Recep Tayyip Erdoghan, whose dreams of a revitalized Ottoman Empire – flush with money, inebriated on the nectar of power, basking in international approbation – is to his eternal chagrine, the most isolated country in the world.  His former policy of “all friends in the neighborhood” and “no problems with anyone in the neighborhood” has transmogrified into a nightmarish: “all enemies on the block” and “no end to problems in the neighborhood”.  His ability to snatch catastrophe from the jaws of success has become legendary.

Erdoghan, seen here surrounded by the simian ordure that awaits him in Hell itself, refuses chemotherapy for his intestinal cancer fearing a cachectic appearance might damage his party’s unity.  He thinks God will save him.

Let’s think upon this.  Last week, Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki, announced in Moscow after a particularly rewarding meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin that “Erdoghan’s policies are despicable”.  (وقحة)  Iraq is buying a completely integrated S-300 anti-aircraft defense system which is to prevent the Turkish Air Force from violating Iraqi air space.  The Turkish Parliament has just renewed a bill permitting its armed forces to violate Iraqi sovereignty again.  Iraq’s relations with Turkey are at rock bottom.

Turkey’s relations with Iran are reaching critical mass for a number of reasons:  First, Erdoghan constantly denigrates Shi’i Islam by making ugly references to the Alevi population of Southern Turkey and the Alawis of Hatay Province (e.g. “Their mosques are not mosques. They are cultural centers”).  Secondly, he refuses to relent on his crackpottish policies of aiding Islamist terrorists.  Thirdly, he is determined to break the formation of a Fatimid Crescent on his southern border as a gesture to his Saudi patrons.

Relations with Syria need no discussion. They don’t even exist.  Syria just barred all Turkish flights over its territory which means that, as the Hajj season approaches, Turkey will have to find a new and more expensive route to the sands of Arabia.

Relations with Armenia are also at an abysmal point.  Armenia has purchased Russian weapons and can be expected to use them against Turkey in the event Ankara embarks on any adventures in Syria.  Plans to deploy Russian troops in Armenia to support a Syrian defensive effort are common knowledge.  Erdoghan’s unwillingness to even acknowledge the mass murder of over 1,500,000 Armenians is a bitter pill for the heirs to that unspeakable Turkish bloody sabbath.

Relations with Greece are also not so good.  The issue of Cyprus remains intractable as Turkey continues to defend the non-indigenous Turks planted on that island in an act of pure hard-headedness and stupefying arrogance.  

Erdoghan can’t even get Turkey into the EU despite his forced efforts to smile and pretend he’s not an Islamist. 

Russia is planning for his overthrow.  The Russians are livid with Turkish air piracy and unwillingness to sit down to peacably resolve the problem of fanatical terrorists hosted by Erdoghan in Southern Turkey.
Erdoghan is making that mistake of dilly-dallying with Muscovy.  He should study Ottoman history to learn about what happens when you mess around with bears.   

In the meantime, Erdoghan’s relations with the Kurds are becoming increasingly militarized as the PKK receives and absorbs more weapons systems from Syria to further entrench their power in Southern Anatolia and Northeastern Syria.  The PKK’s operations inside Turkey are expected to rise after Erdoghan refused Librahimi’s suggetion for cooperation on the issue of border security and the forced landing of a Syrian civilian aircraft.    

Newspapers keep referring to Dr. Assad as “isolated” and “besieged”.  They constantly use every event to underline Dr. Assad’s “isolation” when, all the while, it’s Erdoghan who best fits the adjectives they use.  Turkey is the most isolated country in the world.  It’s leader, Erdoghan,  is friendless, alone, bereft of allies other than the useless Saudis and some paranoiac aids.  He is SyrPer’s MOST ISOLATED MAN OF THE YEAR.

And while the termites eat away at his wooden skull, we have learned that reports meant to dispell rumors of his cancer by noting the absence of chemotherapy don’t mention that he refused chemotherapy last November after cancerous polyps were removed from his lower intestine.  With this plan in mind, his doctors have said he has no more than two years to live.  He thinks prayer and devotion to his calling as “terrorist commander par excellence” is going to save him.  We think not.  One other factor he had to consider in refusing chemotherapy was the appearance of emaciations from the cancer treatment which would have disrupted his plans for undoing everything Mustapha Kemal Ataturk had accomplished.

Erdoghan is isolated and dying.  This is the appropriate end for a man who is the quintessence of stupidity and evil.


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You may not be able to give much in the way of specifics, but it is obvious that Syria and her friends need to put much more pressure on her enemies. Waiting will not change the calculations about gas pipelines and the general project of breaking up and weakening countries in that part of the world. So, what are some potential weak points in the ZATO alliance? Erdogan is very unpopular. Jordan is about to be overthrown. SA is starting to heat up. Are there no suicidal gangs that Iran has available? What about some drones flying from the coast… Read more »