BRITISH RIDD…“:

Interesting analysis! What about the French? I remain flabbergasted how they can support the jihadists given the huge potential downsides when they return to the banlieus of St Denis and Marseille. Is it to win votes from the Muslims in France? Or is it tied to gas and oil exploration in Quatar and Kurdistan? Install a friendly goverment in Syria, cut loose Kurdistan, and build a pipeline?

Keep up the good work!

Surf 375 sends this:

I may be imagining it but the confrontation in Gaza with Iranian-armed Hamas and the confrontation in Syria with Iranian-allied Assad point towards an upcoming confrontation with Iran. President Obama wants to meet the Supreme Leader Khameini face-to-face–which I think is a good idea.”

Maybe so, an article in the current Washington Quarterly covers something similar. Hamas although supported by Iran is Muslim Brotherhood. They’ll most likely now stand down when there’s an Iran attack. Today’s Egypt and Gaza are now two pees in a pod.

Syria is ruled by Alawis, whose military is made of mostly eastern Christian officers (Alawis & Druze too), for all intents and purposes they are more Western and the last bastion for eastern Christianity. The “rebels” win, Syria will be under the Muslim Brothers, w/ Libya, and Egypt–eastern Christianity dies off.

My point is, at least Iran is a hierarchy and can be handled via traditional means–Bob Baer would say, “the Devil We Know”. Keep in mind that the Muslim Brothers in Libya, Egypt and now Syria are considered “moderates”.

Castration of Iran might seem reasonable in the short term, but long term we might need a powerful Shi’a state to counter balance the fruits of the Arab Spring.

The AQKhan network wasn’t fully dismantled and remember Libya was shit close to a nuke, so expertise will still be there. It’s a hop and a skip away for the Muslim Brothers joining nuke club–and remember they are considered moderates these days.

Hell yeah, meet w/ Khamenei, because in this post-Arab Spring ME all bets are off. Reply

Paul sends this:

There is an old saying that “Britain is always willing to fight till the last American”. But Russia and Iran are not inexperienced when it comes to British intrigue, so they really can’t be caught off-guard.

re: “He also does not want a failed state in Syria which would invite more American intervention at a time when the American citizenry is openly hostile to such adventures. A failed state in Syria is “death-watch beetle” to any American political party.”

Sure, but the bigger question is how much pressure the different factions can bring to bear upon Obama. Don’t underestimate the power of the oil crowd. There seem to be a lot of “hints” lately that Kennedy and Lincoln were memorable.


Thomas Hakvoort writes:

For an article that supposedly will describe why the Syrian rebels are ‘winning’ it could do with more substance. The second page does not at all deal with the military reality on the ground, which off course will ultimately decide the outcome of the conflict. Without a doubt the Syrian military is incurring heavy losses, as almost all militaries do when they try to hold on or recapture lost areas in this type of conflict.  But there is much we simply don’t know about the Syrian military. Or about the effectiveness of the rebels. Surely they can mount spectacular hit and run attacks in some parts, or sometimes take over an isolated base or outpost. But they have not yet defeated a large Syrian Army formation in a bigger battle. The capturing of the 46th regiment base looks impressive, but off course it was not as if the whole regiment itself was defeated at that base. Rather, what was defeated was the crew guarding the base. The regiment itself is probably out fighting somewhere. Off course, as the author rightly points out, a supply of weapons and munitions was looted as well. But still, the main fronts in the war, Aleppo, Homs and Damascus have not really changed at all in recent months.


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Dear Ziad,as you know I am a daily reader of your website since August and until now I really believed that the Syrian Army would finally win this war.Now, however, I must admit I have at least some major doubts regarding my former point of view. Hopefully you can convince me of the contrary, but in the recent weeks I have been noticing this:a) The Rebels have not been dislodged from Aleppo city. This despite another 30.000 soldiers that were sent as reinforcements to the already present 20.000 that were stationed around Aleppo back in late Julyb) In Damascus the… Read more »