Once again, in a state of disbelief, we must revisit an old obsession:  Turkey’s sitting duck damns.  They have about 22 of them on the Euphrates River.  Syria has over 500 Scud-B’s and Scud-D’s with warheads sufficient to blow gaping holes in the structures.  The human catastrophe which Turkey would have to sustain is enormous and painful to imagine…or is it?  In truth, nothing would give our staff here greater pleasure than to see Turkish damns destroyed, their dependent fields inundated with millions of gallons of unwanted water, their lifeless bodies floating down toward our sieves, but, also!! their Free Syrian Army choking on the exploded sewers ringing their bastions of terrorism and treason. 

The Syrian government, we have been told, is extremely incredulous about an American-led military coalition whose aim is “regime change”.  That may be because the Syrians correctly view Obama’s chances of regaining the White House in November as somewhat “iffy”.  A new war in the Islamic World would be viewed very negatively by a more isolationist populace in the U.S., chastened by the debacles suffered in Iraq and Afghanistan.  No matter how many “massacres” the opposition trumps up, sorry, it just doesn’t do it for most Americans nurtured on bigger numbers of casualties than the ones in Syria.  Obama would be signing a death warrant for his campaign. 

So, why all the war drums?  We at SyrPer have the answer.  It’s psych-ops, friend!  Psych-ops. 

The uptick in hot air is inhaled by the opposition like a burst of fresh oxygen.  Meeting in Istanbul with the so-called “Friends of Syria” and bloviating over Chaper VII action or action outside the U.N. Charter only enlivens the doomed enemies of the Syrian Republic and gives them impetus to go on fighting.  The enemies of the state who are now committed to fighting the Syrian government are now without hope of redemption and will fight ferociously as long as they believe that foreign intervention is on the horizon.  BUT IT IS NOT!

NATO will not engage any new enemies for the next twenty years.  France, Britain, Italy and all the rest are restlessly groping with the inevitability of a withdrawal from Afghanistan.  These nations have made it clear that they want no more foreign wars or involvements.  For the U.S. to get them excited about another adventure would necessitate emoluments far greater than what Washington has to offer today.  In any case, the societal reaction would be full-throated and animadversive. 

So what the West is relegated to doing is waging a psychological war to energize the opposition coupled with economic sanctions that have not been particularly painful for the average Syrian.  If your source of news is only BBC or CNN reporters (Al-Jazeera is now beyond the pale), you would think that sanctions were punishing the Syrian people.  But the evidence is in:  Syria has been existing with all these sanctions for quite a long time and has found ways around them.  Syria is agriculturally self-sufficient.  It cannot be starved!  If the opposition were to target the Syrian people’s source of nutrition, it is very doubtful that they could get any support, at all,  from allies inside the country.     

Declarations of new sanctions targeting personalities inevitably lead to a concatenation of jokes and ridicule directed at the sanctioning party.  For example, the EU put Dr. Assad’s mother, Anisa, on a list of individuals barred from entering the EU or investing in banks controlled by the EU.  Well!!  Isn’t that painful?  Mrs. Anisa Al-Assad has never been to Europe and has no interest in anything European.   The same is true of Syria’s Defense Minister and all the president’s advisers.  No one cares.  But the opposition sees these empty gestures as a validation of the commitment to advance their cause.       

Syria is fully aware of Russia’s determination to maintain its foothold in the Mediterranean – especially the expensively revamped port at Tartous.  This is a line drawn in red for Moscow and an affirmation of Vladimir Putin’s resolve to resurrect the global reach and power of the Russian people.  I am talking about the possibility of a showdown in which words like WWIII and Armageddon can be used credibly.   

He has icy eyes, typical of a man breastfed on the milk of the Cold War.  He won’t back down and his allies will receive everything they need to overcome Western machinations.  His Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, has been told not to bend. 

Russia has just delivered its third major shipload of arms to the Syrian Army since the unrest began.  But, I have been told, that besides mere munitions, this load contains instrumentalities of security such as improved land mines and cluster bomblets which are going to be disseminated across the breadth of the border with Turkey.  In effect, this will force the deserter Army in Hatay to either: (a). learn to swim or,  (b).  learn to fly hang gliders, or, (c) move to Iraq or Jordan, or (d) deal with prosthetic devices. 

The last time the deserter army tried to infiltrate by sea, they were detected and slaughtered like lemmings just north of Latakia. To this date, no evidence has emerged of any new technology such as hang gliders.     
Instead, you hear of new “generals” declaring a “new” fighting unit with a declared “12,000” armed men.  Usually these generals are lucky if they have 12 men. 

So, what do we have to look forward to?  The West seems to think that Dr. Assad’s supporters can be alienated by denying them economic prosperity.  Yet, the West offers nothing but the Muslim Brotherhood and a cabal of communists and academics, all just teetering and tottering on the brink of anarchy.  Why would any Syrian entrepreneur want to abandon Dr.Assad for this pack of weasels? 

                        If you’ve forgotten what a weasel looks like, here’s one we’ve used before
Look, you know our position.  We want the enemy exterminated.  And Dr. Assad seems to be listening to his Russian allies on this issue.  The Russians seem to think he can ride this out without any significant bloodletting.  I don’t think so.  It is time for the Syrian military to begin using more lethal weapons systems to eradicate the cancer of the rebellion.   It is also time for some mean spirited gestures such as denying families the bodies of dead traitors.  They should be cremated.  Simple.  No more demonstrations under coffins and the like.  We also need more public hangings to show the citizenry that there is a government which means business.  The sight of a corpse dangling in the air in the middle of town has a way of reminding people that there is law and order. 

One more thing:  besides Turkey, we must annihilate Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Qatar, especially.  It can be done.  Let’s hope Dr. Assad is working on this.    

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