SyrPer believes that any chance of a negotiated settlement of the Syrian situation is now more than dead, thankfully.  The opposition to Dr. Assad is collapsing both politically and militarily.  With this in mind, Erdoghan, the hapless, mindless Islamist toad is now leading his formerly successful country into a miasma of conflict orchestrated by the equally mindless Saudis and Qataris.

Iranian television, Al-‘Alam, reported last night that 40 Turkish soldiers were captured inside Syria.  No mention has been made of their present location.  Also, as important, Iranian tv reported sighting three vehicles containing Turkish soldiers carrying anti-aircraft missiles.  If true, Turkey has declared war on Syria and Iran is duty-bound to come to the aid of its ally. 

We have warned the Turkish government before that the late Lt. General Dawood Rajiha, when he became Chairman of the Syrian General Staff,  ordered Syria’s vast ground-to-ground missile forces to prepare to bring down Turkey’s 22 hydroelectric damns on the Euphrates.  The catastrophe is Biblical, to say the least, and it will be the fault of that Islamist criminal Erdoghan and his coterie of freaks if Syria is forced to convulse all Anatolia in a deluge worthy of a film by James Cameron.  The Turks have no one else to blame but themselves for the Armageddon which will descend up them when 300 SCUD B and SCUD-D missiles are unleashed on their miserable concatenation of dams. 

Turkey is a jigsaw puzzle of different ethnic groups and Islamic sects.  Beside the 22 plump targets on the Euphrates, Erdoghan must deal with Alawis and Alevis, not to mention his own anti-Islamist oppositionHe must also deal with a military brutalized by his purges and prosecutions of respected secular officers.

The capture of 40 Turkish soldiers is a clear indication that the U.S., Britain, France and Turkey have given up on the chances that the FSA can bring about the downfall of Dr. Assad’s government.  We wrote yesterday that Iran cannot allow any such event to take place and our sources in Syria have told us that the logistics of bringing in large numbers of Iranian troops has been worked out with the Iraqi government.  But even more interesting is the largely under-reported fact that Iranian troops have been massing in the Azerbaijan region in northwestern Iran, along the border with Turkey.  Even Hizbollah, ever sensitive to events in Syria, has issued orders to all units to prepare for a possible ground operation by the Israelis to help the Turks if war breaks out.  We know this because of reports coming from recent arrivals here from South Lebanon where the situation is noticeably tense.  One source told me that there is “a smell of war that is unmistakable”.  That same source, Abu Hussain, also said that the Zionists are going to get a double-dose of Dresden when Hizbollah unloads the full weight of its missiles on their towns and cities.  

The failure of the West to manage this conflict by remote control has necessitated the deployment now of Turkish forces – an event that was foreseeable over a year ago.  But constant predictions of Dr. Assad’s downfall were belied by the resilience of Syria’s armed forces and security apparatuses.  Washington knows the good doctor is not going to go away without a direct assault.  NATO won’t do it.  Secretary General Rasmussen has repeated the unwillingness of Europe to bind itself to another war in a Muslim country.  The U.S. can’t do it either.  In poll after poll,  the citizens of the U.S. have warned Obama that a foreign war is death-watch beetle for his campaign in November.  

So, who’s left?  Turkey.  But in poll after poll, a minimum of 58% of the Turks who participated said “no” to any involvement in neighboring Syria.  What is Erdoghan doing?  Where will he get support for this Islamist jihad of his? And, on whom can he rely for military help?  Because if Russia is involved, he’s going to need it badly.  

This is just one of Russia’s 28 battle cruisers in the Mediterranean off the coast of Syrian Tartous.       

Anyone who has studied the Saudi military knows it really doesn’t exist.  Any pilots the Saudis have are inevitably Pakistani or members of the Saudi “unroyal” family.  Announced purchases of weapons systems from Britain and the U.S. are canards to explain the transfer of billions of dollars to foreign banks and into the coffers of the Saudi wretches who rule the country.  Those who observed Saudi military action in Bahrain can tell the Saudi male is not gifted with any talent for sports or coordinated motion.  They appear awkward, clumsy, lazy….shiftless.   Friends of mine who have visited the Tabuk airbase in northern Arabia tell me that there is a stench of inactivity permeating the air.  Any promise by the Saudis to help the Turkish army should be rejected by Ankara as an act of hostility toward the Turkish high command.  Turkey will have to go it alone.

But Syria is heavily allied with a whole cast of important actors. While we doubt that the Iraqi military is capable today of assisting on the northern front,  Muqtada Al-Sadr’s Mahdi Army is champing at the bit to ruffle Kuwait’s dishdashas.  Qatar is right on the firing line with a population base designed for instant extinction.  Saudi Arabia needs only a few Sijjil missiles or that new Fateh to turn the Dhahran oil fields into
hot porridge.  And all those fattened oil tankers plying their way into the Straits of Hormuz with their oil-price changing, sand-beach-polluting, environment-destroying, prow-channel-blocking shapes ready to upend the lifestyles of so many complacent white people in Germany.  Ah, but what a scene!

In the final analysis, Erdoghan is playing with cards he hasn’t been dealt and may be bluffing.  Yet, he is an Islamist with a vision of a Caliphate whose seat shall be Istanbul again.  But when all is said and done, he’s really just another Sick Man of Europe.  We repeat our prediction that the Turkish military will put an end to this miscreant and spare all of us the need to rebuild so much of our countries.