This Sunday’s opinion written by Epikur Dasein TerSchnorrte


On this day…perhaps like no other…basic rights are being whittled down by nefarious and noxious nabobs of nihilism.  And I mean that.  It’s so curious how so many “rights” are listed in the constitutions of civilized countries without mentioning the most basic.  If you look carefully at the Israeli constitution or that of England, you can find nothing! …..because neither country has a constitution!  You knucklehead.  I was just making sure you were awake! But let’s assume the U.S. constitution is at issue.  How can anyone justify the absence of the RIGHT TO BE IGNORANT AND STUPID.

Herr TerSchnortte contributes for the first time to SyrPer’s weekly editorial page.  This passport photo is all we have of the author. He was born in Argentina to parents who arrived from post WWII Germany. 
In Austria you can be arrested and jailed if you deny the Holocaust.  The same in Germany and France. Yet, these countries proclaim a devotion to freedom of speech, democracy and pluralism.  Well, how can you be pluralistic if you condemn and vilify the ignorant?  If a person is stupid, he should be free to express his views even if they are somewhat aberrant.  I, for example, have been victimized because I believe, rightly, that Hermann Goering is the resurrected and reincarnated spirit of Hermes Trismegistus who was subjected to torment and death at the hands of Darwinian Jews! 

      Although he looks bloated, faggoty and perverted,  he is the living and breathing Thrice-Great Hermes 
A renowned professor of history from England was jailed for five years after he arrived at Vienna’s airport to deliver a talk on WWII.  They said he denied the Holocaust.  But why shouldn’t he be free to do that?  Armando Vaclav Borgquist was jailed because he rejected the spelling of Holocaust and insisted that it should be printed without an “h”.  Can anyone believe that?  Actually, that did not happen and there is no Armando Vaclav Borgquist in existence.  But that goes to show you that it is credible that in this world of hypocrisy, you can be imprisoned for expressing idiotic ideas. Quod erat demonstrandum.

Through our work at the Institute for Recondite Privileges in Paraguay, we are urging legislators from around the world to modify or amend their constitutions to provide for the protection of the nincompoop, the dunderhead, the knuckle brained, the meat head and the list goes on and on.

We have proposed model language to promote this lofty goal and insist that all Bill of Rights provide the following:

“That no man or woman shall be denied the right to act stupidly or to exist in a world of pure ignorance.  This is a basic and fundamental right afforded all human beings without regard to race, color, creed or grammar school.  Let it be said that all men are created in complete ignorance and wallow in it for most of their lives.”  

We are demanding that this language be engraved on all international juridical statues and tablets.  Thank you for affording me the right to express my views.  Terschnortte.