Direct reports to us from Monzer in Damascus and Shadia from Bab Touma confirm what Iran’s reporters have seen:  Over 200 terrorists confirmed dead after epic battle with the great Syrian army.  The site was Al-Tadamon, a suburb of Damascus which has been the focal point of terrorist efforts to cling to any square inch of territory around the capital.  This time, the Republican Guard, under command of Maj. Gen. Hafez Makhlouf and elements of Syria’s Second Special Forces Regiment out of Qatana, strangled the criminals by denying them water, communications, food and ammunition, reducing their force to nothing but a ghostly, exhausted remnant of a once-vicious terrorist enclave.  Syria’s air force also played a role in denying the killers access out of the Tadamon quarter, picking off the rodents like targets at a Coney Island arcade.

The carcasses of these rats are quickly sent to a crematorium to avoid the possibility of contagion.  These specimens tried to escape their fate but were detected by alert Syrian snipers who called in support fire.

Shadia tells me by fax that the actual number of dead terrorists is more than 250.  Her brother Luqa is a lieutenant in the Republican Guards and stays in close touch with his family to check on his ailing mother.  Luqa told Shadia that of the 250 confirmed killed,  “many” were Jordanian nationals with names indicating Palestinian origin.  He also said that 60 or 70 were army deserters and awol reservists.  The deserters were executed summarily pursuant to Syria’s Code of Military Combat Procedure.  The reservists were handed over to security personnel (probably Military Intelligence) and the foreign terrorists were also turned over for interrogation prior to execution.  Shadia says over 100 surrendered and were taken to various prison facilities.  Monzer’s report to me jibes pretty much with Shadia’s except for the number of terrorists who surrendered.

Readers can see Tadhamon as the third flag from the bottom
In other news, we cannot confirm the death of Colonel Abdul Jabbar Al-Oqeidi, yet.  But, we are certain he has been out of touch and may have been killed in a battle at the Nayrab Bridge in Aleppo.  Of course, this would be stunning news certain to dash the hopes of the criminals in Hatay.  We will keep pursuing this item until we are certain of this.  We are already praying to a conveniently vengeful god to speed his soul into the
eternal cauldron of excruciating Hellfire.  We never said we were real Christians.
Many of you have probably read already that the FSA is splitting into ever-more sterile factions.  The newest trend is to distance itself from the unspeakable atrocities committed by salafist sociopaths in its ranks.  But there is much more to this than that, especially, since the FSA itself has been proven to be just as brutal as its Islamist freak fighters.  Only SyrPer has the real story the Erdoghan Turks don’t want told. 
Riad Al-As’ad, the nominal chief of the FSA, now wants to rename his troupe of ne’r-do-wells, the Syrian National Army (SNA).  This makes it sound like the Syrian National Council which Al-As’ad is loath to denounce because his American handlers used to think it was the cat’s meow.  In truth the U.S. has given up on the SNC and treats it like a group of airport Hare Krishna’s.  Now, Al-As’ad’s problem is not the SNC.  The problem is Riad Al-As’ad who has been effectively demoted to Private Smedley of the Lonely Hearts Club Band.  He has been fired.  His hired help in Idlib and Aleppo are convinced he sold out and will not communicate with him.  

The Syrian National Council poses for this photo-op in Antalya.  Abdel-Basset Saida, its new chairman, is second from the left.  The U.S. now gives it a wide berth.

With the Germans and their ScheisseSchiff off the coast of Turkey,  the FSA is now getting even worse instructions with Syrian and Iranian agents having a field day sending disinformation, fake plans and advertisements for “MAKHLOUF TIRES”.  While Aleppo is being drubbed and cleansed of the terrorist rats, Al-As’ad came up with a new plan to resurrect his status as Conqueror of Zikhim, Enslaver of Sicily, Doofus of Gaziantep:  rename the non-existent army: the SYRIAN NATIONAL ARMY.  Sounds good.  His only problem is there is no Syrian army left.
Deserters are spent.  There are no more candidates for the meat grinder.  Saudi Arabia has been forced to hire unkempt Yemeni tribesmen from Abyan whose experience in fighting is Syria is negligible.  Al-As’ad must now deal with inarticulate savages from Yemen,  Islamist troglodytes from Libya, disoriented Sudanese snakecharmers, Chechen psychopaths,   francophile Tunisian bisexuals, Qatari catamites and an entire catalog of everything but what is Syrian.  Aslan called and said FSA morale is down to rock bottom.  Most FSA criminals did not expect the war to last so long or the Syrian army to remain loyal to the state.  Many are grumbling that they have no place to go.  Well, Aw Shucks, Ma’am!   
In Aleppo, the situation is much worse.  What units are left are trying to avoid certain death.  No ammunition, no water, no popularity.  Aleppans despise these “liberators” and are apparently sending them cookies made with donkey excrement.  There is no medical care for deserters in Aleppo.  The American and NATO plan to overthrow Dr. Assad by remote control has failed miserably.  The proof is Russia’s expeditious revamping of her port facilities at Tartous.  They now know Dr. Assad and the legitimate government of Syria is there to stay.              
Turkey is on fire.  The Turkish government is trying its best to keep this from you.  But they can’t keep it from SyrPer.  Besides that huge explosion at Afyomkarahisar last week, battles are being fought all over southern Turkey with PKK fighters, bristling with new arms, taking on Turkish armor in the mountain fastnesses of the Taurus Mountains and in the Kurdish populated valleys.  The Turkish people don’t want this and they don’t want Erdoghan.  It’s only a short time before General Ozel acts and puts an end to this monster, this invincibly ignorant grub, this Erdoghan.  No one could have thought that the loyalty of our army and people would bring justice to the Islamist Turk revisionist Triumvirate of Treachery in Ankara.  But we did.  
I have much more to blog with notes collecting all around me.  And don’t miss this year’s ‘EGON KRENZ MEMORIAL AWARD’ bestowed on that one unique person who has done so much to advance the cause of Syria’s security and intelligence community.  You’re going to love this one as much as you loved last year’s EGON KRENZ laureate, the shiftless, epicene popinjay, that Pusillanimous Peacock of Damascus, former Ambassador Robert Ford!  Stay tuned. 

             That’s him.  Called by General Ali Mamlouk: “Syria’s best agent since Laban”.  

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Level 0 - Anonymous

How many “rebels” do you think are left in Syria, and how many are on the border that can be sent in quickly? Also, how much of their support network is left? By that, I mean agents who provide food or safe houses or whatever.

On a different topic, have you ever explained what happened when the big attack on Damascus occurred? How on Earth could a big bomb get through security? How many do you think invaded from Jordan?

Level 0 - Anonymous

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