Over two weeks ago, over 200 American spooks and special operations agents arrived in Jordan to take position supposedly at the King Abdallah II Special Forces Camp north of Amman, the capital.  This deployment came soon after the time General David Petraeus (CIA Director) was visiting Turkey to allay the fears of its president over reports that the U.S. and NATO were reevaluating the entire Syrian theater.  We cannot know what Petraeus told his counterpart, Hakan Fidan, but it was clear to all observers that the Turks were pushing for more than mere grudging support.

Hakan Fidan head of MIT, the Turkish intelligence service, seen here, looks and acts like a spy.  He is not known for any Islamist tendencies and might be a good candidate to work with the army after it overthrows the country’s own Mr. Bean, Recep Tayyip Erdoghan.

SyrPer now has a source in Jordan with significant contacts and access to Intel which we admitted to our readers before that we did not have.  The name of the contact is Alaa and he is living in Amman but has daily business in the north of Jordan at Al-Ramtha and Irbid,  among other places.  His cousin, who admits to supporting President Assad, has agreed to funnel questions to Alaa and provide answers as soon as they are available.  This article is partly based on answers we received this morning from the local cousin who does not want to be identified by name.

Jordan’s king is paranoid.  Whenever a demonstration erupts over democracy, prisoners’ rights, the economy or any display of dissatisfaction, the King goes into a “fugue” state.  He has already given the order to “neutralize” all Salafists and Takfiris in the country.  Abdallah is now obsessed with the events of Egypt, Libya and Tunisia making it clear to his chiefs of security that he wants no repetition of this in his kingdom.
According to Alaa,  the king is more than willing to cooperate with Syria’s President Assad if that will dispell the spectre of the Arab Spring.  But the Arabians will have none of that.

The arrival of over 200 spec-ops soldiers compliments over 350 previously deployed Americans with the same MOS – the same specializations.  Alaa says the 200 are not to help the Jordanians to deal with the so-called refugee problem.  That would be something for UNRWA!  Instead, he says the Americans in country are vetting refugees to select those appropriate for receipt of lethal arms deliveries. Alaa says that everybody in Jordan knows the specialists are CIA with some suspected of being MOSSAD because of language skills the former needs.  In contrast to the reports in the Western media, the CIA operatives are scattered throughout Northern Jordan in all places where Syrian refugees are found – especially the Za’atariyya camp that is presently being refurbished in preparation for winter.      

The king knows he is playing with fire.  Just as there are Syrians who want to oust President Assad, there are even more Palestinians who would relish the same scenario in Jordan.  Jordan’s population is 70% Palestinian in a society still reeling from the events of 70 years ago.  He knows he is viewed as an agent of Britain, America and even, Israel – that’s no secret.  I have met Jordanians who used to work in the Mukhabarat, even as far back as 1968 when Muhammad Rasoul Kilani was director of Jordanian General Intelligence.  The relationship with Israel is no big secret.  The Muslim Brotherhood is using this as a fulcrum to dislodge the king and his Hashemite dynasty.  The king is watching this process intently.

In April of 2012, I was told by a former source that General Ali Mamlouk, now President Assad’s Advisor on Security Matters,  having been replaced after the damaging assassinations of four Syrian generals on July 18, 2012,  that he contacted his counterpart, Lt. Gen. Faisal Al-Shawbaki,  in Amman to ask him:  “How can I protect your borders when you don’t protect mine?”  This question has not been forgotten on Jabal Hussein.      

This man is Lt. Gen. Faisal Al-Shawbaki.  Like many heads of security,  he seems like the sweet pediatrician who treated your children for mumps.  He would later arrest your children and beat the stuffing out of them.

This is the new GID Building in Amman.  Prisoners are no longer “interrogated” here.  There’s a good facility for that at Al-Jafr.

Syria is fully aware that the Jordanians have very limited capabilities in guarding the historically porous border with Syria.  This same problem exists in Iraq and Lebanon also.  The Jordanian army is well-trained and equipped but cannot be ready to defend the throne in Amman and hermetically seal the frontier with Syria all at the same time.  We must always remember that Jordan is an artificial state conjured up by the British as a consolation prize for the Hashemites.  It’s just the southern Syrian Desert with few, if any, natural resources.

While news is being disseminated by the independent press that NATO is throwing in the towel over Syria,  the news from Jordan points in the other direction.  Petraeus’ trip to Turkey in early September of this year followed by the intensification of hostilities with Syria and coupled with the build-up of U.S. naval power in the gulf could augur some wild and woolly times ahead before the national elections.  This begs the question: Does Obama need some “shock and awe” to secure his second term?  Must he be a “war-time president to stay in office?    

But the big question for King Abdallah is:  Am I the sacrificial lamb which the Americans are going to slaughter so that Palestinians can have their own state?  Will Jordan become some kind of American base of operations against Syria?  Will I lose my own country so Obama can be reelected?  Who’s going to pay me for all this mess?    

What do you mean I have to move to Sussex?  I like it here.” Watch out Your Royal Highness.  They’re just as slick as your old man. His mother is pure English,  by the way.

The good king is viewed very positively by the neo-con traitors in Washington.  Why, even Richard Perle and the ubiquitous voice of all Arab-hating academics, Fouad Ajami, have been heard discussing a Palestinian republic in Jordan.  Even a truncated West Bank appended to Jordan might not be a bad idea.  Hmmm.  The king is viewed so affectionately by neo-cons that his abdication is taken as a virtual given – even his forced removal or assassination has been bandied about after long nights of sipping expensive gin, frequently followed by embarrassed laughter and winking eyes.         

So now we’re back to the U.S.  If the king is arresting all Salafists, he’s not touching the Muslim Brotherhood. Why? SyrPer has a theory about this:  The U.S. is comfortable with the MB.  It is sufficiently moderate such that normal relations can be maintained with it;  and it is sufficiently reactionary to keep the Arabs out of the march to modernity.  Perfect.  Now, King Abdallah has to figure out how to outsmart the MB and the U.S.  Our suggestion:  get tight with Dr. Assad and push the refugees out of Jordan.


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Can the King protect himself from US forces? If he went against NATO wishes, he might have worse security protection than JFK had.

More broadly, will Jordan be easy for NATO to take down?