We have posted articles before about German agents assisting terrorist murderers in Turkey in an effort to bolster their ranks.  This time we are going to show you a German Spionscheissschiff  which is positioned off the coast of Syria and is monitoring Syrian army communications which it then uses to direct the terrorists of the so-called Free Syrian Army.  No problem, though.  Syrian, Iranian and Russian spytech is actually more advanced than the German.  The Germans are lucky if they get sermonettes from our army since we are using non-conventional communications today developed by Iran.  This is why the terrorists in Aleppo, Frullo and Kasab just had their coxcombs trimmed to the scalp.  All this uptick in activity only shows that Obama and Company have failed miserably in trying to oust our president, Dr. Assad.

This German Spionscheissschiff is photographed by an Iranian sailor off his battle-cruiser in Syrian waters.

We believe strongly that the Germans will provoke an incident by entering Syrian territorial waters triggering the first use of the vaunted Yakhont anti-ship cruise missiles of which Syria has a Croesus-arsenal.  Even though their miserable little ship will sink in our territorial waters,  NATO will make a big stink out of this and further exaggerate the event as a casus belli.  Syria’s enormous stockpile of modern ground-to-ground, ground-to-sea and anti-aircraft missiles have not been used yet against the white invaders from Europe and the U.S.  But it appears that such a scenario is increasing in likelihood the longer Obama’s debacles continue in the Levant.  Interestingly, the German regime has kept all this quiet and away from its pacifistic and non-interventionist society.  Yet, it is obvious that the effort has failed as more German periodicals report about terrorist atrocities in Syria and Angela Merkel’s role is facilitating them.

We, at SyrPer, prefer proactive to reactive.  Unfortunately, our views are not shared by those with influence over Dr. Assad.   We believe that the two British naval bases on Cyprus should be attacked by Cypriot nationalists who support President Assad and his Christian-friendly government.  Moreover, SSNP fighters in Lebanon have considerable reach in the island and can cause havoc especially with a very Russian-dependent administration in Nicosia.  Significantly, Cyprus has the rotating presidency of the EU now.

It is also very important to sink this German spy ship so that NATO understands supporting terrorism against the will of the Syrian people is costly.  Our information is that the German ship is within reach of our Yakhont missiles.  If not, Syria has the ability to deliver surface cruise missiles from her own navy; the Iranian navy or from her MiG31 Foxhounds.  It really is important to hit back at these killers from Europe lest they think they still live in colonial times with a compliant native population.  Does Dr. Assad have the mettle for this?  I don’t know.  I know that we would at SyrPer. 

The big issue is Russia.  We have written before that Russia and China have a major stake in all this because of their naivete during the S.C. debate over Libya.  Besides the port at Tartous,  Russia has a vested interest in squelching Western bullyboy tactics and proving to her allies that she is a reliable partner.  This is why we think that some of the Infowars articles come up short by ignoring Russia’s ursine presence and her need to confront aggressive policies which clearly threaten a vision of a new, globally influential Moscow.   

We at SyrPer are calling upon all loyal Syrians in Turkish-occupied Syria to search out traitors and their enablers – especially the spies from foreign countries.  We are asking our Kurdish allies to help by using their tried-and-tested methods of infiltrating Turkey and putting an end to the morbid world of mayhem devised by those miscreants, Obama, Cameron, Hollande, Erdoghan, Prince Fatso of Catarrh and King Abdallah Ibn Lut of Saudi Arabia.   

German sailors will be bobbing in the water like shark bait when this harpoon sinks their spyship.



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