This week’s newest entertainment page asks: “Where are they now?”  Let’s start with the man whom the BBC trumpeted, in pompous Oxonian English, as the “highest ranking Syrian official to depart Assad’s regime”.  Desperate to find some Libya-like scenario with droves of diplomats and officials breaking ranks to join the opposition,  the BBC, ABC, CNN and other luckless purveyors of pure hokum had to exaggerate the importance of personalities in order to make their turn-arounds more weighty.  

So where is Adnan Bakkour?  He was an ordinary attorney general for Hama Province who was seen on a tape after he was kidnapped by brigands from the “Free Syrian Army”.  His appearance on the tape struck us as highly staged with hints of tension similar to state witnesses lying on the stand.

We hate to tell you all, but Mr. Bakkour was executed by his captors after he refused to do any more tapes and rejected their offers to become a poster boy for the Cheaper Syrian Army. 

And where is Abdo Hussameddine, the Deputy Oil Minister of Syria, who also wound up on video condemning the Syrian government and referring to it as a “sinking ship”?  Well, sad to say, the only vessel that sunk in this story is Abdo himself.  He has not been seen since and my sources tell me that his family fears that he was done in by the terrorists after he refused to cooperate.  Who knows?  But the BBC still trumpeted his “defection”.

This “high ranking” official, as he was described was uniformly viewed as corrupt and useless.  Even his terrorist captors found him without any use and probably executed him. 

But then, there is the strange tale of General Manaf Tlas.  Oh, the French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius kept telling the papers: “Oh, he is in touch with the opposition, for sure”.  Yeah?  Well, that’s not what we are hearing at SyrPer.  Instead, we have it on very good sources that Manaf has taken his father’s position and is lying low to avoid having to say anything to anybody.  Even members of the Syrian opposition have cast doubt about his intention to give them support. 

  He’s just not the type.  Reports are that he’s having a jolly good time in Paris.  That’s all we know.