Look at the news today in BBC, NYT, WP, AP, Reuters, and all the other news outlets on the Qatari take machine and you’ll find no good news for the terrorists in Syria.  And there is a reason for that.

In Aleppo, pure pandemonium has broken out in the ranks of the criminal deserters and foreign terrorists.  This news is straight from Aleppo and from where the fighting is taking place.  Our family has businesses in Bawwabat Al-Qasab, only a two mile drive by taxi to their homes in Sulaymaniyya.  My brother-in-law, Abu Adib, is in constant touch with us and can hear the fighting from his balcony.  He reported the deaths of twelve terrorists just a click from his home at the Jamila Buthaina School.      

The German-directed terrorists are out of Sayf-al-Dawla now and scurrying to any quarter they can find. As it turns out, these particular pilgrims are remnants which survived the gauntlet across the Sabil park areas and made it to inhospitable territory among Christians, Arab and Armenian.  The area is crawling with militia loyal to the state and a whole rainbow of security services.  Abu Adib says that the terrorists are unable to get entry into any building with inhabitants brandishing shotguns and pistols.  Once shooting takes place, police arrive almost immediately and kill the criminals.  Abu Adib was sad when he said that alot of the terrorists looked like young boys “no more than sixteen or seventeen”.  The Libyans were quite funny because they had no idea of what it was like to be in a Christian district.  They would shout Islamic phrases that meant nothing to the Armenians and had little persuasive effect on the Arab Christians.

Bawwabat Al-Qasab and Bab Al-Faraj are Central Aleppo with bazaars teeming normally with people.  This year the shopping will have to wait because the area is not cut off with tanks and APCs everywhere.  But the battle is almost over.  The army is in a comb-and-clean mode.  Please note that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Britain’s Ouija-Board-oriented news factory,  has nothing to say about this.  The news is very bad.  No Ouija Board can explain the incredible British and German blundering here. One friend, Ali, told me that all it would take now is having a French “genius unit” come in and put the kibosh on the FSA.

Monzer in Damascus stays in touch with everyone.  He has a very sensitive position with security.  He tells me that if the Germans are behind these debacles, we need to improve our relations with them because they are “single-handedly winning the war for President Assad”.  Indeed.

Bawwabat Al-Qasab is filled with warehouses loaded with merchandise.  However, as I can tell you, they won’t get any food there and they are running out of ammunition. 

You can tell this rube was given superb instructions by his German handlers.  This photo was taken in Sayf-Al-Dawla where this man was told he had to cross the park area to safety.  He points his right index finger at his temple.  “That’s right.  You ain’t gonna make it.”  His name is Umar Ahmad Al-A’raj.  He was cut into pieces a few hours later by machine gun fire.     

In the meantime, German and British agents in Incirlik tell the news media about how successful they have been in directing the operations of the FSA.  We at SyrPer respond by saying: “Keep up the good work”.
There can be no question that the Western dupes who are running this war haven’t the foggiest idea about how to manage an army of gardeners, stable boys or honeydippers.  What is even worse is their ability to transfer information accurately.  I’m afraid there is little now to amend the protocols.  The Syrian army will not agree for any respite.  In fact, this gets us to that same problem we discussed in another posting:  exhaustion.

The FSA terrorists have been assaulted without any break for over ten days.  The Syrian army has been very judicious in the use of time, reserves and sleeping cycles.  In every film you see our troops, they look very fresh and eager for battle. The photos of the terrorists tell a different story.  The German handlers in Turkey are now communicating with zombies.  Yet, they persist in sending intel to them which is being intercepted by Syria’s very efficient Military Intelligence Bureau.  On behalf of all Syrian security agents, I want to thank the Germans and English for the wonderful insights they have given Syria into the cryptography and semiotics of Western bungling. 

By the way, fighting near Der’ah was light.  No fighting in Deir El-Zor.  No demonstrations worthy of mention. The NYT claims there were some demonstrations.  Monzer says no.  The NYT has now resorted to outright lying by claiming their articles are written by “an employee in Syria”.  Oh, woe!
We estimate that no more than 150 terrorists now remain in all of Aleppo.  Their efforts to escape are fruitless as the army tightens the noose.  Allahu Akbar. 

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