THIRD POST – SEPTEMBER 19, 2012 – CONTINUE WEEKLY BRAINTEASER;  Once again we must apologize for the sudden publication of an unfinished article.  Kindly indulge us one more time.

7.  Ottoman Sultan Mehmed IV’s greatest love was for hunting and he was called “the Hunter”.  What is Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoghan’s passion?

a.  He loves reading Jacqueline Suzanne novels;
b.  He plays chess with his pet parrot “Baltaci”;
c.  He writes love letters to Madame Banana in Qatar;
d.  He loves to dress in women’s clothing and walk the streets of Istanbul as an available tart;
e.  Getting upset. He loves to look upset. He is called “Mr. Upset”.

                                       Mr. Erdoghan Effendi, smiling for the cameras.

8.  Who smokes more cigars?

a.  Groucho Marx;
b.  Winston Churchill;
c.  Saddam Hussein;
d.  George Burns;
e.  Fidel Castro.

9.  In the immortal painting “The Last Supper“, who is seated to Jesus’ right?

a.  Zsa Zsa Gabor when she was younger;
b.  Lucretia Borgia, Da Vinci’s favorite model;
c.  Judas Escariot, many people don’t know he was a transvestite – and cute;
d.  Mary Magdalene;
e.  Zenobia, Queen of the Nabateans.

10.  The Zionist airline ElAl will not serve one kind of meat, what is it?

a.  Rhinoceros;  Jews love Rhinos and consider them holy;
b.  Snake; the snake is mentioned in the Torah as a tool of the devil;
c.  Rat;  it reminds many of life in the Warsaw Ghetto;
d.  Lobster; that’s for rich Jews only in New York City;
e.  Pork;  they don’t want to offend their Muslim passengers either. 

The winner this week will receive a check in the amount of 1,000,000 Italian lira and an all-expense paid trip to the Planet Zontar.