SECOND POST – JULY 2, 2012 –  SYRPER BEATS ALL WHEN IT COMES TO NEWS; WE TOLD YOU ABOUT ANTHONY SHADID’S DEATH FIRST.  Well, you read it here.  We told you how Anthony Shadid, Lying Dog of the New York Times, died while on assignment in Syria for the Zionist NYT.  No one else had the story but SyrPer.  Now, the Arab-American News (Sada Al-Watan), a local Dearborn weekly news magazine, has reported that Ed Shadid, the late reporters cousin, claims that Shadid stated to his confederate-spouse in prevarication, Nada Bakri, that “…I want the world to know the New York Times killed me.”  If you will recall, as we accurately reported, Shadid had asthma with allergies to farm animals.  As it turned out, he was met on the border of Syria by two men on horseback who proceeded to speed his death by forcing him to ride one of the beasts which caused his initial respiratory failure.  His partner, Tyler Hicks, wound up putting the helpless Shadid bellydown on the back of the horse to return him to Turkey.  He was DOA.

Shadid, above, thinks he’s really a Big Pozzo because of his biased reporting in favor of Islamist savages for the New York Times.  They apparently wound up killing him.    
And so we are expecting big lawsuits against the NYT for its bungled logistics; its inept planning; its violation of Syrian law.  SyrPer predicts that the matter will not get to court.  Instead, Prince Pedophile of Catarrh and Madame Banana will intercede for the slavic Zionist rag and pay Nada Bakri a tidy sum to keep her quiet.  If the truth be told, the whole idea originated in Qatar.  Like everything Qatari, it’s a big, fat mess.