War crimes are not necessarily committed by nations.  Civilians, soldiers or paramilitary personnel can be guilty of these types of crimes.  There are two types of war crimes:  crimes against peace and crimes against humanity.  You can be complicit in war crimes merely by enabling the commission of these heinous acts.  You can commit crimes against humanity by giving weapons to war criminals knowing their predilection for such acts; giving them haven so as to assure their ability to continue war crimes; you can give them intelligence and guidance in the prosecution of an act of violence sufficient to meet the requirements of war crimes; you can finance their crimes by sending money.  Fighting a war of aggression through proxies is a mere fig leaf that provides little protection against such charges.

Once again, we are confronted with the unpleasant realization that the self-righteous West is complicit in overt war crimes; this time, against the sovereign state and people of Syria.  And these are “grave breaches” for they are the result of planning, purposefulness or pure recklessness.   

Article 2131 of the U.N. Charter requires that all disputes between nations be settled by peaceful means.  Force can only be used under Article 33 if negotiations, inquiry, conciliation, mediation and recourse to the courts have not been fruitful.

Isn’t he charming, with that toothy grin?  Why, he’s just another Franz Fanon.  What would Fanon have thought about the rise of Islamism? What would he have thought of Obama?    

The leaders of NATO countries like the U.K. (Cameron) and France (Sarkozy) conspired with President Obama to overthrow the government of Libya, a member-state of the U.N.  They did it through pure chicanery; to wit: snookering the Chinese and Russians into believing that a U.N. resolution to “protect civilians” from the threats of annihilation reportedly issued by Libya’s then-leader, Muammar Gaddafi,  was necessary prevent any such wholesale slaughter.  We know what happened next.  NATO forces, robustly supported by the U.S., bombed the far-superior military loyal to Gaddafi and midwifed an Islamist take-over of the government by a grouping of riff-raff, Barbary apes, Islamist goons and the like.  Gaddafi was captured by these savages and executed after being sodomized with his riding crop. 

Gaddafi was shot in the head with his own pistol by an aboriginal teenager who smiled proudly at the cameras, absorbing the love and appreciation of a race of savages.     

But that was not enough.  And it’s not enough that the U.S. ambassador to Libya was killed yesterday by a mob of screaming imbeciles who were so incensed by an Israeli’s movie about Muhammad that they felt our diplomats in Benghazi should pay the ultimate price.   Aren’t we all proud of our role in overthrowing Gaddafi in Libya?  
But in Syria, the U.S. is not acting pursuant to any U.N. resolution authorizing action.  The Russians and Chinese say: “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me”.  Russia and China have vetoed three disgracefully unbalanced resolutions authorizing sanctions and force against Syria for the reason that they would have opened the door, once again,  for regime change.  These insane resolutions were proposed and supported by America’s pscho-lying virago, Susan Rice (no relation to psycho-liar Condoleeza).

It all started with an unprecedented media war in the West designed to move public opinion in the direction of some NATO intercession in the uprising against Dr. Bashar Al-Assad.  But that did not work.  CIA and MI6 special teams working with cognitive models to influence attitudes about foreign intervention faltered as news started to come in through alternative media about Islamism, anti-Christian behavior, Assad’s secularism and the unbearable cost of a new war in the Islamic World.  People in the U.S., France and the U.K. were not keen on any more expensive adventures.  So, as a fall-back, the media was coached by the State Department and Whitehall to rally support for the insurgent terrorists by constantly misreporting the news, demonizing the Syrian Army and humanizing the savages who were taking apart a successful Near Eastern country.  And all this because of Syria’s relationship to Iran, Hizbullah and Hamas. 

In addition to this, the U.S. and its Western allies tried to build up a doppelganger government in exile, an effort which came a cropper as the organization called the Syrian American Council fell more and more into a state of disunity, ideological stasis, and political entropy.  Recently, Mrs. Clinton, premiere termagant and lightning rod for humiliation,  shunned the SNC in Paris demonstrating U.S. disinterest in a political solution involving Guelph’s and Ghibelline’s.

The descent into war crimes began when the U.S. started to indirectly give military support to the Islamist terrorists.  Syrian-Americans, Sunni fanatics to a man and woman, were permitted to do what Palestinians could not:  send money to support a movement in their homeland – a movement curiously reeking of terrorism.  The money, we know, was converted into arms bought through Turkey, Czech Republic, Austria and France.  Later, the U.S. would begin sending what the W.H. claimed was “non-lethal” equipment such as night-vision lenses, mine detectors and helmets.  But the U.S. also started to share intelligence with the terrorists based in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan.  In Jordan, U.S. Special Ops teams are literally “directing” the operations of the terrorist killers.  We also know, that the U.S. has Sp.Oper. teams inside Syria.   

France has given the terrorists arms, intel and ordnance.  France announced yesterday that it was going to start sending “heavy weapons” to the terrorists. How this is going to be done is anyone’s guess.  The Turks, for example, may not like having Islamists with cannons on their soil. 

The Germans are giving the terrorists something more substantial:  actual plans, intel, intel-intercepts, satint, explosives and training.  Mrs. Merkel is deep into the war crimes conspiracy and might not be able to use her legendary wiles to slink out of this one.  She is a bag of Kartoffeln ready for the frying pan.   

The U.K.’s Cameron fresh from his drubbing in Libya has the same problems as France.  His S.P. units are in Turkey directing terrorists in the art of extreme terrorism.  No U.N. resolution here.  Just British arrogance.

The Saudis and Qataris need no great detailing.  Saud Al-Faisal, the stuttering, bumbling, stumbling Saudi F.M. has already admitted his country’s direct involvement in sending weapons to terrorists in countries surrounding Syria.  Qatar’s bloated Prince Hamad, Husband of Madame Banana, is also on record plastering himself with indictments for arming a terrorist movement to overthrow the legitimate government of a sovereign country like Syria.   

But Turkey is the biggest and the most vile of all these criminals.  Turkey trains and grants haven to the Islamist terrorists.  Turkey protects them and allows them to use its territory to infiltrate Syria to commit acts which are brazen violations of international law as they relate to war crimes.  Erdoghan, Gul and Davutoglu must face the tribunal at the U.N.’s War Crimes Court unless the army makes them face the hangman.

How long does a rope have to be for a male 4’8″ tall?  When this murderer’s neck is snapped, the innocent people of Syria will breathe the air of secularism once again. 

Are these acts by the named actors (U.S., U.K. France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Qatar) deliberate?  Yes.

Are they done knowingly?  Yes.

Are they crimes against peace?  Yes.  NATO support is not apparently for peace, that’s for sure.

Is the support of these state actors resulting in the deaths of civilians?  Yes.

Are there indiscriminate bombings?  Yes.  Car bombs have killed many in Damascus and Aleppo.

Have the terrorists killed defenseless soldiers?  Yes.  Read yesterday’s blog on Aleppo and you will see.

Is there a plan to make war on Syria?  Yes.  No court can avoid the conclusion that these acts are the result of planning, coordination and conspiracy.

Has the U.S., U.K., France and German exhausted all methods for resolution of this conflict?  No.

Do the acts of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Victoria Nuland, David Cameron, Nicolas Sarkozy, Francois Hollande, Angela Merkel, Gerhard Schindler, King Abdallah bin Saud,  Prince Hamad bin Saud, Recep Tayyip Erdoghan, Abdallah Gul and Ahmet Davutoglu and many unnamed actors, amount to war crimes?  The answer must be “YES”.

Will these villains be brought to justice?  Only Russia and China have the moral obligation and international credibility to bring indictments against these criminals.  We hope Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is reading this post and will take action to see that justice is done for the sake of the people of Syria, its government and the honor of the United Nations.  



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We can but hope that during the coming UNGA session Hugo Chavez or other ALBA leaders bring this to the world attention. I guess Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will go on his tandem to talk about Israel and injustice to the Palestinians.